1. 1Lulu says

    During WWII there were morale boosting and hilarious lampooning of Nazis and the Japanese as I have seen recently with my kids on old Bugs Bunny and Donald Duck cartoons. With the onset of political correctness this has ended. there has been absolutely no spoofing of the bizarro ideology of radical Islam that I can think of- with the lone exception of MadTV. To their credit, they satirize Al Jazeerah, Cat Stevens aka Yusuf Islam, and an ideology , “martyrs get virgins…”
    Are MadTV and South Park (the Mohammed cartoons) the most courageous voices in our media?
    When I saw this on TV I thought I was dreaming- can this actually be on TV? Then I thought, how pathetic and how afraid our media is. To laugh at this ideology is to diffuse it and to poke holes in a warped view of “honor”. (BTW- ever notice how humorless this ideology is, as was that their predecessors: Nazis, Soviets, Imperial Japanese. A link between lack of humor and warped sadistic societies?

  2. Mike Devx says

    Cat Stevens’ conversion to Islam has never bothered me, and I do in fact think – while as a convert to a new religion he went overboard and paid far too much attention to the hard-core traditionalists – he was misunderstood about Rushdie.

    I am impressed only by those songs he wrote while recovering from a near-deadly battle with TB in I think 1969. I believe nearly all of the ‘Tea for the Tillerman’ and ‘Teaser and the Firecat’ songs came out of that battle and recuperation. He never really did anything important afterwards, and I believe it was the ongoing decline in his career into irrelevancy that led him to question everything and throw over to Islam.

    He seems rather thoughtful to me, if misguided. And I do deeply love THOSE TWO early albums. I’ve not got much use for anything else he’s ever done, anywhere.

  3. Ozzie says

    I believe it was the ongoing decline in his career into irrelevancy that led him to question everything and throw over to Islam- Mike

    Actually, he converted to Islam after a near death experience he had while nearly drowning in Malibu.

    He said he promised God, that should he live, he’d change his life. And then he did.

  4. Ozzie says

    He should have promised to learn how to swim well- ymar

    Why? I read several interviews back in 2004 and he seems like an OK guy. Even Coiln Powell said he didnt belong on that list. And, despite what’s been reported, he never backed the fatwa against Rushdie.

  5. Mike Devx says

    In reply to Ozzie at #6:

    Yes, the near-drowning event appears to be the triggering of his new search for religious meaning. It seems that Islam was just about the only major religion he hadn’t yet tried.

    His career and influence were in decline, however, and I remain convinced that he was troubled and questing due to that as well. I sincerely doubt he’d have given up pop music had he still been creating triple platinum albums. Yet of course that is just my opinion.

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