A completely bizarre protest that’s based on love of country *UPDATED*

I watched this short video that I found at Michelle Malkin’s site:

As I watched this video, I had this very weird feeling that something was deeply, deeply wrong with this protest.  It looks wrong.

I’m a child of the Vietnam era, and I’ve managed to keep my eye on the news — and the protests — for the 40 years since those Vietnam era protests.  I know exactly what they’re supposed to look like.  They’re supposed to be heavy with references to blood, whether in words, photographs or paint splatters.  All this blood is meant to remind smug Americans sitting at home in front of their TV sets that evil Americans have, for decades, been spilling the blood of innocents.  You know who those innocents are:  Innocent North Vietnamese, innocent Hondurans, innocent AIDS victims, innocent rape victims, innocent South American communists, innocent Iraqi special forces, innocent Afghani victims, innocent mass murdering terrorist victims — all brutally slaughtered by an avaricious nation given to torture and deceit.  Heck, as far as the Truthers are concerned, even the 9/11 victims were killed by Americans.

The look of the protest is wrong too.  People should be dressed in dark clothing and have grotesque masks on, symbolic of America’s torture and rapine.  Regardless of the march’s ostensible purpose, there should always be at least a sprinkling of signs likening Jews and Israeli to the Nazis and demanding the Jews’ imminent return to the gas chambers.  As we learned during the last eight years, there should always be death threats against the president, provided that the President is George Bush.  And, of course, the American flag should be burned, trampled, despoiled, desecrated and in all other ways treated to the humiliation due the symbol of the evil nation being protested.

So what’s with these wacky conservatives and their amateur attempt at gathering a couple of million people to march on the Capitol?  They’re going about it all wrong.  They’re wearing and waving the American flag as if they’re proud of it, and they’re spouting incredibly foolish notions that have absolutely nothing to do with America being evil or America murdering people.  They’re also not excoriating Israel.

Here are just a few examples of these neophyte activists who seem to have absolutely no appreciation for the fact that the purpose behind a march on D.C. is to let everyone know how evil America is but.  These guys seem weirdly stuck on archaic concepts such as freedom, self-governance, self-reliance, and informed representative government:

Liberate Don’t Regulate

No Government Controlled Health Care

Stop Spending My Future (with a baby picture)

We Are Not “Astroturf,” Not “A Mob, Not “Nazis.”  We Are Fed Up.

Repeal What You Have Not Read

Socialism Sucks.  Always Has.  Always Will.

Dependency Is A Form Of Slavery (my favorite)

Socialism Is Not Freedom

Freedom Of The People, By The People, For The People

We Are . . . America

Got Common Sense?

Most peculiar of all, the marchers aren’t demanding (or fantasizing about) the President’s death.  Sure, some of the signs are hostile to Obama (likening him to a self-styled monarch or a socialist), but they don’t liken him to a Nazi or demand his death.  There are no paintings of him dripping blood, decapitated, or with bullet holes in his head.  Those foolish marchers, unversed in the way of protests, seem merely to resent his overreach, without having any desire to threaten him personally.

As for me, I don’t know….  Let’s must hope that ordinary Americans, sitting in their living rooms, will be impressed with this amateur style of activism, one tied to love of country and freedom.  Indeed, they may be so struck, as I was, by the bizarre look that this protest has, that they’ll actually sit up and pay attention to what the protesters are saying.  We can dream, can’t we?

UPDATE: Can’t link because I’m on an iPHone, but Little Green Footballs shows that there was an ugly side to the protest. That doesn’t change the top notes of patriotism and liberty, but the ugly side was there too.

UPDATE II:  In the interest of full disclosure, here’s the link to LGF.  I find it interesting that the negative signs are Charles’ focus.  I think that, while he continues to remain admirably strong with regard to Israel and the war against Islamic terrorism, he’s souring on the conservative movement generally.  As for his umbrage at the sign to “Bury ObamaCare with Kennedy,” I don’t see that as being as offensive as he does.  It’s an appropriate response to the fact that the Democrats leapt upon Kennedy’s death as a way to sell Obama Care.

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  • rockdalian

    I attended a local gathering today that was hosted by the Homer Glen/Lockport Tea Party and held at the Lockport American Legion. Lockport is near Joliet, Il.
    I would estimate 400 people attended this party.
    One of the guest speakers was Teri O’Brien, formerly of WLS radio and a contributor to American Thinker.
    The featured speaker was Dr. Sauerbraun, last seen campaigning against Sen. Durbin, in 2006.
    The crowd was friendly and vociferous at times. I attended the rally with the couple that employ me and 4 fellow employees. Total of 7 in our group. Attendance was not mandated by my employer.

    All in all, the rally, on a beautiful day in northern Illinois, was most enjoyable.

