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I won’t be posting tomorrow (unless I can sneak in a few minute in the a.m.), because I’m doing something cool:  I’m spending the day on the Bay, on a U.S. Coast Guard ship, watching the Blue Angels rehearse their maneuvers preparatory to the big air show this weekend.  Mr. Bookworm is worried that several hours on ship board will be boring, but I’m bringing a couple of books and am planning on relaxing.

How did I get this marvelous opportunity?  Simple.  I joined the Navy League.  You can too and, if you live in an area near a port, good things will come to you.

I will, of course, report back on my day sometime tomorrow evening.  Until then, feel free to use this post as an open thread, subject to my usual rules:  no obscenities, no personal attacks, no threats.

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  • Ymarsakar

    Cass’s post here must be read to be believed

    The title alone can take you down before you know it, people.

  • Oldflyer

    The Navy League is a wonderful organization with a long history of supporting people of the Navy.

    Bookworm, I trust you will have an opportunity to tour the ship. Pay close attention to the living and working conditions and think of the young people who go to sea for weeks and months. (Of course I will never forget the Special Forces Officer who marveled at the luxury, so it is relative)

  • Ymarsakar

    Check this out for why Democrats are perpetuating white privilege and racism.


    It is the same guy that did the pop eye vid Book linked to and the Star Wars debate duel.

  • SJBill

    Hi, Bookie,

    Navy League, eh? 😉

    Sounds as though it will be a wonderful experience. I can’t make it up to SF until Monday because of business obligations.

    Do report on how it turns out! Enjoy!!

  • NavyOne

    Yay Navy League!

    Remember: rollers are hot dogs, sliders are hamburgers.
    And if someone asks you to get some bulkhead remover, ignore him/her.
    They are trying to mess with the rookie. (A bulkhead is a wall.)

    Have fun. . .

  • SJBill


    Sir, might your first name be “Skip”? He flew that aircraft and is a friend.

    break break


    If’n you have a choice of Cutters and it’s not very windy, select the Pike. It’s an 87 footer and has some real punch to it.

    OTOH, if it’s windy, select the Aspen or George Cobb.

    I do hope you get to ride in during the Parade of Ships. It’s a wonderful ride, and then you gt to watch the BAs.


  • NavyOne


    My name is only Skip when it comes time to pay the check at a restaurant.
    (Just kidding. My name is not Skip. What airplane did Skip fly?)

    You seem to know your boats (God forbid I should call ’em ships.) What is your thought on the Carrier vs. the Amphib? I will be choosing one or the other in the next five years (if I stay in.) So it is either Gator Navy or 4 acres of sovereign Amercian flightdeck for me.


  • BrianE

    I don’t have any Navy stories, though I did sink my sailboat years ago, in 25 feet of water. Fortunately the length of the mast was 25′. The boat had no positive ballast, since it was self-righting. Needless to say I add ballast.

    On another note, it has been admitted on the Barack Obama Fight the Smear website that Barack held dual citizenship until 1982, but that it expired since he did not declare allegience to Kenya.
    Can it get any more bizarre? We now electing a former citizen of Kenya. How about we loan Colin Powell to the Democrats, and we elect the first African-American President, instead of the first African President.

  • BrianE

    Oh, I think they released his Hawaiian birth certificate, to prove his dual citizenship status.

  • SJBill


    Sir, Google “Navy One” and see what pops up:

    That “Skip” is now a CAPT and serving over in Italy, and yes he is a very dear friend. Skip few with A VS squadron, and “back inthe day” I too was involved with the VS Navy when Ivan was a real problem.

    Our family had the privilege of embarking on the Cutter/Tender George Cobb last year, and we had a wonderful time. Like Bookie, my son got more than a little queazy. The captain and crew were wonderful, though the quarters were a bit small for me.

    Two years ago I was on a bit larger vessel — I had the absolute honor to fly onto the USS Nimitz as a “DV” in the same Bay. We launched two F/A18s just after we passed under the Golden GAte Bridge. It was one of the best days of my life.

    How does all this happen? I too am a Navy Leaguer, though I have never met Bookie. Our Council of Navy League has “adopted” the CG Cutter Pike. So, I guess we know our way around the buoy yard at Yerba Buena Island.

    Come sail with us, my friend. Welcome aboard.


  • NavyOne


    I had no idea Navy One meant anything. I just picked it because I was an O-1 when I needed a screen name in the not too distant past. (I was a prior.)

    So it is probably I who should be sirring you. . .

    I am heading out to the VQ world in the Middle East in a couple of months. But first I have to go to SERE school. In December. In Maine. I am skinny and grew up in California. Should be fun.


  • suek


    Re the birth certificate…

    Check out the latest here:

    The actual birth certificate has not been verified. Copies have been posted online, but those who are professional claim to have verified that they are forgeries. In fact, the forgery is supposed to be based on Obama’s half-sister’s birth certificate. That alone is odd, since she is known to have been born in Indonesia.

    A suit has been brought by Mike Berg, and is progressing. He has declared that all Obama needs to do to make him “go away” is to produce a “vault” birth certificate. Oddly enough, rather than do this, the DNC (also named in the suit) and Obama have submitted papers to dismiss the suit.

    There is the question of “standing” in the court. To be honest, I don’t understand why _any_ citizen doesn’t have standing in any court when the question is about the elegibility of a candidate to hold the office for which he is running, but I find the law is often arcane.