The dream pregnancy

Although I make very nice babies, I don’t do pregnancy well.  With both my kids, I had 24 hour a day, 7 day a week, nine and a half month long morning sickness.  I pretty much thought I’d die — and most of the time I was hoping I would.  This woman had a very different kind of pregnancy.

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  • rockdalian

    I will never understand how a woman could not know she was with child. Do not all babies move in the womb?

  • Bookworm

    Mine certainly did. My daughter’s specialty was a little tap dance on the bladder that had me lunging for the bathroom at all times of the day and night.

  • suek

    >>Do not all babies move in the womb?>>

    Not until about the third month. It used to be call “quickening”, when you first felt the baby stir.


    Some women are just built for birthing, but none should be built for a surprise birth.

  • suek

    I remember two similar events happening to women I knew of (rather than knew personally). Both were in our military housing area. One of them gave birth in a shower…unexpectedly, to say the least. The other was known to have rapid births, so they put her in the hospital a week before her due date. As I understand it, they were bringing her in her dinner tray, she said to the woman “I think you should call the doctor or a nurse” and before either could get there, the baby was born in the bed.

    Mixed blessings!

  • Ymarsakar

    Hey Book, you know that eventually they will be able to create artificial wombs so that women can finally be disassociated from the physical weakness present with pregnancy, right?

  • Tiresias

    I guess it’s a more highly individualized sort of a thing than is generally known.

    I was my mother’s first child, and was 22 inches long and 9 lbs plus at birth. From start to finish, Mom gained 17 pounds while carrying me, smoked, drank as usual (when thirsty), took an aspirin when her head hurt, and was playing tennis four days before I was born. (They didn’t know or worry about that stuff then, and it didn’t have much apparent effect: I’m 6’3″ tall, fluctuate between 195 – 205 lbs, and have been a member of Mensa my whole life.) Labor was under 20 minutes.

    My brother came along four years later: she gained 19 lbs from beginning to end with him, and he was pretty much the same size I was at birth. (A few ounces heavier, he was bigger boned.) She spent, I believe I remember, 12 minutes in labor with him.

    She was 5’10”, slim, light structure, very athletic, and was obviously built to reproduce: it was so effortless for her she should have had seventeen children instead of stopping at two! She was perfectly aware she was pregnant, but she wore it well – I guess maybe better than most.