The problem when dreams come true

As the Watcher points out, both of this week’s winners (and, incidentally, I voted for both) examine what happens when an ideology gets elevated to the realm of the pragmatic.  The Razor examines the “peace” movement, which was powerful enough to result in the deaths of millions; while John Stossel’s article looks at Obama’s promised (and scary) changes to the US economy.  As always, I heartily recommend each of the articles, not just the winners:

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  • Mike Devx

    >> … John Stossel’s article looks at Obama’s promised (and scary) changes to the US economy. >>

    There was a point where I was mentioning that Obama was raised from the very cradle to be a far-left liberal, because his mother, his father and his childhood mentor were all far-left radicals.

    At that time, I mentioned that the one fly in my ointment was his beloved grandmother, whose politicals I’d been unable to determine.

    Well, consider that ointment fly dead. Here’s a detailed article about the politics of Obama’s grandmother and grandfather, who had a significant impact in raising the child Barack. Turns out… via their church, they too were far-far left radicals.

    EVERY single influence on Barack Obama, from the time he was birthed, until the time he announced his candidacy for President of the United States, has been a far-left radical activist. Every single influence.

    You can flip a coin twenty times, and it can come up heads all twenty times. But the odds are vastly remote that it will happen. When push comes to shove – and it will, most fiercely! – in which direction is Barack Obama going to head, to recover his own political comfort level?