The bloom is coming off the rose

I’ve never been a David Letterman fan — his humor and mine have few points of intersection.  Nevertheless, I think he (and his writers) hit the nail on the head with the Top 10 list of signs Obama is becoming over-confident.  As you watch this, don’t just listen to the jokes.  Pay attention to the audience laughter as well.  It’s telling.

I found this video at Hot Air, where it was part of a larger post about Obama’s declining poll numbers.  The very first comment to the post, a funny one, is that “Somewhere in Chappaqua, New York, the lid is slowly pushed away from the coffin,…”

I’ve wondered, too, if Obama’s peaking too soon will lead to Hillary’s being nominated in Denver.  The Democrats are in a cleft stick, though.  Right now, women and rational people are PO’d at the party for going with Obama.  However, if those super-delegates jettison Obama for Hillary, the Democrats will lose the African-American vote, and the nutroot vote.  And say what you will about the nutroots, they are energized.  They are the vibrant, living side of the Democratic party.  It’s an interesting conundrum for the Dems.

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  • Gringo

    I imagine that a Top Ten list makes it to national TV only if the powers that be had decided that a fair amount of listeners would find it funny. Perhaps they do focus groups first.

  • Bookworm

    I’m not sure about that. I’ve watched Letterman top tens when there wasn’t even an audience giggle — although that may have been because the writing and delivery were so bad, they killed any vestiges of humor.

    As it is, though, I think you’re right, Gringo, since Letterman has never made any secret of his Democrat leanings.

  • 11B40


    I kind of lost it for Letterman a while back because of his “Great Moments in Presidential Speeches” bit. It was funny but it was, in my opinion, more disrespectful and I concluded a window into his soul as far as President Bush was concerned.

    I still try to channel surf in for the “Top Ten”. This one was pretty good but I would still like to see a comedian go after Mr. Obama’s, contributions, pronouncements, poses and ditty-bopping. And then, of course, there’s Mrs Obama.

  • Helen Losse

    It’s just jokes, folks.

    Here’s the list for McCain.

  • Ellie2

    I personally think Obama jumped the shark with the fake Presidential Seal.

    Gerald Baker of The Times started things rolling. Then the Washington Post runs a story about the “presumptuous” nominee.

    Kiddies, it’s just getting rolling!

    BTW: Dr Corsi (of “Unfit for Command” fame) has a new book released tmro: Obama Nation. I just ordered it.

  • JackCoupal

    Yes, the audience reaction to the Barbara Walters sign #7, was …what?…hostile toward Letterman? Looks like it.

  • Deana

    Good jokes are always based on kernel of truth.

    What amazes me is not the content of the top ten list for Obama but the fact that the list is based on the general belief that Obama is being presumptuous. That’s the kernel of truth.

    It’s just like the link that Helen posted: the kernel of truth is that McCain is older than most candidates – that’s why Letterman ran that joke.

    As for the Obama list – I’ll admit it: I’m a little surprised that that concept is getting prime-time play. I would have guessed that sense of frustration with him would have been kept on the down-low for a while longer.