Tuesday morning open thread

Gathering my thoughts and doing paying work, so blogging will be light to non-existent right now.  As for you my friends, consider the comment section yours.

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  • suek

    I’m guessing that more of Book’s readers also read AT than not, but just in case, be sure you read this article today:


    There’s a link there to this article:


    It is really revealing and puts most of the parts of the picture together.

    Really. Mandatory reading!!

  • suek

    Heh. You “gotta” see this one!!


  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    Suek’s link about the Frankfurt school is particularly fascinating in light of what I wrote for Book before. Link

    By winning ‘cultural hegemony,’ Gramsci pointed out that they could control the deepest wellsprings of human thought — through the medium of mass psychology. Indeed, men could be made to ‘love their servitude.’ In terms of the gospel of the Frankfurt School, resistance to ‘cultural Marxism’ could be completely negated by placing the resister in a psychic ‘iron cage.’ The tools of mass psychology could be applied to produce this result.

    This is, of course, obvious to me. I had heard of Gramsci and mentions of him, but I have not studied his work in depth. Nonetheless, it is clear that the methods of control are available, regardless of who you are or what you know. The controls are embedded in human nature, not created by fabrications or manipulations of a human mind.

    Of course, people should remember the saying “fight fire with fire”. As I have studied propaganda, I studied it not as history but as current day fact and operations. I saw how it worked in 2003, for the Iraq war, and I saw and heard and felt how it worked during the war, after the war, and at the end of the war. And then came the occupation and nation building process.

    And I learned that it was not just us that were vulnerable to propaganda. The enemy was vulnerable to propaganda as well. This is a quaint and new notion if only because most people tend to think in the defensive and not the offensive.

    The Left are as vulnerable to deconstruction and psychological terror as we are. Except they have different mental barriers due to their tolerance and acceptance of lies and self-deception. You cannot manipulate them with the truth or the threat of the truth. You cannot manipulate them with guilt, they have no guilt. You cannot make them do things based upon tradition or pattern, they care not for what has gone before, they only care for themselves. No, you control them by their emotions. And emotions do not need reason or facts.

    It is the Art of War. Same foe, different technologies. Same minds, different weaknesses.


    This is the only open thread I could find to link the attached story of 4 men from NYC who wanted to bomb synagogues and bring down planes. They are the usual suspects, all having long rap sheets and having spent time in prison where they found Islam via conversion. Of course, the story of conversion to Islam in prisons has been going on for 30 years and the new ‘graduating class of converts’ is rife with militants and plans.
    I tied in this article in light of the administration even considering bringing the detainees from Cuba to the mainland – as if the current prison population does not have enough evil role models all ready.

    And while on subject, I’d like to rant and froth at the mouth a bit about how the prison system has allowed a brand of militant Islam to fester to a captured audience.(pun intended) Is anyone in charge watching the ‘pen’ house? (play on words intended).



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