• Charles Martel

    This means I will have to tape American Idol, but I am going to man up and attend.

    I wish Ymarsakar could be there, just so we could brandish him if any brain-dead hippie goes off on Medved.

    But since he can’t, I offer Book herself, which we around Marin call “The Five+ Feet of Fury.”

    How to spot me? I’ll be the dimpled 6-foot-4 guy with the rippling 24-inch biceps, golden smile and Nobel Prize medal casually dangling over my Armani T-shirt.

  • suek

    “OW” means you’re on your own, Atlas.

    Take care…! Though I can’t imagine any self respecting Lib would be within a mile of Medved if they knew he was there. Enjoy!

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    I think I’ll be there, Charles. Let’s look for each other! I’ll be sure to wear sunglasses, since I know from past experience that your natural beauty is blinding! (Or maybe it’s just the light that always seems to glitter of that Nobel medal.)

  • Mike Devx

    I hope you don’t run into Al Gore there, Charles. He likes to be the only one walking around with his Nobel Prize prominently displayed! Have you ever seen him in full furious peacock mode?

    You may have the 24-inch biceps… but he has the 56-inch waistline!
    And he’s got you beat, six dimples to two, as well!

    (Big Al’s going to be there, of course. He’ll be the guy way off to the side, shouting, “There’s no such thing as The 10 Big Lies About America, there’s only one, and the debate is OVER!”)