The rot is very, very deep in England

Rowan Laxton is Middle East expert and a high ranking official in Britain’s Foreign Office.  He is also a hard-core anti-Semite with limited impulse control (two things that seem to go together, by the way):

A high-ranking diplomat at the Foreign Office has been arrested after allegations that he launched a foul-mouthed anti-Semitic tirade.

Middle East expert Rowan Laxton, 47, was watching TV reports of the Israeli attack on Gaza as he used an exercise bike in a gym.

Stunned staff and gym members allegedly heard him shout: ‘F**king Israelis, f**king Jews’. It is alleged he also said Israeli soldiers should be ‘wiped off the face of the earth’.

His rant reportedly continued even after he was approached by other gym users.


Mr Laxton, who is still working normally, is head of the South Asia Group at the Foreign Office, on a salary of around £70,000.

He is responsible for all the UK’s diplomacy in that area and for briefing Foreign Secretary David Miliband, who is Jewish.

Mr Laxton has worked extensively in the Middle East – he married a Muslim woman in 2000 – and has been deputy ambassador to Afghanistan.

The case could not have come at a worse time for the Foreign Office. Next week, Britain is hosting an international summit on combating anti-Semitism, with politicians from 35 countries.

It’s bad enough when England’s Pakistani population interjects this type of vile anti-Semitism into the system.  But it’s not just bad, it’s truly saddening, when it comes from someone British.  As those who have read Barbara Tuchman’s wonderful Bible and Sword: England and Palestine from the Bronze Age to Balfour know, since the time of Cromwell, England was one of the least aggressively anti-Semitic countries in Europe.  You wouldn’t allow a Jew at your dinner table, classing them generally with all inferior beings, but you wouldn’t kill him either.  There was even a strain of evangelical philosemitism that resulted in the Balfour Declaration declaring the Jewish right to a homeland in the Holy Land.  That official Britain could have gone from its earlier bizarre combination of sneering tolerance and occasional actual respect to this gross outburst of the worst kind of hatred is a devastating reversal of a long historic trend.

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  • David Foster

    Liberals have tended to believe that anti-Semitism and racism are closely associated with nationalism and, hence, that feelings of patriotism for one’s nation should be discouraged. But in reality, the destruction of patriotic feelings for country and for civilization seems to have the opposite effect.


    Laxton is incapable of keeping a ‘stiff upper lip’. Obviously, less British and oh so more Muslim.

    I hope David Miliband is capable of dismissing this piece of dung or reassigning him to the depths of hell.

    Laxton’s verbal tirade and my personal outrage falls on the heels of the Vatican’s less than stellar performance (to be ever so polite) on the British Bishop Richard Williamson debacle and lest we forget Ken Livingstone (former mayor of London) and his tirades. And…let’s throw in Harry’s Nazi, Halloween costume to the mix and we all can get a clearer picture of where England stands and spits and in which direction.

  • suek

    He’s married to a muslim woman??? Interesting – muslim women are prohibited from marrying the kafir..(infidel, if you’re unfamiliar with the term). Muslim aren’t noted for their willingness to disobey the strictures of their religion or their families.


  • suek

    Oops…”Muslim aren’t” should be “Muslim women aren’t”…



    from Israellycool, something about his marital status.

    Mr Laxton is believed to be separated from his wife, a banker who is working in the United Arab Emirates.

    Looks like the kafir was dumped recently.

  • gpc31

    Horrifying and inexplicable. The symptoms and warning signs of such anti-semitism are all-too-clear, but at bottom I simply do not understand why it persists.

  • suek

    >>Looks like the kafir was dumped recently.>>

    Divorce (or whatever) is not relevant to the issue. Marriage is. If she dishonored her family, they’d stone her. She’s still alive and kicking, ergo marriage to Laxton did not dishonor the family. Laxton is an anti-semite and apparently there were no objections to a muslim woman marrying him.

    You can see where this is going…!



    It (antisemitism) persists and exists for the some of the reasons I outlined in my initial comments.

    The lack of will, the lack of punishment, the lack of giving a damn, the lack of a moral compass, the lack of respect and the fact, the real fact, is that Europe has always been antisemitic. Nothing has really changed in England since 1290 with the expulsion of the Jewish community. Other countries, more stories, more expulsions, more history, but always the same ending. The real bite now is that Europe has an enormous Arab population ergo media that incites and sways public opinion.

  • Gringo

    David Foster

    Liberals have tended to believe that anti-Semitism and racism are closely associated with nationalism and, hence, that feelings of patriotism for one’s nation should be discouraged. But in reality, the destruction of patriotic feelings for country and for civilization seems to have the opposite effect.

    Nationalism is higher in the US than in Europe, and anti-Semitism and racism are less in the US than in Europe. This would support your observation. OTOH, Chinese are very nationalistic and also very ethnocentric ( At least that is my experience from having years of Chinese roommates while working my way through grad school.).

  • Charles Martel

    It’s possible that Obama will succeed in deballing the United States. If he does, Europe can kiss its ass goodbye–it is too old, too passive and too decadent to defend itself from Islam, and we will be too far gone to offer any real help.

    Which makes me think that Russia and China–and perhaps India–would not sit by idly were Muslim savages to inherit France and Britain’s nuclear arsenals. I would not be surprised if any one of them (or maybe all three in an alliance) were to preemptively nuke the UK and France just to disable their militaries, and for good measure Mecca and Tehran.

    Israel I think they could live with since the Israelis are not death worshippers.

    The irony would be that the ostensible enemy of mankind, the Jews, is not what would really worry the planet’s post-America powers, it would be Islam’s demonstrable bloody-minded nihilism wherever it achieves political power.


    Charles Martel:

    Excellent points.

    In fact, Europe has all ready reached ‘eunuch’ stage and is probably the reason Aayan Hirsi Ali left the Netherlands. Even her courage wasn’t enough to forewarn Europe. The rise in hatred that has always plagued the other side of the pond, is part of its political ebb and flow of odd alliances, bad judgments and their inability to size up their own limitations nor seize the moment and make rational political decisions.

    Unfortunately, we all end up paying in some way and some more than others.

  • suek
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