Who wants to help me meme a boycott? *UPDATED*

Drudge announced today that ABC news is going to use its June 24, 2009 broadcast to shill for Obama’s attempt to nationalize health care:

On the night of June 24, the media and government become one, when ABC turns its programming over to President Obama and White House officials to push government run health care — a move that has ignited an ethical firestorm!

Highlights on the agenda:

ABCNEWS anchor Charlie Gibson will deliver WORLD NEWS from the Blue Room of the White House.

The network plans a primetime special — ‘Prescription for America’ — originating from the East Room, exclude opposing voices on the debate.

Even when it speaks in its defense, ABC describes its “news” program as a giant advertisement for ObamaCare:

ABCNEWS Senior Vice President Kerry Smith on Tuesday responded to the RNC complaint, saying it contained ‘false premises’:

“ABCNEWS prides itself on covering all sides of important issues and asking direct questions of all newsmakers — of all political persuasions — even when others have taken a more partisan approach and even in the face of criticism from extremes on both ends of the political spectrum. ABCNEWS is looking for the most thoughtful and diverse voices on this issue.

“ABCNEWS alone will select those who will be in the audience asking questions of the president. Like any programs we broadcast, ABC News will have complete editorial control. To suggest otherwise is quite unfair to both our journalists and our audience.”

And speaking of advertising….

The United States of America is still a capitalist country.  The marketplace can speak loudly — and in this case it should.  All Americans who are opposed to a major media arm becoming a visible branch of the presidential political machine should take a vow that they will boycott any products advertised on ABC News.

This boycott should be bipartisan.  It’s not about the health care agenda.  It’s about keeping a free media.  No more bowing Brians, please.

UPDATE:  Welcome, Fox News readers.  Please feel welcome to leave comments, but be advised that I do moderate for threats and obscenity.  I understand that people can feel strongly about issues, but I like my blog to be a place for civil discourse.

UPDATE II:  If I’ve started something here, I’m going to have to watch some ABC news, aren’t I?  I haven’t watched the show in about 20 years, since its reporting from Israel tended already then to be bullying Israelis versus pathetic Palestinians.  That wasn’t news, it was soap opera.  But I digress.  If any of you know which companies advertise there, let me know.  Otherwise I’ll hold my nose and check it out.

As it is, a few years ago, ABC looked at the issue of the advertisers themselves boycotting shows (emphasis mine):

Two advertisers rejecting a show is likely not enough to lead to any type of cancellation. But if advertisers leave a show en masse, they can have a significant impact.


Sheri Broyles, a professor of advertising at the University of North Texas, said that the marketplace typically will sort out these types of issues.

If viewers find the material offensive, she said, they will change the channel or shut off their TV. Without strong ratings, shows will be pulled off the air.

Likewise, if someone clearly crosses a line, Broyles said, advertisers will bail and a show will be canceled like Imus’ show [after his nasty remark about the Rutgers’ team], for example.


A two-part miniseries by CBS called “The Reagans,” based on the former president and his wife, took heat from conservatives who considered the show unfair to the couple. They persuaded advertisers to drop their support. The show was moved off network TV and ran on Showtime to a much smaller audience.

UPDATE III: In case you’re wondering why a boycott would be useful here, I recommend this post about the danger of presidential power that, owing to a compliant media, is unconstrained.  Also, with regard to Obama’s lack of restraint when it comes to changing our health care to a socialized model, check out what the Confederate Yankee has to say.

Uncontrolled Presidential Power is Inherently Totalitarian in Nature

UPDATE IV:  Nathan left a good comment:

It’s true that a group of pajama clad bloggers could watch ABC between now and June 24th.  They could assemble a list of advertisers.  They could send this list on a viral journey throughout the blogosphere.  Talk radio could tell listeners where to get the list off the internet.  This is too complicated and unfocused.

Here is another way.  ABC is part of the larger Disney conglomerate.  I think a more effective boycott may be to go for the jugular and boycott the many products put out by Disney itself.  Just go here and you can see how many there are.


Parents might heave a sigh of relief at finally having a moral reason to say no to their kids’ “I want” when it comes to Disney products.

