It’s all about Me, Me, Me

Lest you needed a reminder that, in his own mind, at least, Obama was crowned king for the world, and wasn’t simply elevated to an important public servant job, the Daily Mail tell us that he released 300 (300!) (300!!!) photos of himself to commemorate his first hundred days.  So you too, you lucky son of a gun, can watch Obama watch TV.  The thrills running down my leg are indescribable at this point.

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  • Ymarsakar

    The only reason they nagged us about Bush and Mission Accomplished is because they were jealous and wanted to do it 10X larger, but couldn’t. All they could do was drag the rest of us down into the crab bucket with em.

  • Mike Devx

    The Chosen One was smooth, smooth, smooth in his press conference tonight.

    I wonder if the People can see through it?

    I especially liked his wrap up:
    “I don’t want to run the auto companies. I don’t want a large government! I would prefer a lean, mean government.”

    Contrast that with promise after promise after promise of how the government is going to help you, and how he is going to use the government to “invest” (spend tax money) on this and that and fifty-seven other things. How do all those promises and that incredibly HUGE series of investments equate to “not wanting a large government”, or “preferring a small government”?

    Obama might not actually wish to run the auto companies. Thankless Job.
    But when you see a government solution for every single problem you face, then you get a government solution for your every answer. If you’ve jumped from the frying pan into the fire, Mr. President… well, it’s your stove, your frying pan, and your fire. You’re Mr. Government Solution To Every Problem, sir.

  • Earl

    Our Jackass-in-chief fired the head of GM…..and now he says he doesn’t want to run the auto companies? Who the H-E-double hockeysticks does he think will agree to run GM, if at any moment the rug can be jerked out from under him?

    We were told not to worry about his inexperience, his lack of a resume at anything but getting elected, his complete dependence on the Chicago machine to take care of things for him – like getting the right house. We were told that his successful “management” of his campaign proved he would be excellent at managing the federal government……. …how’s that working out for all of us, now…….?


  • Mike Devx

    A local couch potato and Loyal Stalwart Conservative was watching the Obama press conference this evening. As Obama spun his web of distortions and deceptions, the poor fellow became more and more agitated. Finally he leaped to his feet, face purple, and yelled, “I cannot take this any longer! You stop that! Stop those lies and deceptions! The American People deserve better!”

    He took a step forward, shaking his fist at the television screen. And then suddenly gasping, he clutched at his heart… and collapsed. Another patriot hospitalized, done in by circumstances beyond bearing. That, and a lamentable lack of exercise.

    Here in our area, also, there was one confirmed case of swine flu for a student in the Fort Worth school system. The entire school system has been shut down for a week for sterilization.

    Following that example, and the fact that one adult has been struck down by Obama-Triggered Aortal Convulsion (OTAC), all local television, cable and radio broadcast stations will not broadcast any images or audio of Obama, until all citizens’ nervous systems have been cleared of all risks of OTAC.

    “We expect to be able to begin broadcasting Obama video and audio again after 2012,” a local spokeswoman for the Dallas Metroplex Health Deptartment said. “Unless of course the President rededicates himself to speaking basic truth instead of that incredibly deceptive and twistingly-tortured logic of his, which serves solely to confuse and to distort the listener,” she continued. “But what are the odds of that? He hasn’t spoken a simple, true, declarative sentence since… I don’t know… 1982? He was always deceptive after whatever it was that freak Frank Davis did to him as a child… but occasionally, at times, he still spoke truth, until that second year at Harvard, when he hooked up with Bill Ayers,” she concluded.

    “We’ll reevaluate whether we can lift the OTAC restrictions in Novemeber 2010,” she thought aloud. “But, honestly, it’s so very infectious and dangerous that I really do doubt it, no matter how good conditions are after those 2010 elections.”


    “I don’t want to run the auto companies. I don’t want a large government! I would prefer a lean, mean government.”

    And what did we get… a skinny president with a very mean demeanor.

    BTW…just a delicious rant in your second post.

    “The entire school system has been shut down for a week for sterilization”.

    Could this same application of sterilization be applied to Congress for the duration?
    They all seem to be infected with a foreign strain of IN”FLU”ENZA.
    It manifests itself in a hallucinatory manner and the infected believe that they can print money and spend it like a drunken sailor, run banks and automobile companies. I understand, if left untreated, we will be forced to purchase Obama Bonds. A new political currency, that gives each and every American family the ability to go into debt for the next 50 years. Not to worry, we will have clean air, no pollutants (other than our leaders) and the best part, National Health Care, which will address that nasty heart clutching problem, just Press 1 for English…oh, you know the rest of the drill. Remember, no heavy breathing while you wait for your operator, you will be assessed a fee for emitting CO 2 into the air, which will affect your ‘carbon cap and trade rating’.

  • Mike Devx

    I’d like to pass a law that requires every withdrawal from an ATM machine to be accompanied by an audio message:

    “Here is your cash. Did you know that the American People have put their children AND their grandchildren into debt? Generations of debt and economic misery now face everyone. Have a nice day!”