“Read my lips: No new taxes”

Do you remember the words in my post title?  I sure do, and I wasn’t even very politically aware then.  That was George Bush, Sr., making a promise to the American people:  “Read my lips:  No new taxes.”  He broke that promise.

It looks as if Barack Obama is readying himself to break that promise too.  More than that, he’s planning on breaking that promise in a mad rush to fix a fairly static situation (health care isn’t going anywhere between now and next year), and to embark upon a government funded system that will inevitably go bankrupty — and that’s despite taxing the middle class into oblivion.

George Bush was destroyed politically when he broke his promise.  Will Barack Obama also be destroyed?  And will he be destroyed, and his power base with him, before or after he causes irrevocable harm to America?

Speaking of Barack Obama’s self-destruction, I have a question for you.  We’ve all been anticipating the bloom coming off the Obama rose and I think that’s happening very swiftly right now.  What I’m having a hard time envisioning is the look of a powerless Obama presidency.

For the next two years, there will still be a Democratic majority in Congress, although I suspect the Blue Dogs will be the power brokers.  But what will Obama do?  Will he sell out America behind the scenes through back channel communications with bad regimes?  We know he won’t do a damn thing about Iran, but will he use his presidential powers to destroy Israel?  (And assuming he tries, will he be successful?  So far, he’s been unique amongst American presidents in uniting the fractious Israeli parties and people.  Maybe he’s a good thing for them, in a weird way.)  Will he learn and change on the job, becoming less ideological and more protective of the country in his charge?  Will he become an ineffectual lame duck half-way through his first term?

What do you see the future bringing?

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  • http://helenl.wordpress.com/ Helen Losse

    RE: “(health care isn’t going anywhere between now and next year), ”

    Unless, of course, a person without insurance gets ill this year.

  • http://neomodernism.net Huan

    a person without insurance gets ill every year. every day even. they show up to the hospital, gets evaluated, gets treated, gets a bill that then will be written off by the hospital to balance their (the hospital’s) billing sheet, pay less taxes. And then it all happens again.

  • Lulu11

    Helen, For many years I worked at a health care clinic that provided medical treatment -free of charge- to uninsured people. Decent medical treatment. Who were the people? The vast majority were illegal immigrants from many different countries, though there were others as well, including the Iranian contractor who told me he had made millions he never declared, drove a mercedes and because he was purchasing an expensive motorcycle and jet-skis for the whole family, chose not to buy health insurance. He preferred to have his family paid for by CA taxpayers. Obviously, his health care wasn’t that terrible since despite his income he chose not to buy it, but he can’t be denied the free treatment. He was uninsured.

    If people needed hospitalization they received emergency state sponsored insurance and no one EVER was denied treatment.

    I am interested in why Helen is so eager for vast governmental powers when her despised Republicans will be in power before she knows it.

    As far as Israel, Obama’s duplicity and hositlity will force Israel to make new alliances. Other nations fighting terrorism may find it a good thing to develop a betetr relationship with Israel. I wrote here before that Israel shouldn’t have all its diplomatic eggs in one basket because a US president hostile to Israel will upset that relationship (although I believe this to be temporary). Remember, even in the past Israel had to seek help elsewhere. It was France, believe it or not, that provided life-saving help in the ’70’s and which enabled Israel to have its nuclear deterrant, a fact no doubt responsible for Israel’s survival surrounded as it is by pathological and murderous regimes.

    I still want to see what is in the supressed LA Times video of Obama speaking at the pro-Palestinain organization. That being said, despite El Presidente, Israel still has many allies in the US and in Congress.

    We have a morally confused president (yes, Helen- listening to 20 years of anti-semitic bigotry and anti-white racism in church and never complaining is a sign of moral confusion) with an unchecked ego and who lies regularly to make political sales. That is a scary combination. We, the poeple, need to make our support for Israel clear and non-negotiobale. Will he betray Israel as he has Honduras? I hope Obama will find his hands tied by Congress where there still remains a plurality of support for our strongest ally and the one voice for freedom in the Middle east.

  • Lulu11

    One more thing. He will look for scapegoats.

  • gpc31

    Yes Helen, I am sure that passing an unread bill right this MINUTE will save every uninsured person who gets sick this year. Because if you are unfortunate enough to get sick, it’s the government’s fault, or at least the government’s obligation to help you heal. Unless perhaps you are deemed to flunk some cost/benefit analysis to the state.

    Yes Helen, let’s redesign 15% of the economy in a few weeks.

    Yes Helen, I am sure that the benefits will flow as quickly and as effectively as did the stimulus money.

    BTW, there is a difference between health care and health insurance — you do know that, don’t you?

    Helen, why don’t you erect a little statue of Obama Augustus in the corner of your home, so you can offer up your prayers. For a Christian, you do seem prone to idolatry.

    (You are aware, I am sure, that the empirical data show that conservatives give more to charity than liberals do, and that the charity of private and/or religious institutions is far more effective than that of federal bureaucracies. As BW has often noted, the state has no compassion.)

    Helen Dear, you do have a predilection for the unintentionally amusing non sequitur.

  • Lulu11

    As a reformed Liberal I can say that moral pronouncements have nothing to do with knowing what you are talking about. Helen is a true believer and when you deal with faith, facts lose.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Helen is a true believe that will happily report to the local euthanasia clinic after she ceases being a net positive economic contributor. She will do so when told to do so by her government masters, because that will be the fair and moral thing to do as a white person.

  • Charles Martel

    I always thought that the reason why we have language is so that we can detect, understand and use differences to help us make our way in the world. For example, night versus day, hard versus soft, cause versus effect, etc.

    Thyat’s why Helen (as usual) has me confused. Isn’t there a difference between health care and health insurance? Isn’t that why we have two different words to describe them?

    Isn’t that something that Huan picked up on right away?

    And isn’t it typical that we’ll not hear from Helen again until her next driveby?

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    Look, they don’t give a damn about uninsured people. They might as well be the perfect slaves, if you asked the Left. Somebody in NEED of government power is a free man or woman? Give me a break. Someone in debted to government power for their soul and body, is someone with liberty and a right to pursue happiness? BS. That’s a fracking slave that will do whatever the government tells them to do.