UPDATE V:  Thanks, MadAsHell for gathering the names of some advertisers:  Carson Pirie Scott, Amstel Light, Outback, Ford, Verizon, Southwest Airlines (shame on them),Subaru, Panera, Honda, JC Penney, PNC, and Lowes.

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    The marriage of the media and this president is a wedding when only wet rice should be thrown in the hope that something will stick to them.

  • gpc31

    Grima Wormtongues, all of them.

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  • suek

    >>ABCNEWS alone will select those who will be in the audience asking questions of the president. >>

    Oh yeah…like they did during the election campaign when one of the blogs (forget which one) verified the plants among the questioners, and – I _think_ it was ABC just had _no_ idea that the questioners selected were campaign operatives….


  • reviveamerica

    ABC, well it stands for American Broadcasting Corporation but it doesn’t represent most of America!!!…and the sad thing is that the words will be so misleading and so slick that they think they will just slide down our throats. Wake up America!!! I will not support the companies that broadcast on there network. How can one man do so much damage in 6 months time.

  • soonerpride316

    I have been calling ABC News at: (212) 456-7777. They will tell you that you have to leave a message with the recording thing, just tell them to connect you with the office of ABC News Senior Vice President Kerry Smith, they will. You might get an answering machine or you might get a person. BE SURE AND TELL THEM THAT YOU AND MILLIONS OF OTHERS WILL BE TUNING OUT!

  • louietheliberal

    When Bush was in office, he used Foxnews as his national campaign headquarters. The other media never complained.

    Now that A democrat is in the white house, Foxnews and the rest of their far right loons WHINE every single time Obama goes to another network to make a speech crying ‘liberal media bias’.

    Now those losers 30% who voted republican in 2008 want to boycott EVERYONE who obama does an interview with…

    This is how they want the white house back in 2012?

    Whining, crying……..



  • Larry Sheldon


    I would desperately like to boycott ABC.

    But I can’t.

    It is a moral and ethics issue.

    I don’t watch television. At all.

    Well, maybe when Palin speaks. Or even McCain. Maybe.

  • http://cdrsalamander.blogspot.com CDR Salamander

    Name ’em and shame ’em. I don’t know who the sponsors are. I almost never watch ABC … and never ABC news anymore … but it is the sponsors that are the key.

    Standing by.

  • MNCindy

    Will someone PLEASE list the advertisers here?! Once posted … I will commit to STOP supporting each & every one, let each advertiser know of my decision to do so ( … and WHY) & tell everyone I know to do the same. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, AMERICA. Let’s VOTE with our $$ as well!

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar


    We are the ones with the guns. If anybody is going away, it is going to be the British Loyalists that Washington and his armies sent up to Canada.

  • MNCindy

    Attention Ymarsakar …
    My friends & I thank God for FOXNews! And, ‘sorry’ … we do NOT plan to ‘shut up’ any time soon and are NOT planning to ‘go away’! Our voices are being heard and are growing louder on a daily basis! : )

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    Before this goes too far, let me assure you, MNCindy, that Ymarsakar is on board with Fox’s world view. He just thinks all of us conservatives are too wussy and that, until we toughen up and think more strategically, we’ll continue to get our butts whomped by the Democrats.

  • Larry Sheldon

    I think you have an Omamba sock-puppet commenting here:


  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    I think Larry would do well as a background checker for the Obama party machine. He certainly has the touch and the inspiration.

    I’d hire you in a second for personal assassination missions, Larry. And that is quite a compliment, if I may say so myself. Of course, you wouldn’t be selected for the high priority missions. One must start new, at the bottom of the ladder, like any good member of the Obamanation.

    But, should I hire you in such a capacity, I would demand accuracy in your research. I am not willing to settle for Obama like fabrications or MSM “it is true enough” Dan Rather type thinking. So far, you seem to have the goods, but that remains to be seen, of course. Vigilance is the watch word of human progress.

    Attention Ymarsakar …

    I don’t know why you read my comment and not Loony Louie’s. He was the guy, or cute critter, I was quoting.

    He just thinks all of us conservatives are too wussy and that, until we toughen up and think more strategically, we’ll continue to get our butts whomped by the Democrats.

