An eyewitness to the Chicago Tea Party

From Danny Lemieux:

And, here’s the report from Chicago: I counted about 5,000 – 7,000 participants packed into the Federal Plaza. Everyone was very well behaved. It looked like a very diverse crowd – suits, jeans, black, white, Asian, old, young, very young (many people apparently took their kids out of school). I did see one of the Chicago Bulls players there, I believe that it was Ben Gordon. Everyone was polite.

We kicked it off with the Star Spangled Banner and some fiery warm-up chants of “USA, USA…”. No counter protesters showed up – there were a few odd Ron Paul supporters and about a dozen people from the pacifist Friends Service Committee protesting against military spending, but apparently they show up every year on Tax Day. I did chastise one of them for being an “enabler of war” when she tried to buttonhole me, but it was a polite exchange.

Best posters included “Chains we can believe in”, Obama: One Big Awful Mistake, America, and a large picture of George Washington asking “WTF?”. It was loads of fun! Let’s see how the media spins it.

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  • Deana

    Danny – I’m so jealous!! I really wanted to go but couldn’t take today off.

    I really will be interested to see where we go from here. The energy and desire are there but I have not seen much leadership or direction . . . yet.

    Anyway, it is just good to see others out there who feel like I do.


  • Danny Lemieux

    Be patient, Deana. New leaders will emerge. Promise!

  • Danny Lemieux

    Here’s another point about the Chicago Tea Party:

    A lot has been made about CNN Reporter Susan Roesgen’s obnoxious comments to the one participant with the young child on his back (which I didn’t see). However there was an earlier part of that clip that hasn’t gotten as much coverage (see

    I saw this guy. He was one lonely guy in a large crowd (5,000 – 7,000). He was the ONLY ONE in the crowd with a poster referring to Obama as a Hitler and he was pretty much ignored by all the other people. Personally, I thought that he was an “infiltrator” plant (and still do).

    Whereas I could have made a good argument why Obama and the Democrat policies are fascist, I certainly would not compare Obama to Hitler. And, as the point of the video clip makes, CNN and their Lefty reporters are hardly in a position to be offended by people referring to the Teleprompter of the United States as a “Hitler”, given what was done to Bush.