This week’s National Journal poll

One of the things I’ve been meaning to tell all of you about for ages is the weekly National Journal poll that asks bloggers from the Left and the Right to comment on current affairs.  I know about it because I’m a participant.  My views, therefore, won’t surprise you.

What’s fascinating, though, week after week after week, is the sometimes staggering divide between Left and Right.  Seldom has this been more apparent than in this week’s poll, which asks the participants to grade Obama’s foreign policy.  I know that, with the UN speech and the revelation about Iran’s enhanced nuclear program, the conservative bloggers would return the same response as before.  I wonder, though, whether the new information would make any change whatsoever to the liberal bloggers’ take.

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    I am not wondering if the lefty bloggers will suddenly realize that the IAEA is useless or acknowledge that Iran is a liar.

    They will continue to believe the lies rather than look inward and know that they have been had. It would be like telling them, they were adopted and raised by non biological parents.

    They interpret facts like tea leaves – all rather silly, subjective and without substance. All fine and good if you are in the ‘crystal ball’ business and are looking to make a buck at the expense of others….wait, wait, I think I am on to something here. This is exactly what they’re trying to sell – A CRYSTAL BALL READING.

    Doesn’t matter if the reading comes to fruition or not, just as long as they get to read the tea leaves.


  • Ymarsakar

    They will continue to believe the lies rather than look inward and know that they have been had.

    They know as well as I do that most of those that would die would be foreigners, not Americans. And the Americans that would die would be nobody they would ever care to save. So of course they feel safe, Sadie, and approve of Obama’s strategy. They think they will benefit, and at worst, they won’t be harmed by it, at least.

  • Danny Lemieux

    I think that the mistake we make is in thinking that Lefties think like we do and, given the right set of facts, they will eventually come to see the world the way that we do. That applies for a very few, perhaps, but overall…I don’t think so. The older I get, the more that I appreciate the incredible human capacity for self-delusion.

    The world is more than full of examples of the failures of of the leftwing socialist world view. Yet, over and over, the standard Lefty response is to try to do “it” just one more time to get it right.

    I see no better example of this than in the majority of (American) Jews who believe that all it that is missing is to extend the hand of friendship to the Hamases, PLOs, Chavezes, and Ahmadenejads of the world…that somehow it’s all one big misunderstanding. Jews, mind you…the very people who should know better than anyone about the evil that others can do. I see views repeated over and over again and I really don’t believe there is any hope for them.

    As Einstein said, one definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different outcome. It’s useless to worry about the people on the left…focus your attentions instead on that vast swath in the ambivalent middle that is just now beginning to realize that words, ideas and the friends people keep can have very bad consequences.

    If I sound morose, by the way, perhaps it is because I have read one too many reviews on Norman Podhoretz’s just-issued book.

  • Gringo

    It does not surprise me that foreign policy is such a big divider between the Democrats and the Republicans. Foreign policy is the reason why I left the Democratic Party.As the years went by the Give Peace a Chance foreign policy of the Democratic Party agreed less and less with me.

    The three nails in the coffin for me were 1) Cambodia, where we Gave Peace a Chance, and got genocide in response. 2) Nicaragua, where we were dealing with hard core commies as shown by this March 1980 joint proclamation:

    “The USSR and Nicaragua declare their resolute condemnation of the campaign unleashed by the reactionary and imperialist forces with respect to the events in Afghanistan.”

    Given that point of view, it is no surprise that the Sandinistas and Reagan would collide over Sandinista assistance to the FMLN in El Salvador. 3) Only five Democratic Party Senators voted to support Bush Sr. on Gulf War 1 in getting Saddam out of Iraq.

    After that I decided that it would be a cold day in hell, or a cool summer night in TX, that would drive me to vote for a Democratic Party candidate for President.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Yup, Gringo…the vote by the Dems to kill funding of the South Vietnamese and Cambodians and thereby violate our treaties and promises to them three years after the last U.S. combat soldier had left Vietnam was unforgivable for me. As far as I am concerned, our entire nation was disgraced and people like Kennedy and Dodd had the blood of the communist holocaust on their hands.

    I’ve never trusted Democrat foreign policy since and I remain convinced today that Obama will bail on the Afghans and perhaps even the Iraqis as deja-vu all over again.

  • Zhombre

    Gringo – you mean Saddam out of Kuwait.

    But I understand what you say. I don’t care all that much for the Republicans but until a credible third party coalesces (which isn’t likely) or the Blue Dog Dems promulgate a platform of US assertiveness abroad and fiscal restraint at home and purge the lefties, the R is the option.


    Danny, you are correct statistically about American Jews extending a hand, while the enemies would just as well prefer to take the entire arm and all other parts.

    I do believe a good deal of this ‘group think’ politically is part of being Jewish and the ideals and values set down in Torah and Torah study. In a yeshiva, each student has a study buddy.

    When they sit down to read commentary and begin to question, what did G-d mean when he said an eye for an eye – did He literally mean an eye or is there a deeper meaning. Judaism encourages questions and begins to question the question. You get my drift here. It’s an endless discourse until clarity in the eye and mind of the student is solidified and there are no lingering doubts or questions.

    It’s not as though American Jewish Dems are actually studying Torah and commentaries, but the culture and whatever parts of us that are genetically predisposed to question everything is there until satisfied.Those that have Jewish friends know that we are famous for answering a question with a question.

    Q.How are you?
    A. How am I?

    It’s said that one’s best traits are also their worst.

  • Gringo

    Y, yes I should have written “Saddam out of Iraq.” I proofread and still…

  • Gringo

    Y, yes I should have written “Saddam out of Kuwait.” I proofread and still…

    As I was saying!


    Gringo…welcome to the club. All of us of a certain age have a tough time sifting what’s in our head to what’s get said.

    You could, of course, add that iPod caveat that we’ve seen: EXPECT TYPOS and just adjust the message to say: Please read and make obvious corrections 😉

  • Ymarsakar

    Gringo, are you addressing me? Because I believe it was Z that spoke about that.

  • Ymarsakar

    Btw, it’s easier to proof read when you have the browser open in one window and your written material open in a notepad like program.

    It helps much when quoting material from the thread.

  • Bookworm

    Proofreading, my friends, is for wimps! The studly writers, the ones like me, make heinous errors as a challenge to keep their readers on their toes. The subsequent groveling apologies for myriad mistakes are just a minor byproduct of this manly approach.


    Book, forget the proof reading, we’re all trying to keep track as to whom we are responding. LOL