    Certainly those like Larry can use a tactical manual update. The Republican operatives are pretty inferior all in all, to what they could be. They need to learn much more from the Obamanation before they can call themselves “operatives”.

    Btw, Louie, if you are still reading and haven’t gone back into the shell of the Obamacan amongst Americans, you could not bring a large enough mob to my home to make me go away. No amount of hate, lies, deception, murder, sadism, political subtlety, or injustice will make those like me go away. We are peculiar in this sense. But the same can be said for anyone that has faced death and seen its surety and grace. We are equal in the eyes of Death, if not the eyes of the Creator (which would be Obama).

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    Boys! Boys! Stick to the issue: media malfeasance. As the Founders knew, a healthy, free media is essential to the continuance of a healthy, free state. What do you do when the media stops simply reporting the news and starts participating in it and driving the agenda.

    Second question: We’ve known for a while now that the media is driving the agenda (it did push Obama into the White House). Is it better or worse that it’s being more obvious? Right now, we’re upset that it’s being obvious, but perhaps it’s a good thing.

    My concern is that many Americans don’t recognize this as bias. They still think that what the media sells as “news” is, in fact, “news.” That’s why I think we have to continue to stand up to this sort of thing. Until the media admits, and America recognizes, that the media is a party shill, and not a fact-source, we have to ride it when it deviates too far from even the semblance of objectivity.

  • Oldflyer

    I have the same problem that Larry Sheldon has. I don’t watch MSM news, so I can’t boycott them.

    In fact when Rush or Mark Levin are broadcasting (on the local ABC affiliate) I have to rush to turn off the radio when the ABC news spot comes on every hour. Refuse to have it in my house. Some people think that is exteme, but life is short and getting shorter. I am not a masochist.

    However, if I can find the sponsors I will threaten them with boycott.

    Point of order. I thought the networks were required to give equal time now. Why else do we have those lame other party responses every time a President speaks?

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    Boys! Boys! Stick to the issue: media malfeasance.

    But this is part of the issue. The skills used to research people on the internet or the skills used to search out the private lives of political opponents are the same skills to find advertisers and persuade them (using any number of tools) to see our way of things.

    Larry had the right of it when he searched out my background on the internet and posted it here, so that anyone coming in from Fox or the MSM could see it and read it.

    This is the same kind of tactic that Republicans must use against their political opponents. Of course, it can be improved.

    For example, what I would do to Democrat operators and their public/private components would be far worse than simply Larry posting up a blog post of mine here.

    This is the issue. Or at least, part of the solution to the issue.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    As the Founders knew, a healthy, free media is essential to the continuance of a healthy, free state.

    The media is falsely thought of to be what the Founders were thinking of. That’s actually not true. The ability to publish, by any citizen or individual with an opinion he is willing to put effort and funds behind, is what they wished to protect.

    In this context, the media is actually the opposite of what the Founders wanted. They didn’t want people charging tolls at the gates of information like high way robbers and gang rapists.

    People, like Thomas Paine, should be free to publish their views and have those views read, without government proscriptions. The media were never mentioned. An elite class of “journalists” charged with protecting the First Amendment by telling the public about government, was not the solution.

    The FOunding Fathers knew the greed of humanity, so they put 3 branches of government for checks and balances. Do you not think that if they wanted to constitute the MSM as a fourth branch of government, that they would have necessarily created government checks and balances for the media as well? But they didn’t create such, because they didn’t envision such a Fourth Branch of government.

  • nathan

    It’s true that a group of pajama clad bloggers could watch ABC between now and June 24th. They could assemble a list of advertisers. They could send this list on a viral journey throughout the blogosphere. Talk radio could tell listeners where to get the list off the internet. This is too complicated and unfocused.

    Here is another way. ABC is part of the larger Disney conglomerate. I think a more effective boycott may be to go for the jugular and boycott the many products put out by Disney itself. Just go here and you can see how many there are.


  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    I suspect that the RNC would be loath to alienate corporate America. We want corporate America on our side. A grassroots movement regarding a single issue — the merging of media and the White House — is not a threat to corporate America. It is, instead, the citizens’ use of free speech. Having the RNC, a political organization, go after corporates is might create a corporate backlash that none of us desire.