  • Roz-the-opinionated

    The reason the protesters are so ignorant about proper protest protocol is that they never have payed as much attention to the Left as the Left wished they would.


    Regardless of the march’s ostensible purpose, there should always be at least a sprinkling of signs likening Jews and Israeli to the Nazis and demanding the Jews’ imminent return to the gas chambers.

    Snark begins.

    WHAT, no Death to the JOOS signs.
    Israel Apartheid/Racists.
    Free Palestine
    No one wearing a burka or kafiya shouting screaming, threatening.
    Where was Code Pink

    My goodness, what kind of demonstrators are these people.
    Have they no dignity, no sense of self righteousness.
    No tear gas, no arrests?
    How dare they employ civility.

    Who will take such people seriously? End Snark.


  • http://betterangels.typepad.com Ronald Hayden

    You should be able to link to anything on the iPhone — assuming you’ve updated to any recent release, just hold a finger in the address field to be able to copy a URL, then hold elsewhere to get the option to paste it.

    I have also found http://www.instapaper.com a great way to store and share URLs.

  • gbear

    I am proud to have been a part of the cause of the 60’s anti-war protests and protecting that freedom to protest.
    The tea party movement has vindicated my trust in my fellow Americans.

    U.S. Army – 68-71

  • Zhombre

    Go to the lefty blogs and you’ll see they highlight every sign of questionable taste and use these to brand the entire protest and it participants, reflexively, as racists, knuckledraggers, “spoiled children” etc. The usual memes. But reading the lefties, past the indignation and scron, you can sense these people are scared now. Genuine populist antipathy to the establishment and revolution is brewing, and it’s not the one they had in mind.

    Courtesy of Mel Brooks:

    Count de Monet: It is said that the people are revolting.
    King Louis XVI: You said it! They stink on ice!

  • JKB

    I agree with Neptunus Lex, this is the best sign evar

  • Deana

    With regard to Little Green Footballs –

    I don’t really go to it anymore. It seems that for the past year, there is heavy focus on the “foolishness” of believing in creation.

    I’m a big believer in studying evolution, current scientific theory, etc., but I also believe that God created the world. I don’t find those two ideas mutually exclusive. But at LGF, if you believe in creationism, they appear to think you are ignorant, foolish.

    It just really turned me off. I mean, yes, there IS some silliness with those who ONLY believe that God created the world but there is some serious craziness on the opposite side as well.

    Charles has just lost me.


  • Zhombre

    JKB: LOL!

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    What’s funny, Z, is that these are the same lefty sides that so proudly showed their own footage of Lefties behaving badly. Methinks I detect the stench of hypocrisy here. At least conservative sites are proud of the good behavior.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Deana, you mean Charlie Johnson, right? Not our lovable, erudite and irrepressible Charles “the Hammer” Martel. Just checking.

  • suek

    Now Danny…

    That “With regard to Little Green Footballs ” should have given you a clue on the individual referred to…!



    Haven’t seen you post here before. What a fantastic ‘tag’ name. I just love it!

    I think there is a Latin expression that goes…nomen est nomen (your name is what you are)?

    Anyone here that can clear that up for me, I would appreciate it. Anyway, wouldn’t it be wonderful if our politicians had ‘tags’ as well. Oh sure, we give them one eventually – but eventually is usually too late.

    Maybe just a product warning label would solve the problem 😉

  • Charles Martel

    Ahem. I really do not enjoy having the size or color of my footballs discussed in a public forum.

  • suek


    Maybe if you’d stop bragging…

  • Mike Devx

    Book, it’s time to stop relying on Little Green Footballs for anything. He clearly has an axe to grind and something has gone very wrong over there. We could see it building last year, for months. His unending assault on Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugged, a fine person and excellent investigator, was what clued me in that he was going off the deep end. You can argue about her support for some questionable European patriotism movements, but the level of LGF vitriol towards her was simply shocking.

    His current pogroms are in the nature of a purge against anyone and everyone that doesn’t toe his EXACT line. Whatever that line is! It’s hard to tell, but he’s become impossible to deal with.

    So Charles Johnson(?) …. He’s off on some tangent, laser-like focused on it, whatever it is. Until he comes back to some form of reality, let him go.

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    I have indeed let him go, Mike. I still check in about once a month, just to see what’s going on. And to the extent he had data that contradicted mine, it was appropriate to update my post with more detailed information.

    I agree that something is going on over there. There’s nothing wrong with polite differences of opinion — we certainly have them here — but he’s angry, very angry. That’s sad because, for so long in the war against Islamist terrorism, he’s been a staunch ally.

    BTW, I was part of the purge. I got a notice telling me that my membership (or whatever it is so that I can post comments) has been deleted.

