• SJBill

    Looks like a Dell and not a Mac.
    It’s you! 😉

  • rockdalian

    You had a logo?

  • Al

    OK. The general pose conveys the idea of thoughtful analysis. But if you’re going to put the laptop in the picture, you should computer enhance the whole picture. By that I mean the affects of time on a centuries old painting should be removed and returned to their former 16th Century (?) glory by computer correction.
    And for added impact, I would suggest a time appropriate sailing ship in the bay which would suggest future exploration. Which the internet allows us to from the comfort of our consoles.
    But I have to say that I prefer to read a book in my hands instead photons on a screen. I have a library that really needs dusting. I can’t get out of Borders with less than a hundred dollar bill. Your original logo speaks of calm, reasoned, and intelligent thought. The time to read a book instead of instant messaging, planing meetings, responding to e-mails at the same time you’re correcting your kids math homework while you are reading and writing on an issue important to you. (and us)
    And yes, on many aspects of modern life I am a dinosaur.

  • ckrcsmith

    With all due respect to Al, Book, I think it suits you!