• Gringo

    Obama’s choice of Biden hearkens back to McGovern’s choice of Thomas Eagleton. Both vice-presidential candidates, before they were chosen, had stabbed their running mate in the back.
    Biden criticized Obama for his lack of experience last year. I recently saw a video of it but can’t find the link.

    Eagleton was the anonymous source for the“amnesty, abortion, and acid” characterization of McGovern in a Robert Novak column, which Novak did not reveal until after Eagleton’s death .

    Before McGovern was nominated, an anonymous Democratic Senator was n April 27, 1972 Novak reported in a column that an unnamed Democratic senator had talked to him about McGovern. “The people don’t know McGovern is for amnesty, abortion and legalization of pot,” the Senator said. “Once middle America – Catholic middle America, in particular – finds this out, he’s dead.” The label stuck and McGovern became known as the candidate of “amnesty, abortion and acid.”

    Given that, McGovern’s booting Eagleton off the ticket is a case of poetic justice. Note that Eagleton had been less than candid in both not informing McGovern about his a-a-a remark AND about his hospitalization.

    As Eagleton never informed McGovern about his quote, McGovern cannot be faulted for choosing a running mate who had stabbed him in the back. Obama can be faulted, as Biden was recorded on national TV.

  • Ellie2

    Gringo, go to http://www.johnmccain.com/. The McCain campaign has already make a commercial of the quote you remember.

    I am amazed at the pick. Apparently Obama forgot the prime directive: first you have to get elected. If he was looking for foreign policy experience, Richardson would have been a better pick. And that would have shored up the Hispanic vote to boot.

    So the Dems have a Presidential candidate who can’t give a straight answer on anything and a VP nominee who doesn’t know when to shut up. The writers at SNL must be in Heaven.

  • Zhombre

    Not to mention Biden’s hair transplant.

    Here’s a “before” photo:


  • Danny Lemieux

    Just when Obama was starting to drone, he adds Biden to the ticket. So now we have two huge egos famous for masking their personal insecurities in arrogance. How long before they start fighting amongst themselves for the limelight?

    Bad, Danny (slap!). I confess that I must look deep, deep into my own soul to analyze that character flaw that makes me so want to so eagerly watch this train wreck in slow motion. Politics really is comedy and we haven’t even gotten past Denver, yet.

    Whoops, gotta go! There’s bound to be a run on popcorn supplies and, as the motto of Chicago politics says, “I gotta make sure to get mine!”.

  • Ellie2

    From the news coverage, I see that the Dems are still heavily invested in identity politics. The Senator from Delaware (for the past 35 years) has been transformed into “a native of Scranton PA with Catholic, working class, coal mining roots …”

    So now I understand the pick: it’s not to bolster Bambi’s Foreign Policy creds, it’s not to be the attack dog, it’s to fill the “White, Catholic, working class in Pa & Ohio” hole in the demographics.

    Do not look at issues! Ignore the man behind the curtain! Vote for the candidate that looks like you.


  • Ellie2


    I direct your attention to the dependent clause “From the news coverage…” *I* do not assert any of this.

    The point I was trying to make (obviously ineptly) is that identity politics, as opposed to issues, principles, convictions etc is going to undo the Democrat Party.

    You on the other hand proffer wise and clear counsel. Accordingly, I stopped after work to stock up on popcorn!