Condemning us to repeat the past

The liberal press and “economists” such as Paul Krugman are so excited:  Obama is looking to FDR for guidance.  Before Obama gets too carried away with that notion, conservatives should send him copies of Amity Shlaes’ The Forgotten Man : a New History of the Great Depression, in which she compellingly explains how FDR’s endless messing with the market and expansion of the government prolonged and worsened the Depression.  For a quick summary of the principles underlying Shlaes’ thesis, you can read this WSJ article she just wrote.

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  1. Charles Martel says

    The mind reels at the thought of seeing Paul Krugman excited.

    What was it one wag said about him? “He’s successfully predicted 17 of the last three recessions.”

  2. Danny Lemieux says

    John Kass, Chicago Tribune columnist, put it nicely when he noted that, faced with overwhelming circumstances, people tend to “retreat to the comforts of myth”. Therein lies tragedy as, today, the Age of Reason has passed and myth makers rule.

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