Is the Obama administration playing games?

Greyhawk is trying to put the pieces together in Iraq and Afghanistan when it comes to troop rotation.  Right now, on the information available, it looks as if their’s some sleight of hand going on with regarding to troop movements and the American public.  What do you think?

In the mid-19th Century, Palmerston called the manuverings between Russia and England over Central Asia “the great game.”  It looks as if the Obama administration is so self involved, the only game it’s playing is a shell game with itself and the American people.

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  • Ymarsakar

    I noticed this awhile ago but Democrats treat the enemies of the US like we treat Americans we disagree politically with. We tolerate them, motivate them, work with them, make deals with them, and try to help them. The Dems do the same. Except they treat us like we treat the Saddams of the world.

    That’s how it is, Book. And to Obama, the military may as well be Bush. He’s not going to care when they go up in smokes.

  • Mike Devx

    I’m actually beginning to think that, for liberals, the rest of the world is just an irrelevant sideshow.

    The liberals are stuck in a mindset where America is super-powerful (and EVIL), and the rest of the world is just vaguely out there, somewhere. If it’s not within America, it’s not real. And that is why the only real fight, to them, is the fight for their own agenda WITHIN America, against evil conservatism.

    And when the rest of the world is utterly irrelevant, there can be no such thing as meaningful evil in the rest of the world. The only evil that matters is the evil within America, and that is why only America is truly evil. Since their intentions are good, everything they do must be good, and therefore if there’s a problem, then it must be something non-Liberal that is the cause. And it must be evil conservatism that is the cause, and that is why only conservatism within America is worthy to be fought against. Nothing else in the entire world matters.

    And civilization to them is a constant; everything that we have that is civilized and positive can never be lost. When it has been lost (as it was in much of New York City before Giuliani took over and brought the city streets back into the civilized world), they managed to walk right through the decay and misery and never see the loss, blinders firmly on.

    Very young children view the world through their eyes as being about three blocks wide in every direction. They know that there’s a Chicago, L.A, New York City, out there, somewhere just beyond what is visible to them, and if they take an apple and walk for about five minutes, they’ll be IN Chicago, L.A., or New York City. Wanna go to China? Oh, China’s *really* far. You’ll have to walk an extra ten minutes to get THERE!

    And nothing can ever really go wrong within their home. Mommy and Daddy always have nice things and bring nice toys home, and there’s always wonderful food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Daddy will always have that Job, whatever it is, that Pays The Bills, whatever that means.

    This myopism is charming in the total immaturity of very young children. In adults it is pathetic.

  • Ruth H

    “Gen. Odierno will receive a Stryker Brigade to replace the incoming replacement brigade diverted to Afghanistan just a week ago. That means that he will continue to maintain the current level of two Stryker brigades in Iraq.”

    If this part is true in the post it seems that the sleight of hand is for the ultra anti-war left and we are still in a stronger position than if there were just a drawdown. I am definitely anti-Obama but this makes me feel just slightly better about what he is doing in Iraq.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Excellent, MikeD. Liberals have the minds of children. All you have to do is listen to what spews out of the mouths of Hollywood celebrities to underscore this point.