Andrew Sullivan is right — the President has very limited privacy

I would have thought the earth would reverse its rotation before I’d find common ground with Andrew Sullivan.  Apparently nothing so extreme had to happen.  All Sullivan had to do was advocate precisely the same point I’ve been making forever which is that Obama needs to stop being so secretive.  Here’s Sullivan:

So many readers are furious that I have dared to ask the president to show the original copy of his birth certificate. The reason for demanding it is the same reason for demanding basic medical records proving Sarah Palin is the biological mother of Trig.

Because it would make it go away and it’s easily done.

I’m tired of these public officials believing they have some right to privacy. They don’t. It’s the price of public office. If you don’t like it, don’t be president. And for goodness’ sake, don’t run for president on a platform of transparency.

And then once Obama’s cleared the air as to his birth, how about if he releases his Occidental College transcripts, his Columbia U. transcripts and his Harvard Law Transcripts?  As Sullivan so pithily (and correctly) said, “I’m tired of these public officials believing they have some right to privacy.  They don’t.”

Andrew, you are completely right.  Obama could make all of this go away in a single second.

Of course, right now, Obama doesn’t want the birth certificate issue to go away.  Because the press has figured out how to turn it against the conservatives who are troubled by Obama’s many secrets, it’s in Obama’s interest to keep waving the birth certificate red flag in front of charging Birthers for as long as possible.

I therefore humbly suggest that Birthers stop focusing on the birth certificate, which is a double edged and pointless sword, and instead begin demanding that Obama release all of his records so that the American people can to know more about this hyper-secretive man who is guiding our destinies.  That’s a much better and more interesting sell to ordinary citizens, and it doesn’t expose conservatives to the risk of being characterized as wackos with tinfoil hats.

The new mantra:  “Release your records, Mr. President.  All of them!”

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  • Quisp

    I’m betting we’ll get John Kerry’s complete military records first.

  • Zhombre

    I think the birth certificate is a red herring. Those college transcripts interest me much more. I’d like to see proof of Obama’s alleged intellectual attainments.

  • Ymarsakar

    A full spectrum attack is better than one that can be specifically defended against. Shock and awe them. Force them on the defensive.

    This is no tea party in which the grace of patience should be provided to the guests.

  • socratease

    Obama never released his medical records, either. Just a summary written by his family doctor. “Take my word for it, he’s healthy.”

  • suek

    “which is a double edged and pointless sword”

    And your basis for this statement is…????

  • Danny Lemieux

    I can think of plenty of legitimate reasons why Barack Obama would want to hide his birth certificate. Remember, his mother was an America-hating nutcase. Who knows what she might have entered as information?

    I am more interested in his school records, police records, etc. because they are a bigger reflection as to the nature of this man and I suspect they will not only expose him as a hard radical but also a liar.

    That being said, the real problem is not Obama the man. The core problem is more fundamental: the mindset of an American electorate that elected him president in the first place. Frankly, I am more worried about the people around and behind Obama than I am about Obama himself.

  • suek

    Danny, I agree with you. And that’s part of the problem – the people around and behind Obama.

    The problem with the birth certificate is many faceted. In itself, in the sense of where was this person born, it’s not important. The importance lies in the fact that Obama is a person of legal education, and one who has studied the Constitution. He _knows_ what the rules are. He _knows_ if he is eligible or not. Likewise those who are around him and support him. Nancy Pelosi. Howard Dean. Many others at the top of the Democratic party, I suspect. These are people who are national political leaders. They know the rules, and if they have deliberately set out to frustrate those rules, what does that say about them?

    I believe that one of the most important underlying principles of this nation is that the laws are applied equally to _all_ – no special bennies just because you’re somebody important. When that happens, you have the sort of corruption which is the underlying cause of banana republics remaining banana republics.

    Yes, I’d like very much for Obama to be ousted on the basis that he ran and was ineligible to run, but even more important is the fact that if he did so, he flat lied – and so did the “powers that be” in the Democrat party.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Excellent point, Suek. It would only take one such revelation to discredit not only Obama but the whole Democrat machine.

    If the American electorate STILL buys into Obama and the Democrats after such a revelation, there really is no hope and we have to accept that we are a Banana Republic with less governmental legitimacy than a country like…say….Honduras.

  • suek