• Zhombre

    Ha! I got one of those surveys from the RNC that ask your opinion and for money day before yesterday and sent it back in the franked envelope with three words: GROW SOME B@##S.

  • Mike Devx


    I agree. It’s my fear that our so-called conservatives in Washington D.C. have lost their backbones, their spines, and, as you put it, their b@##s.

    They no longer believe in their own conservative principles. They can still try to mouth the words, but there’s no conviction behind them.

    They no longer believe in capitalism, nor in unleashing us all into the marketplace as the invisible hand we are.

    They no longer believe in the importance of strengthening socially conservative values, as promoting healthy communities, educating the young well, providing that day-to-day support that many need.

    They no longer believe in anything, and are adrift. So they send you their little poll questions, and ask for money, because all they can figure out how to do is to stand for whichever way the breeze is blowing, trying solely to get themselves elected one more time. Based solely on expediency and pandering, without a single principle in sight for miles and miles. As the winds shift, they shift, constantly, and everyone can see that, despite the empty words they mouth, they really stand for nothing. When push comes to shove, they stop even mouthing their ersatz conservative phrases, and simply fold.

    I liked the recent article telling the national GOP Party to target unmarried women. Target them how? By taking their set of well-honed conservative principles and presenting powerful argument after argument about how conservatism will benefit the unmarried woman? Or by throwing away all principle, figuring out what unmarried women want, and simply giving it to them by buying them off with national government program after national government program? What would Rick Moran – lead cheerleader of the moderate-Republicanitis – do? He, like all the unprincipled panderers, would simply buy them off with program after program that can best be described as Statist-lite. And we get McCain’s unprincipled, pandering 2008 all over again: Why go Statist-lite when you can go with the Real Thing???

  • Mike Devx

    I’ll give you, as an example, Benjamin Netanyahu. There you have a principled man who believes in his principles. As the winds shift, sometimes the liberals gain power, and Mr. Netanyahu recedes from political power, but due to his convictions, remains powerful in the background. And when the winds shift again, there he is again, reassuming the power that the people have given him again. Because they know he’s strong, they know he stands for what he believes in.

    He compromises, as all politicians do, but only at the very end of each fight, still standing strong. He doesn’t fold at the very beginning. He’s willing to be out of power for a short time, knowing that if the people can trust him, the winds will shift again, and he’ll be back.

    Our totally unprincipled “leaders” in Washington D.C. can’t bear that thought – of being out of direct power for even one second – and so they collapse up front, never stand for anything, and are seen for what they are. When the wind shifts, and the people are ready again to place their trust in conservatism, they look at the unprincipled power-hungry conservative leadership and think – can I trust these guys? Do I even KNOW anything about them? They’ve gotten years of pandering and no conservative message from them… place your trust in a bunch of ersatz conservative “blobs” that stand only for weakness, vacillation, and indecision? “tax cuts… tax cuts” is all they murmur with any conviction. And that is supposed to represent the whole of conservatism? Sheesh.

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