GOP fails to connect with its base

We knew this, but C. Edmund Wright sums it up as pithily as anything I’ve ever seen.  In explaining why Democrats have been winning  since 2006, despite the fact that America is a conservative country, Wright points out that Democrats agree with their representatives, while conservatives consistently find Republican politicians too liberal.  The result?

There is a huge disconnect between the GOP and its voters on the one hand, while the DNC and its elected leaders are right in step with their voting base by comparison. Thus the DNC runs more dynamic and successful campaigns while the RNC thrashes about trying to figure out where they went wrong.

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  • Mike Devx

    C. Edmund Wright’s last sentence was most interesting to me:
    > You win as Republicans like Reagan did in 80 and 84 and like Newt Gingrich did with Congress in 1994. You stay in touch with your base and you really believe what they believe.

    In troubled times people look for strong leaders who believe in their cause. And they’ll go with “change”.

    What we overlooked about McCain is that he clearly didn’t, and doesn’t, believe strongly in much of anything. That was a turnoff.

    I hope we can find the strong conservative who truly believes in conservatism, and can articulate it and seize that bully pulpit. We may not have another Ronald Reagan out there, but surely there is at least “The Good Communicator” somewhere out there?

    Sadly, I haven’t seen a sign of him or her yet. Sarah Palin comes close for me, but her media instincts weren’t up to snuff in the McCain campaign. Say what you will about Katie Couric, but she got Sarah good. (And then there is the problem that the media people get to edit the interview. We’d better find a way around that problem, or we’ll always be behind the eight ball with that 20% of the muddle in the middle that is always the key to victory. That 20% still accepts the mainstream media.

  • Tiresias

    As I have said before, Republicans have standards. If elected representatives – members of their own party – fail to live up to them, then those representatives will shortly be un-elected. Republicans will put the standards – and the country – first, and will punish the representative who doesn’t measure up.

    Democrats have no standards, no expectations of behavior, and will never punish anybody. They will put the party ahead of the country all day long and twice on Sunday.

    This isn’t hard.

  • Tiresias

    I should have said: “… they will never punish a fellow Democrat, no matter how egregious or illegal his/her behavior.”

    That’s more accurate.