American Jews are idiots *UPDATED (Again)*

UPDATE:  Pardon the white heat in the title of this post, but I cannot tell you how many times, during the days and months leading to the election, liberal Jews assured me, both in the media and in personal conversations, that Obama would never do anything to hurt Israel.  Nor can I tell you how many times my liberal Jewish friends and family refused to hear about all the antisemitic or anti-Israel people in Obama’s closest circles.

Seventy-eight percent of American Jews voted for Obama.  They did so despite the fact that those of us American Jews immune to the Obama Kool-Aid warned them, and warned them, and warned them again that Obama had a history of hostility to Israel, revealed most strongly in the people with whom he surrounded himself and upon whom he relied.

Obama’s anti-Israel animus revealed itself with startling speed once he assumed the presidency.  Caroline Glick gives a laundry list of the steps Obama has taken in just one month that are harmful to Israel:

SINCE IT came into office a month ago, every single Middle East policy the Obama administration has announced has been antithetical to Israel’s national security interests. From President Barack Obama’s intense desire to appease Iran’s mullahs in open discussions; to his stated commitment to establish a Palestinian state as quickly as possible despite the Palestinians’ open rejection of Israel’s right to exist and support for terrorism; to his expressed support for the so-called Saudi peace plan, which would require Israel to commit national suicide by contracting to within indefensible borders and accepting millions of hostile, foreign-born Arabs as citizens and residents of the rump Jewish state; to his decision to end US sanctions against Syria and return the US ambassador to Damascus; to his plan to withdraw US forces from Iraq and so give Iran an arc of uninterrupted control extending from Iran to Lebanon, every single concrete policy Obama has enunciated harms Israel.

Glick does acknowledge that the above acts can all be imputed to good intentions, naivete and a political trajectory that just happens, as an unintentional byproduct, to harm Israel.

No such good or neutral intentions, however, can be imputed to the Obama administration’s much touted decision to attend the UN’s Durban II conference.  As those of you who have been paying attention recall, the Bush administration refused to attend the Durban I conference, since it was manifest that, while it was supposed to be some sort of massive anti-racist, anti-torture love fest, it would, in fact, be an occasion for unparalleled Israel bashing, something the Bush administration refused legitimize.  As it turned out, the administration was correct, and Durban I resulted in a type of high level, politically-sanctioned antisemitism unseen since the 30s in the Reich.

Durban II is not even pretending any longer to be anything but an antisemitic festival.  It’s stated goals are the implementation of those Durban I policies that were, without exception, aimed at delegitimizing and destroying Israel.  In other words, attendance at Durban II is not a chance to go back and undo Durban I.  Instead, it is intended to be a forum in which gleeful Muslim nations can expand upon and implement their Durban I policies.  Under those circumstances, Glick explains precisely why American participation is a disaster for Israel:

The same [that is, neutral or foolish good intentions] cannot be said of the administration’s decision to send its delegation to the Durban II planning session this past week in Geneva. Unlike every other Obama policy, this is a hostile act against Israel. This is true first of all because the decision was announced in the face of repeated Israeli requests that the US join Israel and Canada in boycotting the Durban II conference.


On Thursday, Prof. Anne Bayefsky, the senior editor of the EyeontheUN Web site, demonstrated that by participating in the planning sessions the US is accepting the conference’s anti-Israel agenda. Bayefsky reported that at the planning session in Geneva on Thursday, the Palestinian delegation proposed that a paragraph be added to the conference’s agenda. Their draft “calls for implementation of… the advisory opinion of the ICJ [International Court of Justice] on the wall, [i.e., Israel’s security fence], and the international protection of Palestinian people throughout the occupied Palestinian territory.”


As Bayefsky and others argued this week, by entering into the Durban preparatory process, the US has done two things. First, it has made it all but impossible for European states like France, Britain, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands, which were all considering boycotting the conference, to do so. They cannot afford to be seen as more opposed to its anti-Israel and anti-freedom agenda than Israel’s closest ally and the world’s greatest democracy. So just by participating in the planning sessions the US has legitimized a clearly bigoted, morally illegitimate process, making it impossible for Europe to disengage.

Second, through its behavior at the Geneva planning sessions this week, the US has demonstrated that State Department protestations aside, the administration has no interest in changing the agenda in any serious way. The US delegation’s decision not to object to the Palestinian draft, as well its silence in the face of Iran’s rejection of a clause in the conference declaration that mentioned the Holocaust, show the US did not join the planning session to change the tenor of the conference. The US is participating in the planning sessions because it wishes to participate in the conference.

