Giving the Medal of Freedom to a dictator-coddling antisemite *UPDATED*

You’ve already read that the Big O (an increasingly empty hole if there ever was one) is now set to give the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Mary Robinson, the Irish woman who has cheerfully led the UN into ever deeper antisemitic, anti-American depravity.  Jennifer Rubin sums up beautifully the only two possibilities that could have motivated Obama when he made this foul choice:

One is left with two options in assessing the Obama administration’s decision: either a colossal error in vetting or a deliberate effort – which meshes perfectly with his Cairo speech’s theme and his admonitions that “daylight” is required between the U.S. and Israel — in order to ingratiate himself with the Palestinian cause. What better way to flaunt his disdain for Israel’s sensibilities — and for American voters who support Israel — that [sic] to pick the villain of Durban? And while he is continuing his worldwide effort to denigrate American exceptionalism and give credence to the blame-America-first crowd, there could be no more fitting honoree than Robinson.

As to Obama, I have only this to say on his decision to recognize Robinson as a standard bearer of freedom:  Don’t watch what he says.  Watch what he does.

UPDATEDiana West has a nice rundown on just what a dreadful person Mary Robinson is.  So does Jake Tapper.  And still more on Robinson’s MO.

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  • expat

    Mary Robinson reminds me of Herta Daubler-Gmelin, the German Justice Minister who associated Bush with Hitler. They both have that self-righteous, know-it-all air of the girl in school who raised her hand in class to tell on the boys for some silly infraction. She is willing to sacrifice others to prove her own “sainthood” and to get a little attention. She is a dime-a-dozen do-gooder hardly worthy of anything but a ticket back home where she can measure the height of her neighbor’ grass and complain if it is an eighth of an inch too high. Sadly, her influence at the UN was not so innocuous. It is disgusting that Obama chose to honor her, but not surprising.

  • SGT Dave

    Why, exactly, is the Medal of Freedom being awarded to a European politician? I am not of the opinion that Europe has been a leading light in equality or personal determination since, um… hmmmm… forever? I’d be more impressed if he’d at least consider persons here, in the U.S., for such honors, even if it is a political award. At the very best, he’s putting this person in the crosshairs for anti-U.S. sentiment that will be detrimental to their capabilities within the EU/U.N. At worst, (and I fear it is the worst) this will be taken in the same light as Carter’s refusal to support the Shah – with similar results. Encouraging evil in hopes that it will miraculously transform into good because of your good intent is naive – if not criminally negligent or delusional.
    Then again, what else should I expect of the narcisist in chief?

    SSG Dave
    “One must remember our oath is first to the Constitution; we pray that we never again face the day when “enemies foreign and domestic” actually includes “domestic”. However, we also pray that we never need kill our fellow man – we’re used to being disappointed in our prayers’ results.”

  • kali

    “Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity–”

    She was probably vetted by some intern reading her wikipedia entry, which makes her look like a humanitarian who campaigns humanistically for humans. She has all the right credentials. although I couldn’t spot anything that she’s actually achieved.

  • Danny Lemieux

    What the Democrats have been doing to the U.S. Medal of Freedom is somewhat akin to what the Norwegian government has done to the Nobel Peace Price (Yasser Arafat, Jimmy Carter, blah, blah, blah): devalued them beyond recognition.

  • Ymarsakar

    It is useful, Danny. If they can make Yasser Arafat synonymous with ‘peace activist’, then half of their job is already done. When next they fight for ‘peace’, everybody will have this background preconception limiting their true knowledge of what peace is, undiluted by the Left.

    By changing the definition of words in people’s minds ,they gain an upper hand.

    And now they are going to change ‘freedom’, just like they changed what the word ‘peace’ meant.

  • kali

    Yep, it’s probably stupidity: