Low flow posting

Sorry about the mostly silent blog day today, something I’ll try to change tonight.  Part of it was due to the fact that I’m working on a long post for the benefit of the local Marin for McCain organization (I hope to run that post next week).  Part of it was paying work.  Part of it was work on another professional blog I’ve started.

And part of it was because I sent my daughter off to outdoor soccer camp this morning without sun screen.  So I drove over and delivered the sun screen — at which time I learned that, if I’d read the information on the camp web site I would have known that she needed her sneakers for indoor soccer after lunch.  So I went home, worked for a half an hour, and then drove right back to the camp.  Two hours later, I was back at the camp to pick up my daughter and her carpool.  When I’m this stupid, I deserve all the hits on my fairly limited time, not to mention the expensive draw on my gas tank!

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    Be thankful you’re not stupid enough to support Obama or the Democratic agenda. Hopefully (with your help) the GOP will be successful in reducing your expenses should you be this stupid again.