Government views Americans as endless cash supply

I like the way Drudge tends to snapshot trends.  Here’s an interesting one, considering the looming deficits federal, state and local governments face:

What’s missing from the above list, of course, is CUTS.  Lawmakers are figuring out as hard and as fast as they can ways to drain more money from the taxpayers.  The one thing they seem incapable of doing, at any level, is cutting spending.  I’ve mentioned before that government is the only entity that, when deep in debt, can constantly demand more money instead of putting itself on a budget.  The above Drudge snapshot is a revealing insight into how we’re going to be sucked dry.  Government is busy trying to kill the taxpaying geese that lays golden economic eggs and, to switch sayings mid-sentence, once we’re dead, it will still try sucking monetary blood from taxpayer rocks.  Bleh!

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  • Ymarsakar

    You cannot really expect Democrats who got elected by buying up their voters with government programs will really cut back on their largesse. That would be political suicide and while spending more may be damaging in the long term, at least they will be in power while that happens. That is good enough for the majority of the Democrats and good enough for even some Republicans as well.

  • Ymarsakar

    And the Dems talking about Bush increasing the deficit and messing up the future of our children? I think that is safe to say that it is a lie. And it certainly is a lie for Harry Reid’s children are not going to have to worry about anyone’s debt.

  • Tiresias

    Turn it around: Was there ever a time when government viewed the people as something other than a cash supply?

  • Mike Devx


    When more than half the people are living off the others, you have an unsustainable situation.

    And the other aspect of redistributionism (socialism), is that the incentive to improve yoour own situation, for yourself and your loved ones, declines.

    There is also the competition for government largesse, because the government seizes the assets and reapportions them out according to the government’s own will. That breeds envy, distrust, and even hatred.

    These effects of redistributionism are well known, and proven over and over again. Look at the hatred rising towards the UAW, auto workers, and in fact, everyone associated with the auto industry; and that is just one example. The envy and distrust is built into redistributionism via human nature. It is incredibly corrosive.

    And, by the way, it leads right to another plug for Atlas Shrugged. Ayn Rand nailed all of this fifty years ago. You’d be horrified and fascinated if you were to read that book these days, while contemplating what is Obama-arriving for us, as more than half the population will be in government, or on the government dole.

    We are going to find out if a democratic republic can survive reaching such a critical mass.