• addison

    I came across someone named ‘Narcissus’. It was quite odd. I can only assume the parents were thinking of flowers, not the pining self-infatuated mythical figure.

  • benning

    My decent monitor died this morning, so I pulled out my old 15″. Makes scrolling a necessary exercise! When I scrolled down to see that first image all I could think of was, “You could turn that into Obama!” Then, sure enough, I scrolled down and saw somebody already had!


    Absolutely correct!


  • Danny Lemieux

    The reflection looks very dark indeed. Dan

  • Mike Devx

    It’s that dark because it’s 2014, and Obama is in his second term. Energy costs three times as much as it used to, and the millions of newly poor keep their lights out at night so they can afford the few drugs available under nationalized health care. The unemployment rate remains at 12%, but at least we’re saving the world from global warming. Meanwhile, our shale oil reserves, which we could have begun building infrastructure for, supplying millions of new jobs across the economy, continue to sit unprocessed; there’s enough extractable oil in our own shale oil reserves to power U.S.A needs for oil, gasoline, diesel, aircraft fuel, heating oil, etc, for 200 years, but who’s counting?

    And, oh yeah, for the fifteenth year in a row, global temperatures have decreased, and the global warming models have always been wrong. They’ve never predicted the climatic future correctly, not even once. But hey, who needs science, who needs facts? That’s rationality, that’s facts, and facts are for dummies! First it was Global Warming, then it was “Climate Change” in 2007, then when that didn’t work it was a big media push back to “Global Warming” in 2009, then it was “Climate Change” again in 2011, and so on…

    That’s all for now. The sun is going down, and in our community, we rely on community responsibility, so we have to shut off all our lights at sundown, or the Committee For Social Correctness cuts our wires and waits for us to open our doors, and then they put all our belongings in the street, board our doors and windows shut, and take anyone in the family younger than twelve years old away, to the Peoples School For Reeducation. I gotta go.