Obama is planning on bankrupting the coal industry

I know you’ve heard about it, but now you can actually hear it:  Obama stuttering wildly before gleefully admitting that he wants to drive the American coal industry into bankruptcy.  Who cares about those whose livelihood depends on the coal industry?  Who cares about those who regularly use and need affordable coal produced energy?  Obama’s going to change the world, whether we want it or not:

Ed Morrissey explains the horrifying ramifications of Obama’s clever little plan.

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  • David Foster

    Electricity prices are an important factor in the location decision for some kinds of manufacturing. For example, one Chinese company recently chose to locate an operation in South Carolina rather than in China because electricity was both cheaper and more reliable. “Skyrocketing” electricity prices would severely damage U.S. manufacturing and consequently manufacturing jobs.

    Also, coal is used for things other than generating electricity..for example, it is used (in the form of coke) for blast furnaces to make cast iron & steel. So Obama’s plan might well also drive some of the integrated steel companies back into bankruptcy.

    Haven’t these people suffered enough?

  • Danny Lemieux

    Actually, Book, I believe that deep-blue California will be one of the first to suffer.

    California already depends upon out-of-state power generation which is largely coal powered (Utah, Nevada) and I seem to remember that your power requirements are already very close to exceeding capacity. Somehow, I don’t think windmills will be the answer.

    This is one of the great dangers posed by Obama. He is a lawyer (sorry, Book) who spends his time dealing with abstracts and theoreticals but has no practical knowledge of the real world. In Obama’s world, anyone who disagrees is a political abstraction, rather than a messenger of real world dynamics.

    Sadly, he will lead us only to destruction. And, for all those people voting for him because he is “black”, think of the taint that he will put on future “black” politicians. It really won’t be pretty.

  • Allen

    Why would anyone be surprised by this? Politicians on the left have been touting this kind of thing for at least 10 years. I look forward to Obama winning, and I hope that Congress goes the way the democrats want. People will only truly learn through pain and failure.

  • http://sillielizziesrock.blogspot.com sillielizzie


    I’m searching my soul to see if I can find an ounce of compassion for the liberals and perverts in California when the lights go out. Ummm… aw sorry. It looks like I’ve “capped” my heart and “traded” it for a violin.

  • Mike Devx

    dirtyharrysplace.com has the post below on Obama’s “I will bankrupt the coal industry and make your children eat their dinner in darkness” pledge. (OK, I’m paraphrasing)

    Today in Ohio, Sarah hammered Obama on his San Francisco promise to bankrupt the coal industry. There’s something about San Francisco that brings out the truth in O and Slow Joe. LOOK FOR THE MEDIA TO SELL WHAT’S LEFT OF THEIR RANCID SOULS TO STUFF THIS STORY. Watching CNN now, they’re playing Sarah’s speech from today, but not the coal part … oh, no… Instead, Dana Bash plays Sarah talking about taxes and afterwards comments, “Same thing we’ve been hearing from Republicans for generations — back to you Candy.”

  • Mike Devx

    Here’s hoping the McCain campaign puts up a commercial with Obama’s audio:

    “So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can; it’s just that it will bankrupt them

    Run it on radio and TV across Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, and Colorado. Also New Mexico, New Hampshire, Iowa, Nebraska, Maine if the money’s available.

    He should still run his closing positive message, of course, but this Obama flub is simply too electric to ignore. Sometimes when the mask slips, boy oh boy does it slip!!!

    Along with the GOPTrust-dot-com commercials effectively showcasing the esteemed Reverend Jeremiah Racist Wright, this set of commercials should form the effective closing argument.

    The West Virginia coal industry is reacting.


    How long will the mainstream media be able to continue ignoring this? They must be in exquisite agony over how blatantly bad that would make them look!

    “We can’t publicize this, we simply can’t! It’s too dangerous! We can’t!”
    “But my God, we’ve never sunk this low! We HAVE to report on it! We have to! But we CAN’T!!! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

    Exquisite agony. Oh, be still my Schadenfreude heart.