A liberal mind rolls through life without gathering wisdom

By now you’ve heard about Obama’s 1983 nuclear disarmament op-ed in the student newspaper at Columbia.  Because it’s a turgid piece of Leftist collegiate writing, Tom Elia has gone through and excerpted some of the more telling passages.

What’s so horrifying is that in the 26 years since he wrote that piece, Obama seems to have learned nothing.  I started to rethink everything when the Soviet Union collapsed.  It took me a while to figure out that Reagan was right and his critics wrong, but I finally made the intellectual leap.  A rotten system can be outspent, humiliated and corralled and then it will collapse.  Alternatively, faced with a rotten system, one can kowtow and back-off, something that often ends looking remarkably like Europe in 1938 and onwards.

Obama epitomizes my blog’s current motto:  “Conservatives deal with facts and reach conclusions; liberals have conclusions and sell them as facts.”  It’s obvious that no facts have ever impinged on Obama’s political ideology.  Scary.

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  • Charles Martel

    I’m not horrified at all. Obama is a Bourbon: He learns nothing and he forgets nothing.

  • Oldflyer

    I think that parents who actually pay tuition at Columbia should demand a rebate if his article is a true measure of the writing skills attained by Columbia’s students.

  • Zhombre

    Well said, Charles. I’m from Chicago and familiar with Hyde Park, where Obama resided. It’s a hothouse for liberal orchids. A climate-controlled intellectual atmosphere. Leftist shibboleths prosper there.

  • Mike Devx

    This is why Obama attracted all the support from the high and mighty on the Leftist, Statist side: The lack of a trail made him a perfect stealth candidate. So much of what we *might* have known about him has been sealed – especially transcripts and records of his dubious achievements at University. (Aside from being Editor of the Harvard Law Review, while never publishing a single article within it, how much do you know???)

    Or more nefariously: Obama didn’t attract the attention of the high and mighty due to the lack of a trail… he was specifically chosen by them for that purpose about 15 years ago, and groomed carefully ever since. A view of the current President of the USA as a puppet on strings. But what the hey: Get any group of 10 people sufficiently drunk, and at least one of them will aver that the FreeMasons (or some other shadow power) have made every one of our Presidents, (“since President X” they’ll say), dance like puppets on strings for hundreds of years.

    My God, I was more of a flaming liberal back then, than I realize these days… for I, too, used to believe in the “No Nukes” unilateral disarmament movement back about 1980-1981. To be fair, I was a silly university frosh with no training at all in logic or analysis from high school – and I was *very* naive in many ways.

    And at least, within a year or two, I’d already decided it was complete bs, for I’d recognized the legitimacy of the argument of the power of the threat of nuclear blackmail. Or as Heinlein might put it, if you’ve disarmed yourself and your enemy is standing over you with a large rock raised above his head, he’s won, and he gets to dictate all the conditions.

    Why is it that liberals simply don’t seem serious to me? Is it, as Book said, that they hold conclusions that they never analyze, never question, never think about? I recognize my former liberal frivolity and naivete and shallowness.

  • Quite Rightly

    I’m with you. My first thought when I saw the article was that this man’s thinking has not changed in 26 years. Wow!


    A rolling Liberal stoned gathers no mass.

  • Gringo

    For me the wake-up call from a liberal view of foreign policy was four fold: 1) the genocide in Cambodia, which proved to me that when you give peace a chance, the vicious thugs win out. 2) the USSR’s invasion of Afghanistan, which proved that while detente and peaceful coexistence may have been the policy of the West towards the USSR, the policy of the USSR was to WIN. 3) My time in Latin America showed that the liberal view of the third world and the US role in the third world did not face up to an examination of the facts on the ground. 4) While I never voted for Reagan, his calling the USSR an “evil empire” resonated with me- he called a spade a spade. Liberals did not impress me when they denounced Reagan for telling the truth. Though in fairness to liberals on this point, apparently the “evil empire” remark DID shake up the Soviet Union hierarchy and resulted in their being more likely to see Reagan as a “warmonger.”

    But regarding Obama’s not having learned a thing in XX years, this is no surprise. Recall the passage from Dreams From My Father about not being a “sellout” and seeking out Marxists etc. when he was a college student. This is political philosophy as a stance, to show that one belongs with the “good guys.” As this political philosophy is not concerned with results, but with belonging to the perceived “in-group,” it is impervious to the facts on the ground.

    Sadie: LOL :)

  • Quisp

    And this is the guy who wants to bypass the Senate and make his own treaty with the Russians.


    Bypass the Senate…while
    Bypassing the constitution!

    You’ll have to pardon me a moment… I think I am having a seizure or heart attack.

    Yikes…what if I need bypass surgery and they’ve all ready implemented National Health-I don’t Care.

    I’d yell…MEDIC, but would probably get charged not only for the service, but my carbon footprint from the banchi scream.

  • Mike Devx

    Sadie, Sadie, Sadie, Sadie… sigh… (#9)

    Time for the re-education camps for you!

    You will be allowed to rejoin society when you realize that the U.S. Constitution is nothing more than a dusty old piece of paper. It was written for the benefit of privileged white males, and is completely passe.

    Even many of our Supreme Court justices regard “international norms” as a more compelling defense of their viewpoints, in their briefs.

    Please report to the nearest William Ayers Reeducation And Reorientation Facility to begin your incarceration, er, I mean, enlightenment.


    It’s all ready started…and I didn’t even scream, yell or holler -probably a silent heart attack with a little foaming at the mouth. You’d hardly notice if I was eating a vanilla ice cream cone with whipped cream.

    Damn, a little kvetching about a seizure or heart attack and they’re ready for me and have my bed made in the Wm. Ayers R & R Faciity.

    I do get a bed, don’t I Mike?

    “Even many of our Supreme Court justices regard “international norms” as a more compelling defense of their viewpoints, in their briefs.”

    Yeah…I heard and that’s where they should keep them, too!

  • Mike Devx

    Sadie asked:
    > I do get a bed, don’t I Mike?

    Of course!

    From the brochures of the William Ayers Reeducation And Reorientation Facility:

    Due to the Porkulus Stimulus Funds being directed our way – and boy, there are a lot of em, sometimes we don’t even know where to store the money as we try to figure out how to spend so dang much of those rich capitalists’ ill-earned gains, but I digress – due to those funds, we offer ComforPedic mattresses of all sizes, whirlpools in every room, filet mignon for every meal, even breakfast should you wish, and the finest of ingredients to add as toppings to your aragula salads. Our five-acre exercise room will keep your secular, atheist body toned and fit. And There’s So Much More! Turn the page…

    disclaimer printed in tiny italics at the bottom : all of these benefits are yours… as long as you are showing the proper progress in your reorientation lessons. Comrade.


    Oh those disclaimers, they ruin everything.

    disclaimer printed in tiny italics at the bottom

    In the ‘word’ of the great philosopher, Emily Latilla:

  • suek

    >>disclaimer printed in tiny italics at the bottom>>

    Wait just a darn minute!! Where’s the “fine print” Czar? We’ll have no more of these fine print or tiny italics disclaimers….!

    We can put in “place markers”, though. We’ll fill in the details later.

    What we the people will need next is a “place marker” Czar…to keep track of Congress. You know – the Congress that passes bills without reading them…

    By the way…the Ventura 4th of July Tea Party was given a count of 3500 by the local newspaper (Ventura Star Free Press). The article wasn’t especially glowing, the comments online were typically trollful, but their count was if anything – generous. I was there and would have said a thousand, but I make absolutely no claim to crowd counting skills.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    A rolling hippie gathers no moss, but a standing stone statue of Obama has gravitas.