How to spend yourself into the Pacific, in 2 whiplashing minutes

Seraphic Secret got it from JoshuaPundit, who found it at the source — PoliticalMath.  Watch this video, and then make a mental note of where to find it the next time a liberal counters criticism of Obama’s spending by pointing to Bush’s spending.  While it’s true that latter (shame on him) took us for a fast ride; the former is taking us on a rocket trip to debtor Hell:

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  • Danny Lemieux

    I know that I can be very slow on the uptake at times, but I finally figured out why so many women absolutely hate and will never forgive Sarah Palin.


    Economic Whiplash.

    Drunk with power and driving like he owns the road. With rising unemployment, it is only a matter of time until he runs out of gas and is pulled off the road. We just have to been sure he doesn’t kill too many pedestrians while he’s still has a valid driver’s license.

  • Ymarsakar

    Bush was cutting the deficit in half after 2004. And he kept wanting a line item veto because he didn’t believe in putting the legislative branch into paralysis with an entire veto of a bill.

    That’s cause Bush lacked ruthlessness. He had compassion, even for his political enemies. Even for the legal or non-legal rights of our mortal enemies.

    And the Left took advantage of this fact. How do I know? Because notable authors such as David Brin and John Scalzy voted for Obama because they claimed that they had justification from Bush’s economic policies. Which is to say, the Democrat hybrid-compromise part of Bush’s economic policies that were taking up 70% of the waste when the Dems composed less than 50% of the votes.

    That’s your average useful idiot, Brin and Scalzi for ya.

  • Ymarsakar

    Btw, people are dumb. Not so much due to people lacking IQ or street smarts or whatever. Rather, people are dumb because they will believe whatever they want to believe is true, which is another way of saying that they can be conned into believing what the con man wants them to believe. And thus the smart person may be a person with high IQ or brain power in terms of numbers or words or businesses or politics, but the meta-smart person? The person an entire order of magnitude, if not more so, above simple intelligence or even genius? That person isn’t so because he exceeds what the genius is capable of. No, the meta-smart person is meta-smart because he can tell the geniuses and intelligent graduates of the Ivy League institutes “where to go”, “how fast to go”, and “how they are going to feel while doing so”.

    The meta-smart controls the smart, just as the smart is above the dumb.

    And if smart people can talk about Republican dumbness or Sarah Palin/Bush dumbness, because they believe themselves imbued with superior genetics or superior brain powered leaders, what do you think people who know how to manipulate the high IQ retards are thinking about them? Eh? Could not, me for example, think of them as moronic, as dumb, and as stupid as they think of Bush and Sarah Palin?

    So. Since people are dumb and slow to comprehend such high order matters, things must be filtered and slowed down so that they can comprehend it. Much as a young child or baby needs smaller and slower words to comprehend what exactly is going on. Speak very slowly and if they are retarded, then you even need special sign language or other methods of learning/communication.

    This video is a form of that special communication. For people that just don’t get it.

    For those of us that can comprehend this higher level of human intelligence (aka manipulation of the smart, by the more smart, just like the dumb are manipulated by the “smarter Left”), it’s visually appealing and very efficient at communicating the core.

    For those that can’t comprehend such without such aids, they need all the help they can get. Which isn’t so bad, not nobody is omniscient and everybody needs help, at times. That is nothing to be ashamed of. What is to be ashamed of are these idiotards on the Left proclaiming that they are smarter and better than us, solely because they claim Obama is better than our leaders.

    They’re not better. And, besides, they’re too slow in the head to be telling us how superior they are to us. It’s one thing for the genius to talk to the average guy about intelligence (you may learn something from the genius at times), it is quite another for the village moron to talk about a guy who can only count to 3 as being a real dumb arse, when the village moron can count to a magnificent and astounding 4.

    Know your limitations. Don’t be like the Left and drive without a seat belt on, while hooked to the gills on crystal meth and alcohol.

    Here’s a simple rule.

    If you are dumb, blame the Left, cause they like you dumb.

    If you are smart and think others are dumb, blame the Left, cause they duped ya and screwed ya. They told you you were smart enough, but they lied.

    If you are dumb and think others are smart, blame the Left. Cause they are the ones holding you back from gaining wisdom (which oftentimes substitutes for intelligence or even exceeds baseline IQ) through hard work, by spouting off their racist and eugenics based “intelligence” class inequality.

    If you have enough capability to manipulate so called Einsteins, geniuses, brilliant retards, and the so forth and you work for the Left, you can blame the Left as well. Why? Cause they told you that you could manipulate weak and corrupt Republicans, because Republicans are obsessed with Dead White Guys, when in fact, you are laboring under the doctrine and orders of Dead White European Socialists. So blame them for duping your brilliant Triple A self there. If you are not working for the Democrats, but for the Republicans, then you can also blame the Left, cause that’s your job. So why stop.

