1. suek says

    This looked like a good spot for a totally off-topic link…

    I’ve been reading this particular blog off and on due to the Nationalized health question. I thought I’d like to read what non-politically focussed people thought about it. Off hand, I’d guess that he’d be happier without it, but he hasn’t really said so clearly. Maybe if GB didn’t have the NHS, he’d be just as dissatisfied…I don’t know.

    But I thought this was interesting.

  2. suek says

    Ok…here’s an interesting one on racism. You know – we should appoint Sotomayor because she’s “hispanic”… It seems that – as Sadie’s link pointed out – that we have a very simplistic view of what racism is. We tend to look at it as ‘black and white’ when in fact, it’s much more “nuanced”. There are shades of brown, so to speak. Actually, it may be deadly serious, but it’s kind of funny. Kind of stupid, actually.

  3. SADIE says

    I was not familiar with the Jon Stewart fuss. I really stay away from the surreal whenever I can.

    I cannot understand why Clifford May would engage in any dialogue with Stewart, who would be the sitting at the desk of ‘Surrender Central’ during any war at any time.

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