I’m so irritated about all the chimp apologies, despite the fact that its clear that cartoons had nothing to do with race, but instead involved riffs off of other news of the day, that I just feel like putting up some chimp pictures here.  Let me assure you that, while I really dislike Obama and everything he stands for, these pictures have nothing to do with him:

This picture, on the other hand, does:





photo by: a
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  • Ymarsakar

    Did you just change the links on the last two pictures?

  • Gringo

    Years ago, when an uncle stated that Patrick Ewing looked like a chimpanzee, I pointed out to him that chimpanzees had straight hair and flesh-colored skin, like us and unlike Patrick Ewing. That shut my uncle up.

    Obama and friends successfully played the race card during the campaign, so they will continue doing what works.

  • Ymarsakar

    This is like saying “you look like your parents”. Apes, chimps, and humans have genetic relationships.

    The insult, rather, is in saying you are an animal and sub-human. Then again, that’s what most race baiters think of people anyways. Tools, not human.

  • Mike Devx

    Top Chimp Pic #1: Relaxed, in control of the corrupt political Washington D.C. scene, surveying the entirety of his thoroughly corrupt domain: That chimp must be George Soros. Enjoying making all the politicians dance.

    Chimp Pic #2: An underling, clearly tense, smiling very nervously, sucking up to the REAL powers-that-be from a weak position: This chimp must be Hillary Clinton within the Obama Administration.

    Chimp Pic #3: Kind of an old-timer, smart but clearly mischievous and willing to break the rules purely for the enjoyment of watching all the gears spin wildly out of control, a chaos agent: This could be Bill Clinton plotting his revenge against the Obama administration. Or planning how to sneak another intern past watchful eyes. Hard to say which.

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