  • George Bruce

    I think Charles Johnson is one of those individuals who are psychologically disposed to passionately support whatever side of a debate that they perceive is hopelessly losing at the time. With that thought in mind, I am really pleased to see that he is reflexively opposing whatever conservatives say these days. Other than that, I no longer have any use for ol’ Charlie. I have long since deleted his address from by bookmarks. I respectfully suggest that everyone else do the same.


    I am on the same team with Mike Devx.

    Once LGF/Johnson tried to ‘spike’ Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, I dropped the site.

    He has taken himself and his declared mission to outer space.

    LGF is Little Green Farts.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    Look, Book. They named it KennedyCare. It should be buried along with Kennedy. And Charles doesn’t know how to deal with either the Senate, the Kennedies, or the healthcare issue. SO he doesn’t want to bury it, for that would require decisive action and decisive action is informed by confidence and faith, not hesitancy and vague fears.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    There’s nothing wrong with polite differences of opinion — we certainly have them here — but he’s angry, very angry.

    He said he converted after 9/11, but he was against terrorism to begin with and it was only an alliance of convenience with Bush because he was the one taking the military steps.

    Charles never did develop a fundamental faith or intellectual background in military history, culture, values, or the Southern gentility’s codes of honor or the Code Duello centered around charity and honesty (amongst a backdrop of martial courage and valor).

    He can’t appreciate what those in Europe are fighting for, because he can’t recognize that you win wars not with beliefs or policies, but with a certain kind of person. That warrior, that fighter, may not agree with you, but if he is willingly and able to lay his life on the line to protect the shield wall, which coincidentally protects the village, then he has an intrinsic value totally independent of what his beliefs are. Charles cares more for the intellectual side of things and he hates Islam, perhaps, precisely because he thinks they are irrational, that they aren’t intellectual. And he sees Creationism as the same thing, and he sees Europe’s attempt to purify themselves of Islam as being another thing similar to irrational cults and organizations.

    What he doesn’t understand, what he can’t understand, is that irrespective of the religious, cultural, technological, or ideological differences separating the numerous creatures of humanity on this planet, the only thing that has ever mattered was character and the virtues of both civilians and military personnel.

    This war of ours has explained and clarified this matter more than anything else. The Left is not wrong because of their ideology. The Left is wrong because they’re full of people that constitute the bottom 25% of the human species on competency, honesty, courage, and self-discipline.

    They’re not the right kind of people. It’s not that they are rich or poor, greedy or not, it is that they are proud to be greedy, they are proud not to give their money to charity while taking your money and giving it to people that they will then enslave with their power and influence. They are proud of this.

    This is not the right kind of person you want on your side of the war, regardless of what their politics or religion is.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    This is good stuff, Book and company, you’ll like reading it.


    Courtesy of Grim Beorn.

  • Danny Lemieux

    We see much of the same phenomenon in our upper-class bubble called the Chicago North Shore. It’s called living in a bubble. Charlie Johnson can’t deal with the world that extends beyond his particular San Diego bubble. His conclusions about the so-called European “right” were symptomatic of his parochialism.

    hat being said, he should forever be honored as the man that put the lie to Dan Rather. It may have been his 15-minutes of fame, but what a glorious 15-minutes that was.

  • Charles Martel

    I used to visit LGF but gave up well before Charlie’s meltdown. The site was just an amen chorus, and I’m not big on echo chambers (to throughly purée my metaphors).

  • pst314

    “Ahem. I really do not enjoy having the size or color of my footballs discussed in a public forum.”

    Well, maybe if you’d stop introducing yourself as The Hammer…. (ducks)

  • pst314

    As for LGF, I think Charles was always a liberal and only allied with conservatives because of 9/11.



    Good point.

    In that case, he falls in step with those web sites and newspapers, who have the attention span of a fly.

  • skell

    Sadie (9/13, 9:33 am):

    That Latin proverb is “nomen est omen,” and it means that your name encapsulates who you are/what you’re all about.

    And yes, if it applied to politicians 99% of ours would be named Payne (for lack of a stronger expression).

    Wikiquote has an alphabetical listing of Latin proverbs that’s pretty good.



    Thanks and much appreciated (humor included).

  • skell

    You’re welcome, Sadie!

    There’s a great mock-Latin proverb that would be an appropriate motto for Congress at this point: “E clunibus tractum.”

    Politely put, it means “pulled from the buttocks.”


  • Charles Martel

    pst314, LOL!


    skell…you got me surfing and my favorite entry from the attached site.

    The Gong Show (a/k/a Congress) Spectaculum Tintinnabuli

    Damn…tintinnabuli – sounds like they all need a tetanus shot. Come to think of it, staring at the word now..t-e-t-a-n-u-s ties in nicely with your mock Latin proverb.


  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    Btw, as a consequence of LGF’s focus on the intellect, he has de-focused on what truly matters: the people.

    While Atlas Shrugged and the parties of various European nations try desperately to save the people they care about from real problems and threats, Charles is sitting safe in fing California dictating the Dogma. What Is and Is Not Allowed.