    I did not intend for my rather strange metaphor to begin a ‘food fight’. The ‘wet rice’ was just an euphemism for the word, TRUTH and in this case truth in advertising this strange union.

    The platform for getting the message out from the WH would be best served on something like C-Span (neutral ground zero) and then a round table discussion from physicians, hospitals, insurers, patients, those that have to wade in/out of the many forms and coding them for medical billing, medical equipment and drug manufacturers, etc. There is no way, this could be covered in broadcast and in fact, needs an entire season.

    Many years ago PBS had a round table discussion covering a variety of subjects. The premise was set and each one argued the point from a different angle. I distinctly remember seeing Scalia in one of these forums. The legal, ethical and moral premises were well executed. The panel of professionals varied as the subject matter changed from week to week. I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the series, but it went on for several years with several moderators.

    I’ve blathered on long enough. The point I am trying to make that ABC is wrong forum for an intelligent discussion (w/commercials and conflicts) and this is the crux of the matter.

    Btw…nice to see new faces here. The subject has obviously prompted the kids, who sit in the back of the class to come forward.

    I will remind LouietheLiberal, that we behave like adults here and if you are going to throw ‘spit balls’ and behave like a 5 year old by scolding the ‘older students’
    you will have to come up with something better than nah-nah na-nah response.
    If not, you will be sent to bed early w/o supper and no desert.

  • BrianE

    Nothing particularly new here in the sense of supposed journalistic “objectivity” being sacrificed at the alter of the liberal agenda.

    Folks, the deck is stacked and has been for some time. But given that, and ABC News new level of complicity, we mustn’t lose sight of what this debate is about, health care- one of the largest components of our economy.

    I’m sure anecdote after anecdote will be trotted out to tug on our heart strings and play to our empathy, horribly sad story after story of those whose lives have been devastated by the current hostile health system.

    But most Americans have health care second to none. A few, through, find themselves at the mercy of the system. When analyzed the number seems to be about 9 million— a significant number if you are one of those persons facing a serious malady.

    Health care costs are rising. They have been rising for some time. Medicare is approaching insolvency and has been heading in that direction for some time.
    Medicaid is already on life support.

    We must not lose sight of the problems. How do we find a way to cover the 9 million uninsured, reign in increasing health care costs to some level approaching normalcy, and prevent Medicare from taking down the whole system?

    We must articulate something Americans instinctively know. More government is never cheaper.

    Conservatives intuitively know that increasing government regulation is not the answer. Liberals generally will chose a government solution, since they believe empathy should be projected at the end of a government check.

    It’s the middle that must be reminded of that fact. We must also be ready to meet these challenges with solutions.

    It will become critical in the following weeks and months to keep the issues on the issues. Simply stated Medicare is the government’s best example of how it would run a health care system. Well, how’s that working out?

  • Danny Lemieux

    There’s a premise posited by Louietheliberal that appears to have been tacitly accepted by all…and that is that FOX is a conservative channel that was solidly in the Bush camp.

    What I like about FOX is that it has always presented both sides in the news segments and many of the conservative editorial segments also present opposing views. Shepard Smith, Kirsten Powers, Juan Williams and Alan Colmes are raving Liberals. Mara Liasson, Greta Van Susteran are balanced-view Liberals and Bill O’Reilly is a Libertarian. Chris Wallace and Brett Baier hide their politics very well.

    However, in Liberal-Speak, any news medium that dares to have more-than on token conservative (and the more inarticulate the better) on staff is obviously on the “extreme right”, whatever that is. Fact is, FOX news was the only channel (except for the Jim Lehrer hour on PBS) where you could actually learn about an opposing view to Liberal/Left twaddle.

    The Louietheliberals of the world need to be called out on the spot when they promote Liberal dogma divorced from fact.

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    Thank you, Danny. Your point about Fox is one I intended to make, but never got around to making.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    Having the RNC, a political organization, go after corporates is might create a corporate backlash that none of us desire.

    Much of what appears in the daily news cycle is manufactured. As in, people meet behind closed doors, discuss how to engineer a crisis and how to best portray it, and then get together the people and resources needed to carry this through. Only when they are finished do we see the end result. Rarely, if ever, does the media get caught by surprise. 9/11 is one example. Situations where the media predicted death and violence, and then suddenly it refused to appear, leaving the media no option but to step away from their earlier erroneous views (but only if they feel like it).

