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Our own Deanna is planning on going to the Chicago Tea Party and is looking for clever slogans for the sign she’s going to carry.  We’ve discussed before at this blog the fact that honest conservative thoughts don’t easily yield to bumper sticker sized sentences. The bottom line question is:  How does one pithily attack the current government’s abusive taxing and wasteful, ideologically driven spending?  Since Deanna, like me, is not a master of the pithy phrase, she’d love some ideas from all of you.

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  1. says

    Let the burglar take whatever he wants to DC, it’s not worth your life under the Obamanation.

    A cynical riff on the fact that Chicago police loves telling citizens to “let the crooks do whatever they want” and maybe don’t even report the theft in the first place cause it is annoying to the police to try to track your junk.

  2. Charles Martel says

    (Photo of a baby:)

    My Son the Government Worker

    (Obama Owns 50% of His Wages Forever)


    Thank You, Boomers!


    New Slogan on the Dollar Bill:

    E Pluribus Unum

    Us First, Gen Y Suckers!


    Ponzi Artist Arrested In Chicago!
    (No, It’s Not Obama)

  3. Mike Devx says

    Something along the lines of a poster with big print saying: “Generation Theft Stimulus Bill” with a picture of a crying baby and another picture of two young children in a soup line should work.

  4. Mike Devx says

    The Greatest Generation sure did a lot of great things… but birthing the most spoiled rotten, selfish, inward-looking, unwise, I-want-mine-and-screw-everyone-else generation, is not high on their list of accomplishments.

    The Boomers will eventually be known as “The Debt Generation”.

    I’m at the very tail end of it (born in ’62), and a lot of commenters here appear to have also been born within it… but we are in the minority within this generation. The Boomers affect everything, and they have been pernicious from the very beginning in the 60’s, and they will continue to be pernicious, dragging us all down with their endless crazy need to have it all now, without cost, indebting future generations simply because they have the votes. A more spoiled rotten, infantile, unwise, id-driven group has never cursed the American landscape as they have.

  5. Deana says

    Thanks for the suggestions (and the VERY helpful links), guys! Keep them coming!

    I am excited about attending the Chicago Tea party and yet I have concerns. We conservatives do not protest well. I sense this frustration and anger that we even feel the need to attend a protest because all we want is common sense to be employed by our government.

    Having to beg the government to take into consideration things like the Constitution and the immutable laws of economics prior to making sweeping and very expensive laws seems wrong. We should EXPECT that and no less out of our government. And yet here we are . . .

    There is a very slight chance I’ll be unable to attend but I’ll let you know what happens if I go.

  6. says

    I have been thinking about this, too: I want to create an organization called, The National Association of Alienated Jaded People. Our logo would be the scales of justice, tilted to the left, of course, and upon the heavy laden scale would be our money. Tax money.

  7. Tonestaple says

    We are The Forgotten Man.

    A good deal of tyranny goes under the guise of rescue and protection.

    Necessity is the plea of tyrants.

    He who pays the piper calls the tune. Are you ready to dance for Harry, Nancy, & Barack?

    Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased and the price of financial slavery?

    We are NOT all socialists now!

  8. Mike Devx says

    Charles said,
    >> I’m a Boomer and I hate my generation. I’ve felt that way since I was 7.

    Now that’s impressive precociousness in a youngster!

    Mom: “Charlie, honey, sit down in front of the TV with your Count Chocula. Captain Kangaroo is on.”

    Charles: “I would rather not watch Captain Kangaroo. He’s always telling me that if I don’t share my things with the other kids I’m bad.”

    Mom: “Oh, Charlie, you always take everything so seriously.”

    Charles, with a dark look: “Mother, you have NO idea where all of this brainwashing about forced sharing is going to lead.”

  9. Mike Devx says

    Sorry, Charles, I shouldn’t have repeated a riff.
    (Especially when i wasn’t feeling all that inspired, but the thought of a precocious seven year old did get me visualizing the kid being disgusted with Captain Kangaroo.)

  10. says

    “Balance your budget–then we’ll talk”

    Who’s going to pay for this?”

    “I didn’t give you a mandate to
    sell our country down the river”

    “Who do you think is going to pay for all of this–me or Joe the Plumber?”

    “Stop class warfare–we’re all Americans”

    “NO to generational theft”

    “NO to nationalized medicine”

    “Government growth is not stimulus”

    “Government can’t create wealth–
    it only squelches, steals, or redistributes it
    from American individuals”

    “Keep your laws off my doctors!”

    “Free minds and free markets!”

    “Obama–learn some history and some economics
    WITHOUT Karl Marx”

    “Even Keynes would be appalled–
    at least he learned from the Great Depression–
    Obama and the Dems didn’t!”

    “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” –Margaret Thatcher

    “Democrat Socialism: driving even more jobs
    out of the U.S. economy–without even reading the bill!”

    “Obama/Dem policies

    “Can you spell ‘unintended consequences’?”

    “What part of free enterprise
    don’t you understand?”

    “NO to medical care controlled
    by the politicians in the U.S. Congress!”

    Good speeches
    Bad politics, bad economics
    Don’t go there!”

    Kids in a candy store
    And we’re paying for the candy”

    “What ever happened to
    fiscal responsibility?”

    your speeches and your policies
    don’t make sense
    and we know it!”

    “Atlas is already shrugging”

    “Wait till the doctors quit”

  11. Mike Devx says

    Zabrina wins the gold! There are some fantastic short pithy ones in there.

    My favorites from that list, for a poster or placard:
    “NO to generational theft”
    “NO to nationalized medicine”
    “Government growth is not stimulus”
    “Keep your laws off my doctors!”
    “Free minds and free markets!”

  12. Deana says

    Zabrina –

    Wow! You have some great ones!

    I am so disappointed but I am not going to be able to go tomorrow due to an unavoidable schedule change. I’m bummed – I was SO looking forward to this and am very impressed at how quickly it was organized and put together.

    I’m saving all of these suggestions, my poster boards and markers. God knows there will plenty to protest about in the coming months – there is already talk of additional protests, perhaps scheduled for July 4th. (An appropriate date!)

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