Conservative politics in a nutshell

Thanks to ex cathedra, I’ve learned that the guy in that fun video in my post yesterday has prepared a tighter video statement of his conservative beliefs:

In commenting on the video, USMaleSF notes that he agrees with the conservative principles, but not the Republican party affiliation.  I understand that attitude.  Conservatism is a belief system, which is nice and pure.  The Republican party is a political entity, peopled with fallible humans.

In the past several years, those same fallible humans have fallen away from pure conservative principles —  they’ve been corrupt, profligate and, often, cowardly.  However, they are the political party that still hews closest to those principles, especially in this fight against Obama.  That’s why, rather than calling myself a conservative Republican, I would say that I’m a conservative who votes Republican.

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  1. benning says

    I’d call myself a conservative, too. A Republican second. It’s a shame watching supposed conservative Republicans too fearful for their elected offices to vote their own principles. In which case they cannot be said to actually have principles I guess.

  2. Ymarsakar says

    Republicans believe that if they play patty cake with the Democrats across the aisle and make deals, they can get things done cause the Democrats will repay the favor.

    That may or may not be true on individual cases, but in the greater worldview, the Democrats’ policies will eradicate the Republican party in the long term. If they have their way, there will be no place or need for Republicans. The vice a versa is not true, however.

    So when Republicans say they are compromising with Democrats because of non-partisan whatevers, they are just sealing their own doom in the long term. But politicians are there to make deals, they aren’t there to fight and win wars.

  3. 1Lulu says

    I’d love for this guy to have a few words at the Republican convention. Articulate and unafraid to voice his opinions, in spite of the thought police BW has written about, I think he could open a few minds.


  1. Sing It, Sister…

    Sounds like Lissa is well on her way. (Hat Tip Cold Fury) Maybe this will help her on her way – “I’m a conservative Republican because…”……

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