Sleight of hand in the Obama campaign

Obama campaign is clearly a masterful example of the illusionist’s art.  As you may recall, he managed to get the press to tout one of his rallies as one of the largest political rallies ever, although it subsequently emerged that it was mostly a big rock band event.  He’s also barred women in Islamic veils from standing too close to him.  It’s likely that he has professional fainters on hand to enhance his aura, too.

And now he’s done it again.  The lastest example of Obama’s image manipulation occurred when he made a big speech about the War to an invitation only event, a speech that was intended to establish his bona fides to lead the American military.  One might think that he’d actually make this speech to members of the military whose trust he needs to earn.  Instead, he packed the event with an extreme anti-War veterans group.  The press reported that he spoke to veterans but, of course, neglected to mention that these are vets who have taken a far Left stance at odds with the average service person’s political views.  I suspect that, when all is said and done, Obama will have run the most dishonest campaign in American history.