The above quotations are just small parts of a coherent, larger article in which Glick demonstrates irrefutably that the Obama administration is precisely as hostile to Israel’s interests as those of us paying attention predicted it would be.

As far as I can tell, the only good thing in the offing for Israel is that Bibi Netanyahu will be the new head of Israel’s government.  He’s hampered by the dreadful coalitions that routinely paralyze Israel’s ability to function, but he will no longer be held back by the restraining hand of a friendly American administration.  This administration, by showing itself openly hostile to Israel’s very survival, actually gives Bibi some room for maneuver that was lacking before.  But Israel needs to act very quickly, because this administration will also surely cut off the foreign aid that has helped Israel maintain her necessary defenses in the world’s most antisemitic region.

UPDATE:  It turns out that, not only is the American delegation participating, it sat silently by as antisemitic issues got poured onto the agenda — and then lied about its silence.

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  • Allen

    One might argue that the state of Israel has acted egregiously towards the Palestinians, so be it. Let us assume it’s true. But what is the response to that action? It is as always what has been, and always will be; if there were no Jews the world would be at peace.

    It’s not about the state of Israel, it’s about hatred of Jews. Period, end of story. I say to hell with that.

    Does not the Muslim faith say the sons of Abraham are as one, children of the same father. Let’s take it to the same conclusion: the problem with peace in the world is Islam.

    So there you go, if there were no Muslims we would have peace. Who wants to destroy a people based on faith?

  • Larry Sheldon

    Besides the suicidal installation of the most blatant anti-jewish president ever….

    [breath, Larry]

    I am not, to the best of my knowledge Jewish, more is the pity.

    I am sympathetic to the cause of Israel (and I am sympathetic to the _legitimate_ beefs of the Palestinians).

    I have no clue as to how to resolve the problems. Lobbing bombs from school yards is not part of the answer, of that I am very sure.

    I used to read daily a number of blogs that were openly (and sometimes stridently) “Jewish”, what ever that turns out to mean.

    But I don’t anymore because of the hate directed at me because I thought McCain would do less harm and Palin might do considerable good (I may surprise people to learn that many (by no means all) Christians who trace their beliefs back to Christ trace them farther back to Noah, Abraham, and Adam. The liturgy of the Word every service contains three readings from the New Testament (two “lessons” and “the Gospel”) and two from the Old Testament (Psalms and another). Most of the turmoil in my view is our departure from the Old Testament Laws.

    So not only do “they” (“you”?) have to deal with a huge setbact politically, “they” have alienated at the personal level people that want to be on thir side.

  • rockdalian

    While there is no way to know for certain beforehand, I fear that should Israel become embroiled in another conflict, the Obama administration will offer no assistance.
    And I do mean fear, in that a conflict with a nuclear Iran would certainly mean the beginning a world war.
    The national debt is so massive, another world war may be the only solution to that debt.
    I will go put my tin foil hat away now 😉

  • Charles Martel

    I’ve been trying to hold my tongue around my Jewish wife ever since the election. I need to pick my battles because my primary goal these days is to engineer a move out of California to a saner place.

    She knows I’m right when I say that Israel now faces greater danger than it ever has, but she can’t quite make the connection between that danger and the Democratic Party’s emerging and increasingly overt anti-Semitism.

    Yes, there are many self-hating Jews, people who sneer at the idea of Chosenness or God-given limits on any of their appetites or their intellects. They make wonderful Democrats. But even worse are Jews like my wife, who live in a Big Rock Candy Mountain bubble where the biggest sin you can commit is to point to the world outside.

    I am sick at the idea that Israel will stand alone. If America abandons her, America abandons itself. There is no place left on earth to go.

  • 1Lulu

    Call the White House. Often. Remind the president to stand with Israel as he promised in his campaign. Tell him not to go to Durban.
    Let him know that people are noticing.

  • DirtyJobsGuy

    I’m in Connecticut and I voted Democratic for the first time to Elect Joe Lieberman. He’s reliably left, but sincerely so and his support for GW and McCain on the war on terror was fantastic.

    My father in law was a career navy Jew and as a product of NYC in the 30’s was reliably democratic. But I think he voted for a few republicans secretly in his last years.

    I’m not a jew but if I can vote for Joe, then You can vote for him and his like as well.


    I write as one of the lonely 22% who knew this was coming. It feels like the 1930’s again and I was screaming and waving my hands warning anyone who could hear my voice, DON’T VOTE FOR THIS MAN.

