The downside of social networking

We’ve all heard about teenagers who, after posting the details of the parties on a social networking site, found that their parties had turn into riots because of crashers who troll networking sites.  It turns out that, at least if you’re an Israeli, party crashers may be the least of your worries:

Israel’s internal intelligence service, Shin Bet, urged the public to exercise caution when using Facebook, saying Arabs are trying to recruit spies on the popular social networking site.

The agency warned Israelis against answering unsolicited messages or sharing telephone numbers and other sensitive information over the Internet. It said there have been numerous incidents recently in which violent groups tried to recruit Israelis through Facebook and other networking sites.

The Shin Bet said Israelis should be wary of seemingly innocent meetings or dates proposed online by people they don’t know. These messages might be posted by militants with intention to kidnap or kill, it said.

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  • SGT Dave

    If it hasn’t been stated before or enough, let me say it out loud. Information is a tool that can be used for good or for evil. Knowledge is power, and some will abuse the power that they have. Protect your information, your location, and your plans if possible. It is nice to have “virtual” friends; just remember that the medium is often used by more than just your friends – and some of those friends are not actually friendly.
    Keep safe, be careful, and realize that everything you put out there can be read by others. In some cases it is like putting an ad in the paper that you are going on vacation for two weeks.
    In the Army we call it OPSEC, or Operational Security. In my house we call it “common sense”. And my wife is a much prettier briefer than the S2.

    SSG Dave
    “When at the firing range, it is good to remember not to be between the target and the shooter.”

  • Ymarsakar

    I call it situational awareness. Be aware of the situation and how it can be used against you by your enemies. Think about how you would attack yourself, if you had to eliminate yourself, and then utilize the environment and appropriate data with adequate measures.