Blind optimism

This post is not about politics.  It’s about ants. . . and trees.

As you all know, I’ve been plagued with ants lately.  I could just say that this is bad luck, because my house got on their radar, and it takes a lot of work to wipe it off.  However, I’m choosing to see this invasion in connection with something else that’s happening outside my house:  the trees are already changing colors.  Usually, this happens a week or so later in the summer and with less intensity.  One can attribute this to the drought we’re having, and say that dry trees lose their green more quickly.

However, and this is where the blind optimism comes in, I’ve decided that the combination of ravenous ants and fall-colored trees means that this will be a wet winter, ending the drought.  I have no scientific basis for this belief.  Indeed, the only thing driving my prediction is my refusal to see ants and red trees as separate events with unremarkable causations.

Let’s see if blind optimism overwhelms rational analysis this winter in Northern California.

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  • Helen Losse

    Sounds to me like you’ll be agreeing with Al Gore pretty soon. :-)

  • Don Quixote

    Darn, Helen, you beat me to it! My first thought was that BW’s liberal roots are showing.

  • suek

    That’s right up there with predicting the coming winter weather from the width of bands on the wooly catepillars…

    I’d be looking at the weather that’s been rather than the weather to come…!

  • Bookworm

    But none of you understand: if I give up on these optimistic feelings about the weather, all I’ve got left are these darned ants! 😆

  • Don Quixote

    Could be worse. I had as big an ant problem as you describe and got professional help. It worked, but as soon as the ants moved out the termites moved in. Now I’ve got professional termite control and I deal with the ants myself.

  • suek

    My ants are back as well. However, this time it’s different – last time, they seemed uninterested in the bait, uninterested in water, uninterested in food generally. This time they headed directly for a bottle of syrup which somehow had a small nick in the handle (maybe hit a hot pan and melted the plastic?) and drowned in a surfeit of gooey sweetness. Others are swarming all over the Grants bait, leaving the Raid bait alone.
    I’ve heard that syrup plus boric acid is an effective bait/poison…since the syrup is no longer useable, maybe I need to consider that as an option…