Obama is a very bad man

(Heated, perhaps overheated, rant to follow:)

If you like Seinfeld, and especially if you like Bapu, watch the whole video.  Otherwise, just watch from 2:14-2:22.

“He’s a bad man.  He’s a very, very bad man.”

That’s all I could think of when I read that today, on the 70th Anniversary of Poland’s invasion by the Nazis Soviets, Barack Obama made the decision to leave Poland and the Czech Republic vulnerable to Putin’s tender ministrations.  The former Soviet Union may be in demographic decline, but that clearly hasn’t stopped Putin’s dreams of grandeur — and what better way to use up former military stock, regain your former imperial glory, and augment your dying population, than by engaging in a little empire building.  Nor do I buy Obama’s claim that he’s just replacing a standing defense system with something more “agile.”

As for not believing him, that’s something of a heated subject amongst conservatives I know.  The Anchoress, who is very aware of Obama’s failings, tries to give Obama the benefit of the doubt when he says certain things.  For example, she believes he truly rejects Carter’s charge that racism his behind opposition to Obama.  She has quite a big reason for this belief:

If we cannot believe anything that anyone says, ever, and I say this understanding just how polarized the nation is, and add my own culpability to the huge number of people on the air, on the internets and in just about every elected office who have contributed to it. The division of our country has been a truly “bipartisan” affair. But if we cannot argue in good faith, and occasionally give each other the benefit of a doubt, then we are all wasting our time in trying to effect any sort of reasonable dialogue, and there is no hope for us as a nation.

Much as I appreciate the Anchoress’ desire to believe in the integrity of the system, if not in the integrity of any single politician, I do not think that honesty is ever a part of the Obama calculus.  If he’s sorry about Carter’s statement, it’s not because this, the most racial of presidents (let me paraphrase:  “I don’t know anything about what happened, but the police acted stupidly”) is disturbed by charges of racism.  It’s because he’s made a political calculation and believes that these charges have the potential to backfire.

There’s a reason I’m so jaundiced about Obama’s statements, whether he’s refuting racism or promising “agile” protection for Russia’s neighbors:  “Reputation, reputation! reputation! O, I have lost my reputation! And I have lost the immortal part of myself, and what remains is bestial. My reputation, Iago, my reputation!”  Barack Obama has established himself in my mind as a man who lies.  And lies again.  He’s lied about his past, he lies about his acquaintances, he lied about his entire political identity, he lies about his health care plan (whether describing events that never took place or policies that don’t exist).  When caught, he doesn’t back off, he doubles down.  Entirely consistent with my amateur diagnosis of him as a man suffering from a borderline personality disorder (malignant narcissim?  sociopathy?) the truth is an infinitely malleable concept, since truth in Obama world is defined by a statement that suits his particular needs of the moment.

I can no longer extend to Obama the courtesy of believing that what he says is the truth.  In a court of law, a man is innocent until proven guilty, but we are not in a court of law.  We are in the real world.  Obama has fooled America once.  Shame on him.  And then he fooled America again and again and again.  At some point, the shame has to shift from him to us, and we become the greatest fools if we repose faith in anything he says.  The only difference between our situation and that in the famous fable of the boy who cried “Wolf!” is that I fear that, contrary to the story in which the lying boy finally pays the price, it is we, the much put upon villagers, who will find ourselves eaten by the wolves that ultimately show up.

My suspicions about Obama’s veracity aren’t helped by the fact that his behavior shows that he not only wishes America ill, his disdain encompasses the entire Western world.  Bow before Islam.  Cuddle up to Chavez.  Yield completely to Kim Jong Il and Vladimir Putin.  Could Obama do anything more to debase America and the West?  I’m beginning to put more and more credence in Robin’s suspicion that Obama shows all the signs of a child both abandoned and molested.  He’s like a bad thriller, where the damaged child grows up to take his revenge on the whole world.  Except in the thrillers, you know some hero is going to stop him.  With Obama, as the song goes, “ain’t no stopping now.”

For a much more potent and fact-filled indictment, check out Kim Priestap’s post at Wizbang.