The scariest video I’ve ever seen

To the extent that this video may be the production of a pro-Muslim organization, it could also be seen as a boast, not a warning.  Regardless of the intentions behind it, those of us who cherish a Judeo-Christian, Western civilization must sit up and take notice — although I’m not sure that, in the end, there’s anything we can do anymore.  Taking notice may just mean sitting there and watching the end of the world as we know it.

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  • Charles Martel

    Wow, the metastasization of monotheism’s most barbaric, relentlessly sadistic offspring.

    Europe is lost. Even if the Europeans wanted to resort to their usual pogroms, deportations and genocide, there is nobody to carry them out. The continent’s militaries are collections of out-of-shape, chickenshit, middle-aged bureaucrats—and those are the foot soldiers!

    With 9 million Muslims in the United States, it will only take a few million more before we start seeing violent demands for shar’iah. I hope by then we still have enough strong men and women left in this country to tell the tribal punks who clamor for it where they can fold and pack their despot god.

  • Mike Devx

    The tag line at the very end of the video says:
    “As believers, we call upon you to join the effort, to share the Gospel message with the changing world. This is a call to action.”

    That, and the somewhat ominous sounds and music throughout, make it clear to me that this is not exactly a pro-Islam video.

    It’s simply laying out the demographic facts, much as Mark Steyn did in the brilliant, wonderful, howlingly-funny satirical book, “America Alone”.

    Charles said in #1:
    >> I hope by then we still have enough strong men and women left in this country to tell the tribal punks who clamor for it where they can fold and pack their despot god.

    I think we might as well get ready and start to organize to protect ourselves. For the last thirty years Islamic instruction has been hardline and jihadist and devoted to the enforcement of Sharia. This is particularly true across the entire West, as Saudi Arabia’s dissemination of Wahhabism is monopolistic. There is no sign that that is going to change over the critical next few generations.

    Freedom of speech and freedom of religion are worth fighting for. Are worth dying for. We have plenty of time to organize. The government clearly will be unsupportive of such an effort at best; hostile to it, most likely.

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  • Deana

    Charles –

    I, too, have given up on Europe for precisely the reasons you state. I have no stomach for nor do I advocate anything resembling a pogram but even if Europe wanted it, I don’t think they could do it.

    But I do hold out hope for the U.S. I just can’t see a bunch of Americans putting up with such limitations on their freedoms.

    At least, I hope I’m right.


    P.S. I’m sitting here watching a wonderful documentary about WWII called “WWII: Behind Closed Doors.” I can’t help but wonder – what happened to these amazing people? Where did they go? I don’t romanticize or idealize these people – I know they were scared but there just seemed to be more courage in your average person back then. More endurance. I wish we had some of that.

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