More dust settling, this time in Rotterdam

Sometimes, you have to be poised on the edge of the volcano to realize the threat you face.  Until you get there, you might just think you’re climbing a beautiful mountainside.  Bruce Bawer, a gay man living in Europe, reached the edge of the volcano and wrote While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within.  Now, Paul Lucre, a gay American man of Puerto Rican descent also realizes he’s not just on the side of a pretty European hill but, instead, is gazing down into a boiling cauldron of Islamist anger, this time in Rotterdam.

What’s fascinating to watch is Lucre’s struggle to understand why the combination of Islam and European welfare, instead of leading to happy Muslims, leads to angry Islamists.  He finds it bizarre that the Muslims continue to live in segregated communities, instead of realizing that, from the Muslim point of view, they’ve achieved jizya without any effort:  the non-believing community voluntarily works and pays to support the (in Muslim minds) Muslim overlords.

Nevertheless, as the victim of a physical anti-Gay attack, Lucre is beginning to realize that the European model is not working.  Perhaps European anti-immigration forces are not necessarily White Supremacists and perhaps the American notion of a melting pot is a good thing:

This [the chaos and Muslim violence in Rotterdam] angers working-class white friends of mine, who admire Geert Wilders. These aren’t jack-booted, shaved-head racists — these are people who have given me shelter. These are people who have taken me, an openly gay Hispanic, all over the Netherlands as their guest so that I may learn more about this country I adore. They’re what we call “good people” back in Brooklyn, and they’re responding to Wilders.

My sympathy for the young Dutch Muslims then only goes so far. My parents were born in Puerto Rico. My mother insisted we not speak Spanish at home, and she refused to enroll us in bilingual education programs. We embraced American values in return for a share of the American dream. That Muslim immigrants here don’t aspire to become Dutch — and live according to Dutch rules and values — shocks me.

People are starting to figure things out.  Their Leftist hypotheses don’t work in the reality.  True, Europe chugged along for decades under a socialist model, but it was able to do so only because (a) a strong dollar and strong American military supported it and (b) it had a primarily homogeneous population.  Take away those two factors, and you have a looming disaster.  The only question remaining is whether a sufficient number of Europeans will be able to stare down into the volcano’s heart and then have the wisdom and ability to pull away from that abyss.

Hat tip:  Bald-Headed Geek

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  • Mike Devx

    Great post, Book! The decline of Europe is fascinating to watch: a horrifying, catastrophic train wreck in slow motion. (That I find it fascinating to watch probably says something disturbing about me.)

    I was interested in why you said this:
    People are starting to figure things out. Their Leftist hypotheses don’t work in the reality. True, Europe chugged along for decades under a socialist model, but it was able to do so only because (a) a strong dollar and strong American military supported it and (b) it had a primarily homogenous population.

    I agree with your point, but I was wondering about the details of why you thought items a and b mattered so strongly. I had my own thoughts and wondered about yours.

    As to item a, for me, the strong American military meant (and means) that Europe does not have to pay for its own self-defense, thus allowing MANY dollars to flow into Statist schemes. If we could have slashed our military budget since 1945 by having someone else pay for it, we in America would be sitting on top of a surplus the size of which we wouldn’t know what to do with.

    Also for item A, because I always struggle with economic details, I’d like to ask, how important and in what ways was the strong dollar to Europe, as opposed to simply being important to *all* the world?

    On item “B”, is the homogeneity of the population important because everyone feels bound to each other, as if they are “in this together”? Thus there is a social context for pulling your own weight and doing your fair share? Without that homogeneity, the Statist redistribution system falls apart because “doing your fair share” collapses for more and more of the people into simpy sucking off the system, exploiting the fewer and fewer who still contribute, leading to collapse?

    That concept of the critical homogeneity and common culture within a Statist civilization seemed to apply strongly even very recently, to Sweden. I suspect the vicious Malmo rapes and slurs by young Middle Eastern and North-African immigrant Muslim men against the European women of Sweden will more and more have a divisive and hard-core effect among the European men, even in that incredibly passive nation.

  • Mike Devx

    After my three week vacation (including from all things Web), I have run across this very optimistic article on

    It’s encouraging. The main claim is that all major European states will soon be headed by “conservative parties”. The author notes that this means the Left is being repudiated in Europe, *not* that the conservatives are necessarily being embraced. I’d also note that “conservative” in Europe doesn’t mean the same thing it means here in America. Yet this is still a very encouraging article!

    I’m wondering what it means in relation to these Islamist troubles in the Netherlands, including Book’s idea that “people are beginning to wake up”!

  • Charles Martel

    Waking up is a wonderful thing. For one thing, it means you’re still alive.

    But let me make an analogy to Europe’s “waking up.” I’m 60 years old. When I wake up, I realize that I have nowhere near the flexibility or energy of my younger self. Although I’m in reasonably good health, I know there are certain things I simply lack the strength to do in the manner I would have done them 40 years ago.

    So, the Europeans have awakened. Now what? A people so lacking in will and love for life that they have doomed themselves to a population collapse now realize that the folks they’ve invited in over several generations to keep their continent-sized theme park clean are a bunch of semi-savage ingrates?

    So, the sterile old men and women of Europe are now going to enforce curfew in the Muslim ghettos? They’re going to start arresting “youths” who riot and trash things? They’re going to begin the deportation of clerical loudmouths?

    With what are they going to do these things? With their suddenly enlarged gonads? Their ill-equipped armies of middle-aged soldiers? Their unarmed, pot-bellied cops?

    Europe is done. The waking up is years too late. Theirs is a Hobson’s choice—revert to Europe’s love for war and death and eliminate the Muslims, or continue to slip into dhimmitude, but disguise their demise by wrapping it in a veil of hand wringing and earnest discussion. Either way, stick a fork in them.

  • Ymarsakar

    Devire: ‘I call myself an Obamacan not an American’

    And he was serious, people.

    “‘He either fears his fate too much,
    Or his desert is small,
    Who fears to put it to the touch,
    And win or lose it all.’ – Montrose’s Toast

    So long as Devire, in part of a black family in Detroit, can have Obama pay for the kids “schooling”, why risk anything at all when you can get others to take the risk for you?

  • Ymarsakar

    My mother insisted we not speak Spanish at home, and she refused to enroll us in bilingual education programs. We embraced American values in return for a share of the American dream.

    But by the looks of it, his starting indoctrination at least started off on the right foot. Regardless of how he ended up at the end of the journey.

    How are children who have heard nothing but anti-American and anti-human sentiments be able to cope?

  • Ymarsakar

    Then someone from the second floor of the building yelled and threw something at them. They scattered.

    But that is ridiculous. No way would a bunch of manish and tough youths scatter like that. You’d have to rip out a few wind pipes, make their faces go purple and black with asphyxiation, and get someone to scream like a woman having her fingers surgically removed bone by bone, before these tough manichos would ever ever “scatter”.

    I don’t believe it. No way. I ain’t going to believe it until he takes me to that bar personally and shows me how they scatter.