Liberal ickiness watch, Doonesbury style

I’m not quite sure if it’s hypocrisy, or if it’s just another disgusting example of liberal opportunism, hence the wishy-washy name of this post.  Whatever it is, it sure left me feeling icky.

Oh, you’re wondering what the “it” I’m talking about is, right?  I’m talking about the magical way in which liberals have suddenly changed their observances of Memorial Day now that one of their own is finally in the White House — and it’s not a change for the better.  It’s a change that reveals that all of their high flown rhetoric about honoring the war dead was nothing more than an effort to make the war look as awful as possible in order to harm President Bush.

Incidentally, the reason I learned about this sudden disinterest in the war dead came about because I sent my blog friends an email regarding today’s and yesterday’s Doonesbury cartoons,* both of which take pretty nasty swipes at Obama (as well as a nasty swipe at Bush).  Mike, at Flopping Aces, responded by sending me the link to his post about changing liberal Memorial Day observances.

Bottom line:  liberals are pleased to have Bush out of the White House, but not as pleased as they thought they’d be to have Obama in the White House.


*I haven’t actually read Doonesbury in more than a decade.  I only read it today because someone had the papers at a swim meet I was attending.  My approach when I’ve got a hard copy of the paper is always to turn to the comics first.

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  • suek

    Obama did his ceremonial duties Memorial Day AM, then played golf in the afternoon. No press allowed. He supposedly observed a minute of silence at 3:00PM.

    There was no press – not even the O Press – and no witnesses to mark the occasion. Guess we’ll have to take their word for it.

    Bet next year’s observances are even more minimal.

  • Charles Martel

    The Doonesbury cartoon today is a discussion with Obama about the difficulty of coming up with an icon to depict him.

    Remember, Trudeau is a terrible artist—he can’t even draw his own characters, which he has been drawing for almost 40 years—the same way twice. To depict real people he resorts to lame “icons,” such as the floating broken Roman soldier’s helmet he drew for eight years to signify Bush.

    But now that Hopey Changiness is in the White House, what is Trudeau to do? He hides his dismay by pretending to chide Obama by having Obama compare himself to the Son of God in today’s strip. But Trudeau is an artless sort who wears his “thinking” on his sleeve. While he believes that Mr. Affirmative Action President is Christ-like, he resents that a.) he can’t come out and say so in his cartoon without looking like a fool and b.) he has no way of “icon-ing” Christ/Obama in any way that shows imagination or artfulness, while giving no offense to millions of Christians.

    So he shifts his dilemma onto Obama. It’s Obama, see, who’s creating these comparisons to Christ!

    Could it be that we may be witnessing the emergence of a horde of narcissists who are coming to resent having to pay homage to the greatest narcissist of all?

    Oh, be still my racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, greedy, troglodyte, warmongering heart, while I prepare some popcorn and fluff my comfy chair!

  • Danny Lemieux

    “Could it be that we may be witnessing the emergence of a horde of narcissists who are coming to resent having to pay homage to the greatest narcissist of all?”

    Do you mean a “Birdcage” episode of “West Wing”, acted out on “The View”?

  • Ymarsakar

    I saw the Obama icon portrayal as being an actual adulation of Obama. If it is a joke, it is a joke told to an insider crowd that believes the “real truth” is that Obama is the Light.