  • Mike Devx

    I ran across a comment on that I’d like to share.
    It is in response an article discussing why Obama may be beginning a long, inevitable, slow decline in popularity:

    The comment on that article is given by all the text below (Go to the bottom of the article and click on its Comments link to see All Comments):

    Posted by: joseph
    Jul 01, 05:41 AM

    Not being American I find it strange that when discussing the Cap and Tax Bill that there seems to be a consensus that once in place it cannot be changed. Let us suppose that given the clear ineptitude, weakness and incompetence of President Barrack Obama that there is a huge reversal of the balance of power in Congress and the Senate in 2010 then why cannot this Bill be rescinded ?

    The article is correct. Whether in the USA or elsewhere once your hard numbers start to go against you then you have serious trouble on your hands – as is happening with Barrack Obama. Even though “a week is a long time in politics” politicians like Obama with their ephemeral idol like support created by a compliant, butt kissing and classless media can quickly find themselves in a bottomless political pit because they have no real strengths to fall back on, unlike a true blue and tested conservative like Sarah Palin. (Threw that one in just to rile up the flying monkey liberals !!)

    There are two issues here that need to be watched by serious players on the conservative side.

    A) Can Obama change ? Does he and/or his handlers have the ability (or the room) to adjust midstream to the reality of a serious backlash from an electorate that sees itself as predominantly conservative or centrist and resent his rabid liberal/socialist agenda and Chicago Mafia type politics?

    There are two parts to this question with the first being whether or not Obama can change ? Quite frankly I think not or if the change comes it will be too late because of how far his agenda has developed.

    Obama’s personality plays a lot in this and his self centered, narcissistic and stubborn nature will take a long time to realize that the electorate have seen through the lies that he presented during the 2008 Presidential campaign. His first position will be one of denial with the assumption that EVENTUALLY the stupid electorate will see the wisdom of his ways or that (in spite of the reality of history) that his ill-conceived and always failed socialist policies will somehow be the way forward for the greatest nation on earth, even as he trashes the very principles and mores that made it great.

    Following that he will substitute anger for his poor intellect and stubbornly keep to his Alinsky training because “How dare they go against the Anointed One ?”
    By this time Axelrod, Rham Emmanuel and William Ayers (Weatherman Underground bomber, unrepentant domestic terrorist) would be on his case to go back to the winning formula of saying what you think people want you to say and holding out on the more explosive socialist agenda’s until after the 2012 re election is in the bag.

    The question is whether or not they have the influence to get through Obama’s narcissism and whether or not Obama’s own political survival instincts would have kicked in sufficiently for him to back down. Again the article above is instructive because with the hard numbers now going against Obama so early it is clear that he is a Potemkin village construct unable to stand up to scrutiny.

    The second issue is how the conservative strategists handle this situation. I am very specific in saying the “conservative strategists” and not Republican strategists because it is clear that many (if not most) Republicans in the top echelon of the party and inside the Beltway have lost their way and are no more than democrats lite. In fact as I posited in another article the election of President Barack Obama has the positive side of possible stopping the “one step forward, two steps backward” losses that conservatism has had in the past four decades. This being so because it has forced conservatives to define themselves and brought those Republicans that espouse liberal, socialist policies to the fore and exposed them for what they are.

    If the failings of Obama are not utilized correctly then those Republican democrats lite will continue their stranglehold on the Republican Party and kill any conservative resurgence in the future. Now more than ever true conservatives have to define themselves and stand up for their principles as Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan did in the 1970s. This battle is not now simply about winning votes if it does not include the reversal of the attitudes and mindsets promulgated by the liberal media and academic world that is in the process of gutting the institutions and neutering the principles that made America great. If the academic world and the liberal media are not exposed along with a political resurgence of conservatism then we are back to the negative two step once again. For reference see economically and morally bankrupt, liberal, socialist, multi cultural United Kingdom only two decades after Margaret Thatcher or the USA ‘s direction only two decades after Ronald Reagan.

    The greatest strength that conservatism has at the moment ( aside from the fundamental truths that it works, it builds up a country, it strengthens society, it protects it citizens from the not yet born to the old) is that there is a powerful talk show radio presence led by Rush Limbaugh, Shaun Hannity, Bill Bennet, Mike Medved, et al. I would not want to vote for him as a politician because that is not his forte but the insightfulness of Rush Limbaugh is a pleasure to hear and wrap your mind around. The man is a national treasure who in this time of crisis is a beacon of hope and a clear foil for the rapacious and destructive policies and philosophy espoused by liberals and socialists in the USA and any western country.

    If the likes of Olympia Snow do not feel the weight of true conservatism that made America great then all is lost. As an aside and even given Rush Limbaugh’s logical positioning I am at a loss for understanding Chris Smith (NJ) and his vote on the Cap and Tax Bill. Can someone please explain this to me ?

    So the hard statistics on President Obama’s popularity are heartening but whether or not this means anything for America or conservatism or the Western World only time will tell.


    Overspent and the Pacific Ocean is just a stone’s throw away, will California really issue IOU’s (monopoly money). And…if we set by example – can we all do it?
    I think Neverland must be larger than imagined.