I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.
    Groucho Marx

    Now, that I’ve quoted Groucho, it’s exactly how I feel very GROUCHO!
    Obama’s Chicago thug style would fit well into the Club of Thugs while we all become dues paying members without being asked if we would like to join.
    Forced membership that will reinforce: that we will have fewer rights, a lessening of self determination and finally a loss in a democracy that cannot ever be recovered. Heaven help us, we’re sliding into quicksand.

    Via: Claudia Rosett (PJ Media)
    May 8th, 2009 12:15 am
    Worried About “Human Rights” in the USA?

    You should be. Under President Obama, the U.S. is in now in the running for a seat on the UN Human Rights Council — reversing the Bush policy of refusing to dignify with a U.S. presence this favorite nesting place of thug regimes. As part of the U.S. bid, Obama’s ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, has written a pledge letter explaining what the U.S. wishes to offer the Council.

    Along with bringing fresh pots of American taxpayer dollars for the UN to spend (as detailed in my column this week for Forbes.com, U.S. Seeks to Join a Despots’ Club ) , Rice stresses that the U.S. “looks forward” to the Council reviewing America’s own record. And who exactly will be the colleague UN member states who will help oversee this exercise which the U.S. will now not merely tolerate, but actively invite?

    Well, the UN Human Rights Council is notorious as a place where the worst violators of human rights like to join and then flock together as a sort of mutual protection society — prone to redefining human rights as the rights of despotic regimes to do whatever they want to humans. Also in the running alongside America for the 18 seats coming open this year on the 47-member Human Rights Council are such states as Saudi Arabia, Cuba, China, Russia, Cameroon and Djibouti. Most of them are likely to win “election” in the UN General Assembly’s secret write-in balloting next Tuesday. Care to guess what they’ll prescribe for “human rights” reforms in America?

  • Charles Martel

    Marxists subscribe to the notion that if you can “heighten the contradictions,” you can bring about a revolution.

    You do so by pushing the authorities to overreact to popular resentment and begin oppressing the masses. Once the masses awaken and realize they are being oppressed, they will rise up, overthrow the authorities, and institute a reign of Jew-free peace, locally grown organic food, unlimited sex and free housing with killer views for everybody, forever and ever.

    But what happens when the authorities are radical leftists and a huge chunk of the masses are armed, intelligent, self-reliant people who are not?

    Uh oh, Commies—back to the drawing board!

  • babbie

    Ah, yes. Swim meet season. When will I ever smell Clorox again and not think of Saturday-morning swim meets! Never. There was a time when I thought I’d never get that smell out of my nose (and clothes)!

  • colorless.blue.ideas

    Why Nancy Pelosi?

    Over the past few weeks, its become more and more apparent that Nancy Pelosi knew about the use of enhanced interrogation techniques at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility. As efforts to relabel these techniques as examples of “torture” continue, it is becoming more apparent that Ms. Pelosi will not come off looking too good.

    That the Obama administration continued in its current vein was a bit puzzling at first, given that Ms. Pelosi is from the same statist corruptocrat wing of the Democratic party as is Mr. Obama. One would expect the president to provide some cover for the Speaker of the House.

    One might be wrong to think so, for two reasons. First, Mr. Obama has a history of throwing inconvenient people under the bus whenever it helps to advance something he desires.

    Second, and more important, Pelosi provides an alternate node of power within the federal government. In that sense, she is in competition with Obama. As Obama seeks further to consolidate his power, the likelihood that he will reduce the power of the congress — and the powers of various representatives and senators — will increase.

    If this is what is currently in store, we should see increased efforts to link Ms. Pelosi with groups Obama wants to marginalize or destroy.

  • Gringo

    colorless.blue.ideas : Count me as one who hasn’t cast a vote for a Democratic Presidential candidate since the Bicentennial, who would be glad to provide assistance to Obama in his throwing Pelosi under the bus.

    Where did that absurd “stimulus” budget come from? From Pelosi and friends in Congress. They had those 800 pages written months ago, just waiting for the spending opportunity.

    Wasn’t it Pelosi who said that natural gas wasn’t a fossil fuel?

    That woman wrote the book on rich and witless. Or given her intelligence level, she probably had it ghost-written.

    Get her under the bus ASAP! I don’t care WHO throws her!



    “history of throwing inconvenient people under the bus whenever it helps to advance something he desires.”

    Couldn’t agree more. Management style taken off the pages of the Stalin How to Get’em Guide.


    Get her under the bus ASAP!

