Jerusalem — and Paris

The French Foreign Ministry has taken umbrage at the notion that Israel claims sole proprietorship over its capital city, Jerusalem.  Never mind that those who wish to share Jerusalem with the Israelis (a) deny that Israel even exists and (b) would like to see all of Israel’s Jewish citizens dead.

You know, if we’re going to go around sharing capitals, I think Paris is far too insular, insofar as it considers itself merely the capital of France.  As someone who, despite Sarkozy, has trouble warming up to France, I think I’m fairly similarly situated to the Muslims who have, shall we say, trouble warming up to Israel.  I think, therefore, that Paris should be my capital too.  And since it will be my capital, I should have all of the rights of the French citizens who currently lay claim to that City.

I can see it now.  Because there are more of us Americans who dislike France, than there are Frenchmen in total, when elections come around regarding Paris, we win.  I can just see Paris in a few years under this regime:  Those rude, condescending, supercilious French people, and those hostile, antisemitic, misogynistic North African Muslims will have been cordoned off in a small French section (possibly one of the infamous banlieus).  The rest of Paris will be ours.  We’ll have a McDonald’s on every level of the Eiffel Tower; Hillary’s hippie museum can take up a wing (or maybe two) in the Louvre; there’ll be power boat races on the Seine; the dollar will be the accepted currency; and police officers will be helpful and polite.

Oh, and if the French are right about Jerusalem, I can see that too:  Lots of filth and dead Jews.  End of story.

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    The closest word in French to ‘chutzpah’ is toupet or culot (after checking the dictionary).

    The exact words in English to describe Paris are: appeasement, mollification and pacification.

    The ‘Fwench’ Foreign Minister has obviously taken a page from their WWII Guide Book on how best to deal with conflict…submission then submission now and if they can’t capitulate 100% – throw the Joos into the mix.

    Ahhh…gay Paris where all the mullahs, imams and arafats find exile and croissants awaiting them.


  • Charles Martel

    Actually, Muslims will outlaw croissants when they take over France. The croissants, based on the crescent symbol of Islam, are tributes to the European victory over the Turks at Vienna in 1683.

    One thing we know about Islam is that its memory is long. Like the Bourbons, it “learns nothing and forgets nothing.”

    I’m sure the chewy, drippy honey-sweetened flake pastry that replaces croissants will be very popular.

  • suek

    >>One thing we know about Islam is that its memory is long.>>

    Well, think about it. No schooling as we know it. No tv – not really. No books for leisure reading, no movie going, no sports…in fact, nothing but discussion for recreation. So what do they discuss?

    Well, I have Arabian Horses. Their pedigrees were learned by heart by the arabs before they came to the west and people started writing their pedigrees down on paper, we’re told. Like the Begats. They learned them and passed them on down to their sons (daughters don’t count.) So that gives you a clue about what they do for recreation. They repeat stuff from the past. They tell stories around the campfire, so to speak. So their sons are raised on the tales of battles and wrongs of the past. Actually we’d do well to learn from them as well – we’re not even teaching our children our history in the schools we have which are supposed to teach them those things. So we’re erasing history, and they’re writing into their memories with indelible ink.

    Heh. We consider our lives to be normal “doesn’t everybody do it?”. Have you ever thought what life would be like if we didn’t have schools…