    It is a stark difference.


    You may disagree with them about the means they utilize, but you have no business and no right dictating what is or is not allowed. Any more than politicians should dictate to the military how an objective should be accomplished, when the politicians are sitting fat arse safe at DC.

    Congress at least has the Constitution and civilian control as precedence. What the hell does Charles have?

    They are alike. They both think they should decide. That they know which decision is the right decision. Not us, not the people actually doing something. Not the people actually saving real people, but the people sitting in the back, where it is safe, where they get to play the game with a reload button.

    In case people hadn’t noticed, there ain’t no reload function for the victims of Islam in Europe or America.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    I tracked down another post of LGF’s.


    Here’s the important piece.

    Many of the links he uses is the SPCL one. From sispey street, SPCL is a politically and ideologically charged group that ignores Leftist terrorists and extremist groups, ignores active militias of the right that had been planning violence, and restricts their ‘intel’ to explicitly only a small segment of a particular spectrum politically.

    It would make sense for LGF to use it. Because that is his ‘brain’. It tells him what is or is not ‘racist’.


    Over at LGF (no link, sorry) Charles Johnson notes that I’m taking phone calls from “white supremacist” Stacy McCain. (Thanks, Darlene.)

    Now, I’ve worked with Stacy in person a couple of times, at the DNC last summer and at CPAC in February. Both were crowded, high-stress situations. At no time did I see Stacy treat anyone — of any color, creed, whathaveyou — with anything less than respect and good humor.

    So, is Robert Stacy McCain a white supremacist? Hell if I know. But he enjoys breaking bread with agnostic half Jews like me, which would certainly make him a different kind of white supremacist.

    Vodka makes his judgment based upon the person, based upon experience.

    What the frack does Charles use to make his judgment? Heh, I’ll tell you.

    Robert Stacy McCain writes for VDARE and Takimag, two disgusting, openly racist websites. And he’s a friend of Richard Spencer, a self-avowed white nationalist. McCain is a member of the white supremacist group League of the South, and he’s associated with the deeply racist American Renaissance.

    Yeah, check that out why don’t ya.

    Charles is contaminated and I would purge him in a New York second. Of course, my purges are not based upon ideology. You can’t win a war effort by saying you won’t work with ‘certain people’ because of their ‘associations’. How the Frack are you going to destroy terrorist cells if you won’t work with terrorists? Are you just gong to do whack the mole until you find someone stupid and lucky enough to tell you how their organization operates?

    But regardless of the methodology behind purges, Charles doesn’t even give a damn about what is or is not true. All he gives a damn about is some fracking site and what it claims is true. He doesn’t need ‘personal experience’. He doesn’t need to see what the person is like up front. He doesn’t need to BE THERE to read the body language and to make his own decisions.

    No, Charles has made his decision because he is a fracking tool and wannabe puppet master. I could not ignore human nature if I wanted to. I would never judge a person based upon his organization and culture. I would judge him based upon his actions. Is he a rapist? Did he kill someone? Did he have a choice? Does he feel guilt? Does he feel pride? These things matter. Unless you’re Charles.

    Ooo, look, I’m sitting in Congress and I have decided that the US shouldn’t work with dirty agents as part of our intelligence. Who knows what these criminals are telling the CIA. Outlaw the CIA’s ability to deal with such polluted people immediately!

    That’s the thinking of the Charles of the world. If you can call that ‘thinking’.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar


    Btw, LGF’s author is monitoring where you comment and then banning you, deleting your name, if he finds you in violation of his particular ‘dogma’.

    How’s that for Congressional arrogance?

  • George Bruce

    I wouldn’t know if I am banned or not.

    I no longer go there.

    I could post something that would be certain to get me banned, but, what is the point?

    I take this solemn oath. I shall never mention CJ or LGF so long as I live.

    Join with me in this.



    Very informative observations and links regarding LGF particularly the ‘hit/delete list’ of the first 1,000. I think it was CJ’s way of taking an AK-47 and machine gunning anyone who got in his way. Of course, he couldn’t actually pull a trigger, so he exercised his self imposed power by hitting a button.

    CJ can go play in his blog sandbox. None of us will be there, although a drive by hit (on the keyboard) certainly is tempting.


    George Bruce

    I could post something that would be certain to get me banned, but, what is the point?

    To find out if the pen is truly mightier than a sword.
    The thrill of joining the list of the dearly deleted.
    I am getting old/er and feeling the urge to act out. 😉

  • pst314

    “BTW, I was part of the purge.”

    Amazing. I wonder what ticked him off.

    …and to purge all prior comments, which presumably contained nothing that offended him, is, well, creepy.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    Once a person is contaminated by the incorrect relationships, such as with Sarah Palin and Creationism, then they become the enemy and their works become targets for war.