    Excellent suggestion, but due to overexposure to Botox, she would destroy the bus and for the very same reason has a problem eating her words. Of course, like all politicians, it’s quite okay if we choke on (them).

  • Charles Martel

    colorless: “corruptocrat?” Neat word!

    I’m wondering if we shouldn’t be so swift to want to see our beloved Skanker of the House kicked to the curb by The One. I’m still stinging from the memory of thinking that it would be great if Obama could knock off Hillary, since Hillary was so obvious a threat to the country. After all, I thought, people will see through Obama and he won’t stand a chance of getting elected.

    Silly Chuck! I say we all hope Pelosi stays in power long enough to compete with and embarrass him endlessly. I’d rather have the hyenas duking it out with one another than having the pack wheeling to face us, united behind one supreme leader.


    What a visual, Charles.

    A Don King Production – Hyenas in the Arenas!

    Now..that’s a ticket I’d buy.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    As the Left purges their own ranks, I will drink a toast to that. Even as my own ship goes over the waterfall.

    Leftist Revolutionaries eat their own. And thank god for that, for if we fail, at least we will know that we won’t be the only ones that will be erased in history.

  • Charles Martel


    I was just reading some comment on another blog about David Letterman. The writer said that Letterman was way past his pull date, but that she’d never forget when a much younger Letterman had Don King on his show and the first question he blurted out was, “What’s the deal with your hair?”

  • Charles Martel

    I propose we come up with some recipes for how to cook and eat a leftist.

    I’ll start:

    Bill Ayers Stew

    1 cup Winnetka upbringing

    2 tbsps guilty rich parents

    1/2 cup pulled fly wings

    2 oz. bitter vetch

    Dash of nitroglycerine

    3 oz. regret over rejection by big-breasted Samantha Detwiler

    2 tsps shame over small, uh, endowment

    1 Bill Ayers limb, lightly sauteed; beady eyeballs optional

    Brown the fly wings in Winnetka, gradually mixing in parental guilt. When mixture reaches a seething boil, add bitter vetch and nitro. Simmer for 45 minutes, then add endowment shame and Detwiler regret.

    Simmer another 10 minutes, then add previously sauteed limb.

    Remove from stove and let stand in dance hall or large public space.

    Add optional eyeballs when serving.

    Feeds up to 200.

    CAUTION: Although recipe gives off whimpers, it can explode. Best served with warrants or handcuffs.


    PERFECT and an excellent choice (letting Ayers stew in his own juice) nice touch!

    All that’s needed is a Whine List and we’re set.

  • Mike Devx

    How about a dessert of Bernardine Dohrn fruitcake?

    Once the entire meal is complete, a complimentary offering of extra-maximum-strength Listerine is to be offered to cleanse the palate.

  • colorless.blue.ideas

    Should not that be

    2 oz. bitter kvetch


  • Charles Martel

    bitter kvetch: LOL!

  • Gringo

    Should this thread be renamed “Food for Thought?”

  • Mike Devx

    I thought I’d say here that I appreciate Book’s offer to allow us to submit posts to be displayed as main entries on her blog! That was a very nice gesture. I also detected – I think – that she was hoping more of us would take her up on the offer, and is a little disappointed we aren’t.

    I think it’s a great idea, but as for me, I haven’t come up with anything worthy of sending to Book…

    For one, I’ve got my own axes to grind, and they’re often different from Book’s. I’m extremely harsh on Bush and the current GOP Congress. They lost their spine and their faith in true conservatism. They cannot stand up for conservatism, because they no longer believe in it; they can only hope that it is right. You cannot effectively defend what you no longer believe in.

    If you were religious and in a severe spiritual crisis, would you go to a priest who you knew had already lost his faith? What’s the use in that? We need a new GOP. New leaders with faith and confidence in themselves. Who can articulate the message, and have fire in the belly. Who care and are committed.

    In a post from today (Sunday), Book quoted the first part of a Mark Steyn article and suggested you read the second part, concerning the state of the GOP. I’d recommend reading the second part as well. Dang, there I go again, grinding my own axe. I’d have quoted the second part as the most important; Book quotes the first. That’s an example of how submitting my own post would I think dilute Book’s original and highly welcome voice!

    And she lets us go off into our own diversions here in the comment section, which is incredibly gracious of her!

    Once I find an axe to grind that I think is in agreement with Book’s ideas – and I can write it with her incredible succinctness clarity, I guess I’ll just keep submitting my own personal outrages here in the comment section. I’m just more comfortable that way!

