Quick hits for a Monday morning

I actually have paying work today (a good thing), but it makes for slow blogging (a bad thing).  Here are a few interesting links from a limited number of sources:

Lies and the lying presidents who tell them about health care.

Democrats play the race card (about which I’ll have more to say later).

My hope is that, the very second the Dems pass an Obama health care plan, thousands of conservatives charge into courts challenging it on unconstitional grounds.  Here’s just one example of the plan’s unconstitutionality.

The liberal press has swooned about Valerie Jarrett, but the rest of the nation is beginning to figure out that she’s Van Jones in drag.

Michael Barone takes on Tom Friedman’s ridiculous assertion that the Chinese autocracy is a good thing, at least in the same limited sense that Mussolini got the trains to run on time.  What’s funny is that we now know that Friedman’s swooning about the Chinese government’s environmental push is sheer idiocy.

Walter Olson chronicles just one aspect of the insanity of the nanny state and the current government’s efforts to stifle all dissent.

A whole lot of people showed up in Washington on September 12 — at least 10 times the number the MSM was willing to acknowledge.

Star Parker thinks even blacks are looking beyond Obama’s color to his policies — and some don’t like what they’re seeing.

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  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    Star Parker thinks even blacks are looking beyond Obama’s color to his policies — and some don’t like what they’re seeing.

    Concerning the black slave dynamics, it is easy to correlate them with Sunni and Shia disturbances in Iraq. The US wanted to help the people, and the people wanted help and security and jobs, but they couldn’t get it. THey couldn’t get it because the terrorists controlled villages and the people in them.

    You had to go in and liberate the people. Liberating the nation from Saddam was never going to be enough. SImply voting in some politician will never, ever, resolve the challenges facing blacks or other minorities in this nation.

    It takes real power. The power of the gun for black self-defense, to prevent them from being put up for the slaughter block in bus loads like at New Orleans. If people are hysterical about this issue, use that benefit and gift. If blacks talk about Katrina disaster, use that emotion and forge a renewed determination for individual self-defense and reliance. The blacks will agree with you, even as they continue to vote their tribal loyalties: Democrat here in the US, and Shia or Sunni tribes for Iraq’s folks. The real power doesn’t reside in the ballot, it resides in the home of the person who is going to the ballot, who has returned from the ballot. The KKK and the Democrat alliance in the SOuth after Reconstruction proved that you can control the reins of power not by fabricating votes at the polling place, but by controlling the homes and lives of the voters. So that the voters, black or white, would know that they can cast a vote, yes, but they will still return to a designated address, to wait for the KKK’s judgment. Blacks were successfully intimidated and slaughtered in large numbers that the freedmen population dropped or were otherwise controlled, and the South turned Jim Crow and Democratic until Reagan.

    This wasn’t an ideological or something about ‘racism’. Racist Northerners fought to free slaves, whatever they said or thought, and non-racist Southerners like General Lee fought and killed to defend slavery and the other institutions of the South. It doesn’t have to make sense. Simply concentrate on what is real and true, not on labels. And what is true is that blacks think power is about the control of ideology or racism. In actual fact, power is controlled by controlling the lives of blacks. The Democrat party didn’t care about what ideology blacks held or even about racism. It was all about power. The power of the federal government, the power of the state under the feds, the power of individual heads of families under the state. They wanted that power, and slavery was a way to have it, and when it wasn’t, they turned to Jim Crow. And Jim Crow was DEVASTATED by a Coalition of Radical Republicans and other affiliates, the Democrats turned to another device: affirmative action.

    THey never give up. This opponent you cannot defeat. He simply regenerates from wounds.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar
  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    If anyone has read the Crockett story, you may understand what happens when people are given the power to take somebody else’s money to use for their own self-aggrandizement, benefit, and ideology.

    That’s not good government. Not even close.

    Yet these Congress critters are not poor. THey have money. If they contributed a simple percentage of their total assets or yearly income on various issues dealing with these special interests, these interests would get funded.

    But they don’t use their own money, as you can see with how much Kerry and Gore gives to charity. THey use YOUR money. You’re their wage slave and they know that if they are not elected, somebody else will just take their place. Somebody else from their party, that is. Power is the only thing they come to care about, because through power they don’t need wealth. They have your wealth instead.

  • http://explorations.chasrmartin.com Charlie (Colorado)

    Hot damn, thanks for the link!



    I did read it.
    Had the ‘critters’ you referred to had just nixed their pork and gone kosher for the year, there would be $19.8 BILLION dollars not spent. It’s worse, not only will they not put their hand in their own pockets, they continue to pick-pocket the rest of us.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    Heh, kosher.

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