    Obviously, my voice fell upon the Democratic deaf.


    Tell your wife to go back and read about how Hitler was democratically elected during a world wide depression and at the same time there was a rise in antisemitism worldwide.
    My father, as a young man (about 12) in the mid-30’s was attending a camp for Jewish youth, the camp was attacked by a bunch of thugs with chains and a variety of weapons intent on injuring or killing them.

    Oh…did I neglect to mention, this camp was in Delaware.

  • Larry Sheldon

    “Obviously, my voice fell upon the Democratic deaf.”

    I’m not sure of my numbers here, but I think it was the deaf Republicans and “Independents” and “Others” that did us in.

    Is it not true that among registered voters the sum of those, plus the ones that did vote for Palin and whatzisname is larger than the number who voted for suicide?

    As I’ve said before I am not by any measure “Jewish”, but I have trouble understanding why Obama was allowed to pervert and desecrate the [don’t know what the right name is] Wall with his press release^W^Wprayer.



    Obama was allowed to pervert and desecrate because the MSM are the ‘Others’ who led not only the deaf, but the blind to the precipice with their unabashed orgasmic tingling legs, fawning and the ‘Thrilla in Manila’ coverage of their candidate.

    You don’t have to be Jewish to feel threatened. The road is littered with both Jews and Gentiles.

  • Larry Sheldon

    The key word just above is “led”, which I take to mean “chose to follow”.

    If people (like the willingly deaf, and the purposefully blind for openers) do not take personal responsibility for their part of the debacle there is no hope.

    I was deliberately chased away from sites and fora because I was against the capitulation.

    And please, correct me if I am wrong, but the Jewish authorities have absolute control of the area inside the fence at the Wall (I still don’t know its proper name) do they not? It couldn’t have been perverted and desecrated without their permission, if not assistance, could it?

  • expat

    Re. Iran and the mullahs: Gerhard Gazprom Schroeder was in Iran this weekend on a “private” visit meeting with Khatami, Ahmadinejad, and others. He told A’jad to stop the Holocaust denial and to work with the Obama administration. He has been heavily criticized for his meddling by some politicians and by the Central Counsel of Jews. I haven’t see any English reports on this yet.

    One thing for sure, I do not trust this man one bit.



    To clarify:

    It is called the Western Wall. Entrance to the area is under control of the IDF.
    Anyone allowed in is allowed to leave a prayer. Release of the contents were, to the best of my knowledge, released by Team Obama. All prayer notes are buried, if i am not mistaken within 24 hours.

    We are in agreement on the personal responsibility point. Unfortunately, there are too many who choose to be led and fewer that are willing or able to take the lead.

  • Larry Sheldon

    Western Wall. I think I knew that but seem never to able to fetch it up when I want it. Thanks.

    The rest of the process is as I thought. I guess there is no reasonable way to have kept him out, but it sure seems like when he showed his true colors (pirate metaphor intended) people would have wised up.

    But nobody ever heard me say I understand why people do things.

    Bu8t it sure seems like there was a reason to be aware of the clear and present danger, but people elected him anyway.

    Thanks for the explanation.



    After a brief fishing expedition, I found the International Herald Tribune article below.
    Lo’ and behold his first trip to Iran was ‘business’.

  • Charles Martel

    Probably the first Jew who will shout that the emperor not only has no clothes but is a Jew hater will be Joe Lieberman.

    When that happens, watch the anti-Semites tumble out of the woodwork with a vengeance and pile on.

    But Joe will convince a few. And, God help us, those few will convince a few more. Maybe in a few months American Jews will see that they helped elect an administration that will be happy to send wreaths and condolences if Israel gets wiped off the map, but nothing more:

    “Hello, Mrs. Cohen? Obama in 2012 headquarters here. Bummer about Israel and all that. Who woulda thought you New Jersey guys are now the last Yids. . .uh, Jews. . .left on earth? Anyway, I’m calling to see if you could match the generous contribution you made in 2008.”


    In case you need to read another article in English, I am sharing my favorite newspaper search engine.



    You are welcome and that is why we all post here. One hand washes the other.


    Charles Martel:

    Tell Joe that the emperor is an empress wearing tennis clothing and the anti-Semites have all ready begun to tumble from the woodwork (tennis courts).

