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This week, I have the great honor of hosting the Watcher’s Council vote — although I can hint at the fact that our gypsy status won’t last much longer.   I know that you will find each of the submitted articles extremely interesting:


1. The Razor: Here’s my response to Jack Markell’s commercial

2. Done With Mirrors: Us and Them

3. Wolf Howling: Stop The Destruction of Our Environment — Drill Now

4. Soccer Dad: Hating israel more than loving palestinians

5. Cheat-Seeking Missiles: An Awful Idea for Renaming a Perfectly Good Mountain

6. The Colossus of Rhodey: And Phil Gramm got grief? How come?

7. The Glittering Eye: Ooh-ooh-ooooh!

8. Rhymes With Right: Obama Desecrates Holiest Site In Judaism

9. Joshua Pundit: “Ich Bin Ein Beginner!”

10. Hillbilly White Trash: China

11. Bookworm Room: Nobody here but us biased chickens


1. Bjorn Lomborg: How to Get The Biggest Bang for 10 Billion Bucks

2. Daniel W. Drezner: America’s soft power military

3. Jammie Wearing Fool: A Real Democrat Party

4. Maryland Conservatarian: Visiting Poland : A Warning

5. Patrick Poole  – Pajamas Media: Anti-Patriot Act Poster Boy Kidnaps Own Kids

6. The Atlantic Online: Electro-Shock Therapy

7. Gregory Scoblete – Real Clear Politics: Will Obama Really Withdraw from Iraq?

8. UrbanGrounds: Barry in Berlin — I Am Not a Presidential Candidate

9. Jay Cost – Real Clear Politics: On Obama’s Message

10. Investor’s Business Daily Barack Obama’s Stealth Socialism

11. Jeff Jacoby Missing from that Berlin speech

Be sure to check back Friday morning for the results of this week’s vote.

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  • Ymarsakar

    I kind of get angry whenever I see innocent men and women, but especially children, abused and tortured for the sick enjoyment and benefit of the ACLU, CAIR, Code Pink, and all the other Leftist organizations that have ever existed, currently exist, or will exist in the future.