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    I think the current system of politics no longer supports conservatism or whatever you wish to call it.


    Mike, we all have our axes to grind. From my first post at the top, it’s the UN. Hate and detest just don’t do it justice. Even seething and frothing from the mouth only meets my contempt halfway.
    Book has a gift of leading us to examine her issues so well that we often take it as a cue to self examine our own and look at the connection to a larger picture. I think this leads us to go off on other tangents at times. It’s difficult to stay focused and on subject at times, since we all have our targets and relish the idea of ranting among ourselves and I want to add, very inspiring thought provoking readers in this room.

    Monopoly on Sale ONLY 46 cents!

    Am I an economist, no.
    Am I a realist, yes.

    If current numbers are correct and of course, they’re not, they’re never current and they’re never correct in a positive way unless we are balancing our own very real checkbooks.

    46 cents of every dollar is being borrowed (it’s not June yet) so the 46 cents is guesstimate, oh hell..let say 50 cents – half of every dollar is not real money.It’s made up money to be spent and squandered. It’s easy to squander funny money, it’s a big game of Monopoly and if you are Congress (the banker), the President (with a get out of jail free card every time he passes ‘Go’ or a newspaper stand) that leaves the rest of us drawing a Chance or a Community Chest card.

    We all remember, that these cards were always going to cost us big funny money bucks. Even if you had the good fortune to draw one of the cards that paid, you just knew you were going to end up giving back the money. We all knew that the next draw of either card was going to be pay back – it was only a matter of time and how long your luck could hold out. In the end, there was only one winner, no matter what we owned or how much money we had accumulated. Was Uncle Pennybags really Uncle Sam? Since this game came out while we were still in a depression, it’s all the more possible that the game designer also saw the government and their cronies taking more than their fair share.
    I have not played with funny money since I was a child, I can’t be sure about current fines and taxes, but what I can be sure of are the ‘changes’ in the Chance Cards and ‘changes’ in the Community Cards are no longer Monopoly Funny Money and the Game of Monopoly is now being played with our real money and no matter what we believe we have in front of us, it’s only worth half.

    For your amusement each one is worthy of commentary (Note: List from Wikipedia)

    Changes in the Chance cards in the U.S. editions include:

    * Parking Fine: $15 (now omitted)
    * Pay Poor Tax: $12 (now $15)
    * Pay School Tax: $150 (moved to Community Chest)
    * You Are Assessed for Street Repairs (moved to Community Chest)
    * Your Xmas Fund Matures: Collect $100 (moved to Community Chest)
    * Bank Pays You Dividend of $50 (illustration change from 1936; since 2004, Uncle Pennybags no longer smokes a cigar on this card).

    The following cards were introduced by Parker Brothers in 1936:

    * Advance Token to the Nearest Railroad (2x)
    * Advance Token to the Nearest Utility
    * Elected Chairman of the Board: Pay Each Player $50

    Cards in the U.S. Standard Edition (the “Atlantic City Edition”)

    * Advance token to the nearest utility. If unowned you may buy it from bank. If owned, throw dice and pay owner a total ten times the amount thrown.
    * Advance token to the nearest Railroad and pay owner Twice the Rental to which he is otherwise entitled. If Railroad is unowned, you may buy it from the Bank. [Two such cards in the U.S. version]
    * Pay poor tax of $15
    * You have been elected chairman of the board. Pay each player $50

    Changes in the Community Chest cards in the U.S. editions include:

    * Everyone Must Donate 10% of His Holdings to You in Cash (one edition only, 1936)
    * Go Back to Baltic Avenue (four editions, omitted in U.S. editions since 1936)
    * Go to Income Tax or Jail (Darrow edition, 1934 only)
    * Advance Token to the Nearest Railroad (2x, later moved to Chance)
    * We’re Off the Gold Standard, Collect $50 (1935-1936 only, now omitted)
    * Pay Your Insurance Premium: $50 (omitted in U.S. editions since 1935)
    * Pay a $10 fine or take a Chance (omitted in U.S. editions since 1936)

    Certain cards were also moved from the Chance cards deck:

    * Pay School Tax $150
    * You are Assessed for Street Repairs
    * Your Xmas Fund Matures

    Cards in the U.S. Standard Edition (the “Atlantic City Edition”)

    * Grand opera Night – collect $50 from every player for opening night seats
    * Life Insurance Matures – collect $100
    * Pay School tax of $150
    * Receive for services $25
    * You are assessed for street repairs – $40 per house, $115 per hotel