I am sharing one of those sites that I found by chance. When I initially stumbled upon it, it was w/o a paid subscription. It details and tracks all global attacks and incidents in countries, bus stations, train stations, waterways, endless lists. By doing so, you actually have a window into tomorrow’s news.

    You can view the map, by clicking on the word (map) but must subscribe for detailed information for all the incident icons. You can subscribe currently for short term use w/o subscription.

    I strongly suggest that you all take a gander.


    Consider it a post Independence Day gift recommendation.


    A continuing saga..the very idea of closing Gitmo and the release of prisoners. This jihadi was let loose last year and lo’ and behold, he’s all ready found that his job was left waiting for him to return.

    There is a big “HOW” and “WHY” left answered. I just hate half-ass wars, because you end up with only half of your own.


  • Charles Martel


    I think of Bill and Hillary like horror movie fans think of Jason and Freddy: Slice ’em, dice ’em, smash ’em, gas ’em, purée and bury them, and they keep coming back.

    At the same time, Obama’s out-of-depthness is becoming more apparent with each passing week. He is so busy alienating various groups on all parts of the political spectrum that it’s likely he’ll reach 2012 as battered and bruised as miniskirt-clad teen girl at a convention of Iranian imams.

    So, Hillary could very likely decide 2012 is the time to serve the cold dish of revenge that you know deep in your knuckle dragger’s heart she is eager to serve The One. Here’s why:

    Remember, there are millions of women who were very much put off by the way Hillary was treated once the MSM decided that melanin was going to trump the vulva as the main criterion for electing a president. Being the dutiful racists that most Democrats are, those women showed up and voted for Obama simply because he was dark-skinned and it felt sooooo good to assist in the greatest, biggest, blindest act of affirmative action in U.S. history.

    But now, as the glow is wearing quickly off of Jimmy Redux, these millions of women would love a second chance to vote vulva. If Obama is reduced to Carter-like pathos, especially in the wake of a 2010 rout in Congress, Hillary will make her move and become to Obama what Reagan was to Ford in 1976.

    Aside from her female genitalia, Hillary will also campaign on:

    • She has been shut out of Obama’s horrid decision making, therefore isn’t responsible for his baggage.
    • By the time she runs, Obama will have alienated the MSM, which means that the media will need a new set of (rather thick) ankles before which to prostrate themselves.
    • Better yet, if Palin runs, this will energize the media and Hillary will be able to depend on them to practice their perfected art of the politics of personal destruction on Sarah.
    • Also if Palin runs, Hillary can position herself as the Palin killer. Do you want the first woman president to be moi or that horrid K-Mart shopping skank who didn’t even have enough sense to dismantle that retard Trig when she had a perfectly good legal chance to do so?
    • This time we’ll get it right. We’ll replace the nancy boy with somebody who’s had actual executive experience. (Hey, running the White House travel agency was no walk in the park!)

    The drawback, of course, will be African Americans. As the most docile and easily bamboozled voting bloc in the United States, blacks will not tolerate a white woman trying to steal the thunder and glory from their effete hero. So, Hillary won’t get any help from that quarter. Obviously, blacks alone will not be able to stop her in the primaries, but they could hurt her in a general election if they decide to sit it out.

    Hillary will then launch her Latino strategy, which will consist of visiting bodegas, crumbling public schools and ethnic celebrations, proclaiming, “Joe soy ein Mexicaner!” and promising an amnesty that extends, like Mormon baptisms, 10 generations back and gives posthumous voting rights to abuelos and abuelas from 1800 onward.

    Latinos, in combination with white women, gays, metrosexuals, gullible youth, remittance man union members, and government workers will help Hillary unseat The One in the primaries. She will then win the general election as millions of voters decide to relive 2008 and reward themselves with another “Ahhhhh” moment by voting for a candidate on the basis of a total non-sequitur, in this case a previous ability to menstruate.



    BREATHLESS, you leave me absolutely breathless with hilarity. Just when I thought you hit the most visually entertaining comment….

    “battered and bruised as miniskirt-clad teen girl at a convention of Iranian imams”

    I thought maybe you outdid yourself with…..

    “MSM decided that melanin was going to trump the vulva”

    But I was wrong, you got the final zing in below, which I included in my visuals below:

    And here I sat – the imagery zapping me, it was a NASCAR voice over running around in my head, the sounds of the engines, the pit stops, the crowds….They’re going down the track, MSM has the lead, engines roar…wait wait – Melanin is crowding out MSM – HOLY SMOKES, Melanin has blown a tire and is heading towards the wall…Yellow flag comes up, there’s a pause, the crowd is on the edge of their seats…Checkered flag is raised again and out of the blue……IT’S VULVA to the finish line!

    Hillary, wearing a jumper-style pant suit with racing strips and assorted logos, smiles accepts her (“in this case a previous ability to menstruate”) box of tampons and as she waves to the crowd holding up her first two fingers in the ultimate ‘V’ sign as victory for the vulva.

  • Charles Martel

    Well, Sadie, it goes without saying (and I have always known this), that when we finally meet, most likely at a bash hosted by Book, you and I will be assigned places together at the dinner table.