Don’t like Socialized medicine? You’re a Right Wing domestic terrorist. *UPDATED*

I bet you didn’t know that, if you oppose the government takeover of our American medical system, you’re a Right Wing domestic terrorist.  Lucky for you, Obama’s campaign organization, “Organizing for America,” explains who you are, and encourages Obama-bots to fight you on 9/11.  The site’s been scrubbed, but everything lives on in cache in this day and age.  Oh, for the days when dissent was patriotic and the highest accolade was to speak truth to power.

As for me, I’m dusting off my Right Wing domestic terrorist certificate, and putting it in the same folder as my copy of the Constitution.  That’s the same one that Obama swore to uphold.

Looking back, one of the things you can say with absolute certain is that George Bush was a gentleman and would never have allowed an organization under his aegis to insult ordinary Americans in such vile terms.

Hat tip:  Kim Priestap

UPDATEThis story seems like an appropriate companion piece:

A Chinese dissident who tried to organize a national meeting of the banned China Democracy Party has been sentenced to 13 years in jail for subverting state power, his lawyer said Wednesday.

Xie Changfa, 57, was tried in April and sentenced Tuesday by the Changsha Municipal Intermediate Court in southern China’s Hunan province, his lawyer Ma Gangquan said in a telephone interview. He plans to appeal, Ma said.

China allows a small number of officially recognized alternative parties, although they serve as advisers rather than competitors to the ruling Communist Party.

Founded by dissidents in mid-1998, the China Democracy Party was quashed six months later by the Communist Party. Dozens of founding members were arrested and sentenced to up to 13 years in prison, most on charges of subverting state power.

“The charges and judgment both say his crime relates to work he did to establish the party’s Hunan chapter and to his efforts to organize a national party meeting, but we have maintained all along that such activities are not crimes but in fact are the constitutional rights of all Chinese citizens,” said Ma.

Read the rest of this horror story here.

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  • Mike Devx

    A Chinese dissident who tried to organize a national meeting of the banned China Democracy Party has been sentenced to 13 years in jail for subverting state power

    If by “state power” he means national government power… hell, I live to subvert state power! If only I could join a strong movement across the country to reclaim the 10th Amendment for all of the American people.

  • Charles Martel

    A big problem with this kind of rhetorical approach is that it depends on a numbers game that the left can’t win.

    Say I have almost complete control of the media, which allows me to state what I want about my political opponents with almost no chance of response. In most cases this works to my advantage. I can marginalize a Sara Palin, or pro-lifers, or outspoken immigration policy critics and get a large percentage of people to agree with me.

    But what happens if I start using the same media to diss groups of people that until now have not been identifiable activists? What happens when I start calling Tea Partyers “fascists,” or “rightwingers,” or “domestic terrorists?”

    What happens is that I’m calling people names whom many other people know personally do not fit those descriptions at all. Instead of starting a prairie fire of loathing against my opponents, I’ve started a backfire against me instead.

    One of our greatest hopes is that leftist arrogance and their beloved echo chamber will continue blocking rational thought. Let them keep pouring on the slurs and epithets. When you heap scorn and contempt on a man’s good neighbor, and describe him in vile ways, that man will NOT come over to your side.

  • Ymarsakar



    They lied about Bush and the Republicans calling the Left traitors.

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  • suek