    So, the open question is:

    Who will sanction Serena Williams’ mouth? Obviously, not Larry Scott, who is considering sanctions not now when needed, but in the future and not against Williams. Dubai’s treatment pales in comparison to the support it got from the two of them. So much for a ‘tested agreement’.

    I say we start making Williams play in a hijab for starters.
    Larry Scott should be removed or better yet moved to Dubai.

    Credit to: 21c Israelity

    You don’t have to be a tennis fan to be outraged at how Dubai is treating Israel and her favorite tennis daughter Shahar Pe’er.

    Pe’er, Israel’s top female tennis star, and 45th ranked on the international circuit, has become a cause celebre since The United Arab Emirates (UAE) earlier this week denied her an entry visa to participate in the Dubai Tennis Championships – one of the most lucrative tournaments on the WTA Tour. Why? Only because she’s Israeli.

    According to Reuters, WTA chief Larry Scott has said the $2 million Dubai tournament could be scratched from next year’s calendar if UAE officials persist with their stance of barring Israeli competitors.

    Said Scott:

    “There certainly will be (sanctions) imposed on the tournament but we’ll make those decisions following this year’s tournament. They were awarded this tournament with a very clear understanding and their agreement that if an Israeli ever wanted to play, they would be allowed to play. But (the agreement) had never been tested until now. Whatever we decide here will send a very clear signal.”

    The Association of Tennis Professionals is waiting to hear whether Israeli doubles player Andy Ram will be issued a visa to the UAE, enabling him to play in the Dubai men’s tournament.

    In an interview with the BBC, Ram suggested what should be done if he’s refused a visa.
    “Maybe cancel the tournament or sanction them with money or something else,” he said. “But something should be done to make sure this situation does not develop again next year.”

    Tournament officials defended their stance, with the extremely lame excuses that fans would have boycotted the event if an Israeli was allowed to compete and that Peer’s safety could also have been compromised.

    Alan Solow, chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, called on the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) to impose sanctions against the UAE. “We find the United Arab Emirates’s decision to deny a visa to Ms. Pe’er because of her nationality offensive, discriminatory and unacceptable,” the statement said.

    The Conference of Presidents also called for sanctions against the Dubai tournament.
    It urged its sponsors, Barclays and Sony Ericsson, to withdraw their support, and that the tennis championships be cancelled in 2010 “unless and until appropriate corrective measures are taken.”

    “If they’re going to bar Israelis, why not just rename it the `Dubai Apartheid Tournament’?” said Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder of the Wiesenthal Center.

    But it’s not just Jewish organizations who are lining up on Israel’s side of the court. The Tennis Channel and the European edition of the Wall Street Journal are both boycott the tournament. In an interview with The New York Times, Ken Solomon, chairman and chief executive of the Tennis Channel, called the network’s move “an easy decision to come by.”

    “Sports are about merit, absent of background, class, race, creed, color or religion,” Solomon said. “They are simply about talent. This is a classic case, not about what country did what to another country. If Israel were barring a citizen of an Arab nation, we would have made the same decision.”

    And tennis mega-star Serena Williams, who won a third round victory in Dubai and moved closer to a semifinal matchup, gave a backhanded compliment to Pe’er, saying in essence that Pe’er was a good egg even if she was from evil Israel.

    “I know she’s previously played in the Middle East, in Doha, so it was my understanding she would have the opportunity to play here also, despite legislative issues,” she said, according to AP. “Obviously I am disappointed she hasn’t had a chance to do this because she’s a good person and works just as hard as anyone else on the tour, and should have the opportunity to play. She shouldn’t be denied, it’s not right, she’s just a person. We are all people, no matter where we are from.”

    And despite defending Pe’er, Williams made it clear who she was looking out for in defending her decision not to boycott the tournament – number one.

    “I have to look at the bigger picture. The big picture is that Shahar Pe’er didn’t get a chance to play but, making an immediate decision, we also have to look at sponsors, fans and everyone who has invested a lot in the tournament. We are all going to consider what are the options for next year, but [this year] we didn’t even know till Saturday that Pe’er had been denied a visa. I think there are rules and protocols as to how you can proceed.”

    Don’t worry about Serena, when they start banning blacks as well, we’ll be right behind you.

  • Charles Martel

    I have to look at the bigger picture.”

    Wasn’t that the slogan over every good German’s mantel back in the late Thirties?


    Oh Charles, you’re so retro (wink wink and a nod).

  • Danny Lemieux

    Speaking of throwing allies under the bus, Hillary is in China. Hillary desperately wants China to buy our debt. My bet is that Taiwan is the first U.S. ally delivered up on the sacrificial alter. Any takers?