    The Left conducts networking. Networking amongst relatives, friends, and social circles. Networking amongst corporate sharks, black community corruptocrats, dirty rich billionaires like white Soros, and government power brokers (Those Fannie Mae needed to operate above the mark). This is the circle of corruption which we often see play out as “spontaneous” news. But, as with Sarah Palin’s wardrobe and family, all of it was pre-planned and set up in advance of the first public comment or footage.

    This isn’t Jason Blair suddenly deciding he is going to pull one over on his employers. This is pre-meditated. Planned. A group project pulling in the resources of more than one man, more than one corporation, more than ones news agency.

    You fight this not by boycotting advertisers. You fight this by making the advertisers your allies, against a common enemy, the Left. Disney is not an enemy, unless you make them an enemy. And both enemies and allies are made on a person to person basis. Network with the business leaders, the ones who give the leaders reports of what is going on as well as the decision makers.

    To the extent that boycotting is useful, it is useful as a negotations ploy. After all, the Sunnis wouldn’t have taken America seriously if we told them that we could help them, had Americans not killed a boat of Al Qaeda and Sunni insurgents before. Boycotting, thus, demonstrates your seriousness and your ability to organize active resistance. People wish to avoid active resistance, if at all possible. This includes advertisers.

    It is too bad that the Right isn’t exactly what the Left says we are. If we had intimate connections with such big wigs as Haliburton and all the other evil KKK American corporations, this would go a lot easier. But we are just common members of a broader American community. Such connections would have expanded our tactical and strategic options greatly. But, alas, most of the crude rich are in the pocket of the Left, and not the Right. George Bush himself, regardless of his or Cheney’s connections, give much money to charity. Cheney, I believe, was quoted to be around 75%. They don’t give it to people like us, at the bottom, in order to fight political battles. If the Republican party was really full of rich white racists exploiting blacks and homosexuals, people like me and those motivated like Book, would have far better weapons at their disposal in the information war.

    Let me tell ya, for a party that is supposed to be exploiting the globe to fill their own pockets, you’d think they’d be paying people like me more than Zero. Then again, the Left already fulfills the exploitation niche, so I suppose the Republicans are marketed out of this market at this time.

    Republicans should, at least, demand at every opportunity that Obama and his cliche should pay 50% more in taxes than anyone else in their tax bracket. To do otherwise, while spending other people’s money, would, of course, be hypocritical. The masses of America have been programmed to see Republicans as hypocrites, thus tuning out conservative messages as being fake or not worth the attention.

    But this is like a land mine that hasn’t exploded yet. You can use these munitions to your advantage. Since the American population has been primed to think in terms of hypocrisy and have been trained to ignore that which they deem hypocritical, all you have to do is to fight fire with fire. To use the weapons of the Left against them. To turn the tables. To make the Sunnis attack AQ, instead of the US.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    The Louietheliberals of the world need to be called out on the spot when they promote Liberal dogma divorced from fact.

    I think I’m just so used to Leftist lies that they don’t even bother me to the point of triggering the “that isn’t true” reflex. Why? Cause all of it is untrue. So there’s nothing to trigger. Or rather it all gets triggered and after awhile, you stop being able to tell the difference.

    They are all crooks. They are all liars. There is nothing to differentiate here, no effort that will sift through the sand to find the gems, for there are no gems.

    Whenever the Left lies to us, obviously an automatic response is to say “that isn’t true”. But again, this puts them at an advantage and us at a disadvantage, for we are forever on the defense against their pro-active and aggressive lying.

    It is not even that they are selective liars or masters of deception. Deception, at times, is warranted and even appropriate. Lying, especially to oneself not to mention others, eventually destroys everything that the liar himself or herself wishes to protect and uphold.

    Of course, Leftists have redefined “lying” to mean “people saying things that I don’t like”.

