Another of those wonderful conversations with a liberal

I love the liberal’s ability to attack issues head-on with incisive argument.  (That was sarcasm.)  The conversation below started when I mentioned a product I’d heard about on the radio.

Liberal:  Don’t tell me — you were listening to talk radio?!

Me:  Yes.

Liberal:  I can’t believe you were listening to talk radio.  [With real horror:]  Don’t tell me you were listening to Rush Limbaugh.

Me:  I don’t know if I was when I heard the commercial, but I like Rush.  He’s funny.

Liberal:  Oh, my God.  There’s something wrong with you.  I think you’ve become demented.  You need help.  [This was not said as a joke.]

Me:  As I said, Rush is really funny.  Have you ever listened to Rush?

Liberal:  Of course I have.

Me:  When?

Liberal: [Mimicking me:]  “When?”  What is this?  Some type of interrogation?  You want me to say I listened to Rush Limbaugh on May 27, 2007 at 9 a.m.?

Me:  No.  I was just wondering generally.  Did you listen to him in 1987?  1997?  2007?

Liberal:  I don’t know when I listened to him.

Me:  Did you actually listen to him on his show, or did you listen to a sound bite when he was news on another show, such as NPR or the TV?

Liberal:  This conversation is officially over.

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  • Ymarsakar

    You want me to say I listened to Rush Limbaugh on May 27, 2007 at 9 a.m.?

    Yes, it is. If you say the wrong thing, the Leftist NKVD will grab you for treason against the Revolution.

  • Ymarsakar

    Of course, you didn’t say the wrong thing. You said the right thing and did the right thing by ending the conversation.

    You never know who are the ears and eyes of the Revolution. Remember that, if you remember nothing else of significance.

  • 11B40


    Bronx Version:

    Quoting: “You want me to say I listened to Rush Limbaugh on May 27, 2007 at 9

    Answer: No, I want you to refuse to answer so I can waterboard you.



    An award winning response!

    The entire dialogue is so damn consistent with a Liberal – the verbal attack, the shock and awe response of being simply dumbfounded (if the shoe fits…) and finally when unable to respond to a simple question, shuts down the conversation quicker than you can say, bailout.

  • suek

    My first “diagnosis” of a person as being a Lib…questions are not answered. Though I must admit I’ve found it difficult even in my own family to get people to “answer the damn question”! so maybe that’s not fair. Still, when watching an interview on tv, if the moderator asks a specific question – especially when it _could_ be answered with “yes” or “no”, if the interviewee rambles on and on and on, and when s/he’s done you ask yourself “did this person ever answer the question?”, you got yourself a liberal. Or sometimes, it’s just a politician who’s running for office.

    At my house, though, it sometimes goes like this:

    “Did you pick up the (items) at the grocery store?” “Boy was traffic on the highway bad! There must have been an accident. By the time I got to the exit….yadda yadda yadda…..”

    “Did you pick up the (item)?” “Don’t we have some leftovers we need to eat up?”

    “I take it you didn’t pick up (item).” “Is it really a big deal?”

    “No”….(mentally….but you _could_ have just said “no” to start with!!!!!)



    Yes and No are too much of a commitment.

    Politicians master the ‘art of vague’ just in case they forget to pick up the milk and bread on the way.

    I have a friend that constantly interrupts herself, then repeats herself.

    It will start off like:

    Friend: Remember the story about so and so’s daughter and …

    Sadie: YES, I remember! (before she get past the “and”….)

    Friend: …how she has this problem with….

    Sadie: with (and I fill in the words)

    Friend continues hellbent on all the details that I have all ready confirmed in the first response. If I say CUT TO THE CHASE…I am accused of being rude.

    Isn’t just amazing how the ebb and flow of conversations go..we know exactly how they are going to begin and end and yet we feed them in the hope that the ‘next time’ there will be a rewrite of the ending. Hope springs eternal, I guess.

  • Earl

    Well, I hope the liberal referred to isn’t someone you are obligated by legal and/or family ties to spend time in conversation with. Someone like that I would simply avoid. Life is much too short.

    If it IS, on the other hand, well…..I’m really sorry. What a cross to bear.

  • suek

    >>we know exactly how they are going to begin and end and yet we feed them in the hope that the ‘next time’ there will be a rewrite of the ending.>>

    Sort of a combination of “reset” (or maybe “replay”) and insanity…

  • David Foster

    Remember, modern “progressivism” (it doesn’t really deserve to be called liberalism) is not really a collection of coherent ideas: rather, it is a claim to social status. For those whose “progressive” beliefs serve this function, logical argument is beside the point. The beliefs are really a fashion statement, and not one based on personal aesthetics but rather on tribal identification.

  • suek