  • Larry Sheldon

    No, I don’t think Taiwan will be the first.

    I think Americans who work hard and pay their bills were the first.

  • Ymarsakar

    The Arabs can’t compete with women so they disbar them.

    It isn’t the Israeli thing. It’s the female thing mostly. Same reason why white Aryan raced Hitler couldn’t stand seeing a white German boxer losing to a black American.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Do you think that Obama considers such Americans as allies, Larry?

  • Larry Sheldon

    “Do you think that Obama considers such Americans as allies, Larry?”

    No, I don’t. I think he (as a true Marxist would) as resources to be exploited, or thieves to be relieved of their ill-gotten loot–or something.

    I have never been very good at understaning how Marxists “think”–Dialectical Materialism, like pomo deconstrucionism, has never made any sense to me.



    It has crossed my mind that it was the ‘female’ excuse from the Arab side, but your observation doesn’t explain why Williams is allowed to play.

    Could it have been her ‘evil Israel’ comment that gave her a free pass.
    As for Larry Scott, his moral compass was pointed at the $2 million.

    In the latest economic mentality, no doubt if the tournament was canceled, the WTA would have asked for a bailout this year.

  • Ymarsakar

    but your observation doesn’t explain why Williams is allowed to play.
    The Arabs use a strategy of isolation on the international front for Israel. They go out of their way to make international conferences and “hearings”. They are even worse than fake liberals in this respect.

    By excluding Israel, they isolate Israel. By making the WTO stand by the exclusion of Israel, this sends a message to all other members or host/sponsor nations that the same could also happen. So they had better keep in line or maybe they’ll lose their heads.

    Williams has non-Israeli backup, maybe US, unclear on the details. It isn’t yet time to expand the international ring to include such nations. For Arabs, their first priority are the Jews. Everybody else and their nations stand a distant second.

  • suek

    Off topic, but still on topic. You should read this, if you haven’t already…

    Absolutely incredible.


    Thanks Suek. Obama continues to fuel the fire.

    Chairman of the National Intelligence Council – this is the height of an oxymoron!

    It’s worse than ‘Absolutely incredible’ – It’s credible, which make it absolutely appalling.

  • Ymarsakar

    But Larry, you aren’t on “their” side. You are on the side of those that cry out for justice in Israel and Palestine. The ones getting killed by thugs. Those blogging, are they getting killed and attacked by terrorists?

    If not, you are not on their side. They are not on our side, because they do nothing to help the victims and everything to help the murderers.

  • Larry Sheldon

    I just got back from my semiannual visit to the Ophthalmologist. (I was right–my left eye has deteriorated some. (I’ll not complain, now that my own diagnosis has been “officially” confirmed.))

    But again I left thinking “I wish there was a way to meet this man socially–he is some sort of Israeli (born there? Immigrated? From where?). But he is such a gentle soul and I sense that he is a river that runs deep. But he never takes the bait when I try to engage him in general conversation–he will talk anything to do with eyes, including articles I have read.

    But to summarize my position–I believe I am in favor of Truth abd truth, Justice and justice,and, above all, Freedom and freedom.

    Other labels may be useful, but they are not critical.

  • Ymarsakar

    So not only do “they” (”you”?) have to deal with a huge setbact politically, “they” have alienated at the personal level people that want to be on thir side.

    my point is that I disagree with your version of things that they have alienated people that want to be on their side. Their side is not the right side, thus if you are for justice, you cannot also want to be on their side.

    This is a matter of mutually exclusive beliefs here.

  • Larry Sheldon

    Have it your way. I want to be their side. They alienated me.

    I’m out.

  • Ymarsakar

    That’s a rational argument, Larry. Or not.

    here’s the deal. The same identify problem priority issue for you wanting to “be on their side” is the reason why they shun you and adopt the side of Dems. It is just as simple as that, in the end. So you can’t really blame them for prioritizing things in a similar fashion as you have, so des neh.

    “They alienated me” is about as good an argument as Democrat Jews saying they find Conservative Christians “scary”.

  • suek

    More on Freeman.

    Now…about those “bogus” claims that Obama was a closet muslim….!



    Nothing ‘bogus’ about Obama. He’s the real McCoy, now to be known as the real McNightmare.
    20 years of listening to Rev. Wright-Wrong and discovering his ‘roots’ – the only thing he left in the closet was a kafiyah.

    We’re deep in doo-doo and we’re only into the first month.