  • Al

    There does seem to be a lot of discussion about the process here, ie. media malfesance (spell?) and precious little on how to effectively counter the problem.
    Obama wants to socialize medicine in the US. This must not happen.
    If a unit of Disney wants to be Obama’s Goebells then we vote with our wallets and buy someone else’s videos, toys, theme parks. I’m with MNCindy. Get the list of sponsors etc. publish it on the net, here and elsewhere, and on June 24th, boycott every Disney theater in the country. And after.


    It took a night’s sleep and a lot of searching this morning, but found the names of the two moderators from the PBS series I mentioned in post #25 – Fred Friendly and Charles Ogletree.

    I am wondering if anyone else remembers this series. Thoughts?

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  • MediaVet

    May I make a suggestion for the boycott:

    You HAVE to call the local ABC Affiliate and tell them you are also boycotting their station. After all, if you’re boycotting ABC, you are in essence boycotting the local affiliate.

    Believe me, the local General Manager does not want to get 5, 10, 50, 100 or hopefully more calls/e-mails to his station announcing boycotts of his/her local advertisers. Find the local advertisers too (there are none in ABC’s World News Tonight—no local breaks, so you have to watch the local news).

    General Managers negotiate (and pay) with ABC (and same goes for all nets) for ABC’s programming. The GM’s have a lot of clout. The empty suits in Manhattan don’t care about a few phone calls. Especially if they have invested in the Too Big To Fail Obama.

    I’m not saying it’s impossible and please, please call ABC/Disney AND their advertisers, but at the same time, call your local GM—-e-mail your friends and family to do the same and keep the e-mails moving. Remind people.

    Local news for an ABC Affiliate is 40% of revenue. They can’t afford to lose even 2% if local advertisers pull out over local boycotts.

    Local TV stations have an obligation to serve their communities, not a political party. Let them know.

    ABC’s job is apparently to serve the Obama Administration—-Chris Mathews already admitted it.

    Calling the local affiliate works—I am sure, very sure after I contacted and my friends/family contacted the local CBS affiliate that calls were made over Letterman.


    Excellent suggestion, MediaVet, so I took your advise today. Hopefully, they will take note of mine.

  • Charles Martel

    This morning I mailed in a question to ABC for the Obamathon.

    I asked them that in light of their long-time abdication of any pretense at journalism if this was the occasion when they would finally make the formal announcement.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    An apt background education on networking from MediaVet.

  • MadAsHell

    I watched a few minutes of ABC last night and jotted down some of there sponsors: Carson Pirie Scott, Amstel Light, Outback, Ford, Verizon, Southwest Airlines (shame on them),Subaru, Panera, Honda, JC Penney, PNC, and Lowes. This might be a start. Have at it!

  • BrianE

    The newest twist in the ABC special uproar comes from Rick Scott, chairman of Conservatives for Patients Rights. Scott says his group tried to buy a 60-second ad before the “Prescription for America” to offer a different point of view, and was denied. “It is unfortunate — and unusual — that ABC is refusing to accept paid advertising that would present an alternative viewpoint for the White House health care event,” he says in a statement. “We were surprised to hear that paid advertisements would not be accepted when we inquired and we would certainly be open to purchasing time if ABC would reconsider.”

    While he may think it is unfortunate, it isn’t unusual — an ABC spokesperson tells TVNewser the network has a “long-standing policy” of not accepting “advocacy advertising.”

    Of course, not all ABC affiliates have the policy, so Scott’s organization could take the ad to local stations.

    Throwing a little gasoline on the fire.

    There is an upside to this. ABC news only has about 8 million viewers.

    By doing this, they have removed the mask, opened the curtain, torn the veil away from what has long been known, but often defended by liberals– the objectivity of the news media.
    It will be harder for the left to defend this illusion and it is one more step toward American realization that they can’t rely on the major media as a source of news.


    “By doing this, they have removed the mask, opened the curtain, torn the veil away”

    Yep. They’ve torn the veil away, taken off all of their clothes and climbed into the Lincoln bedroom.

    A real ‘oz’ moment.

  • frustrated in the heartland


    My husband suggested a way to up the ante on boycotting. Mass emails and phone calls are often dismissed. But those truly serious might go a step further and invest in some postage stamps and mail receipts of purchases made with competitors to give their message more impact.


    Big ticket purchase items, would be a real kick in the register, with a note attached of course.

    This is what I spent on the competition.

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