Quality reading for Thursday

As you know, Terry Trippany is the new Watcher of Weasels.  He’s currently finalizing the Weasel’s permanent home, although it still needs a teeny bit more tweaking.  Nevertheless, he’s still compiled this week’s Watcher’s nominations, and it’s very good reading (as always):


1. The Glittering Eye – The 2008 Beijing Olympics

2. Soccer Dad – Charm city charm offensive

3. Bookworm Room – The AP shows surprising honesty when it comes to Joe Biden

4. The Razor – Russia – The New Cold War

5. Joshua Pundit – Biden Off More Than He Can Chew

6. Wolf Howling – What Does Joe Biden Offer To Obama?

7. Colossus of Rhodey – NBC’s Andrea Mitchell Thinks Joe Biden is ‘Not Part of Washington’

8. Rhymes With Right – Not Every POW Supports McCain

9. Cheat-Seeking Missiles – North Coast – Day 5: Bookworm Revealed!


1. Paragraph Farmer – Remaking Grease in Denver

2. Pajamas Media/Belmont Club – Unity

3. Kirby Mountain – Puttin’ the Boone (Pickens) in Boondoggle

4. Seraphic Secret – The Terrorist is Still Dead

5. Telegraph UK – Gavin Menzies: mad as a snake – or a visionary?

6. Michael Totten/Middle East Journal – The Truth About Russia In Georgia

7. Powerline Blog – Energy Policy For The Ignorant

8. Media Backspin – Gadi Evron on Cyber Warfare

9. Boston.com Olympics Blog – You’re Not Supposed to See This

I’ll be voting tonight, and you can get the results tomorrow.  I doubt that the announcement will match the excitement attendant on McCain’s VP pick, but it will still be exciting.

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  1. suek says

    Haven’t had time yet to read all of them, but that one on T Boone Pickens is dynamite.

    Funny…try to say “Boone Pickens” without the T (I typed it that way and had to correct)….it just doesn’t “work”!

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