This kind of thing just makes one sick

This is every parent’s nightmare.  Mr. Bookworm is still shuddering periodically after having read it.  I’m sure the father in the story wishes he were dead — and probably survived only because an Iraq vet who is also a paramedic, coincidentally was on hand to render first aid.

A council woman is already demanding a red light at the fatal intersection.  Given that the killer was a drunk, I wonder if a light would have changed anything. Some horrible things transcend common sense and all the care we can take.

Such a tragedy.  My thoughts are with the family.

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  • Charles

    “. . . will be booked on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, gross negligence, mayhem, plus enhancements for a new offense following a prior conviction.”

    As a survivor of a hit and run accident (I was on a bicycle, the driver was in an SUV) I can tell you that whatever charges they throw at him it will NEVER be enough! He has forever changed this family.

    Despite a broken left leg and a partially severed right leg (I cannot even begin to imagine the pain he must have been in at the time!) the father’s main concern was his daughter – now that’s a real MAN and father!

    Compare that to the eyewitness’s statement about what the IDIOT who killed this girl was yelling: “‘Oh, it hurts so bad, I need medication.”

    On second thought, “idiot” is too kind a word to describe him.

  • Ymarsakar

    On second thought, “idiot” is too kind a word to describe him.

    He’s a tool, and an expendable tool at that. People used to use such people as shark bait or as experiments for particular interrogation and execution methods like quartering.

    But we are “civilized” now a days.

  • Bookworm


    If I had written a little more on this post, I would have made exactly that point, about the two men’s different responses to their injuries.