As if we needed any more proof that the “Lion of the Senate” was a disgraceful human being

Teddy Kennedy may be a lion of the Left, but, boy!, he sure is a poor excuse for a human being:  manslaughterer, plagarizer, alcoholic and, as he admitted himself, compulsive, completely immoral womanizer.  BTW, it’s not the sheer number I find offensive.  It’s his boast that he preyed on his own friend’s wives.  What a sleazeball — and this is the man the Democrats try to advance as a reason to pass a health care bill that can destroy our economy and will destroy the most innovative health care system in the world.

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    Some ‘lion’ – more like a dog in heat.

    He thought the book would be his epitaph. It will, if you spell it epithet.

  • suek

    Well…a thousand women had the poor judgment to sleep with _him_, so he’s not alone in his faults.

    In our last discussion about him, I did some prowling around for more info on the annulment of his first marriage. There were some odd statements about it, but according to one, he was granted the annulment because he stated that he was not telling the truth when he promised to “forsake all others” – that he had no intention of remaining faithful to his bride. I thought that was a pretty lame excuse – but it sounds like it may have been true.

    What scum he was.



    I think it was the two of us that bantered about the annulment.
    We used to call guys like this pond scum, it seems like a compliment for Teddy Turdy and falls back on the other expression we used, lower the pond scum.


    oops…lower than pond scum


    suek, while you are here, I know you follow financial pages, here’s one worth reading.

  • suek
  • suek

    Shoot. Here’s another. Completely different topic. It also entirely supports the conclusions about the CIA that were inevitable after reading “Shadow Warriors” by Timmerman. If the GOP gets in power again, they need to clean house. Immediately, and as completely as possible within the limits of the power they achieve. (Congress vs Presidency, eg.)


    Good article, good points.
    Problem is with the infestation of cockroaches and rats and their off spring – you’d have to clear everyone out and start all over again.

    the Left has irrational reasons as well, including an unfathomable hatred for adulthood in the face of mortal danger

  • ConnectTheDots

    Book, you forgot to mention his disgraceful behavior as a… traitor. There was an article on last November:

    ( – While Soviet troops occupied Afghanistan in 1980, Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) worked in close concert with high level Kremlin officials to alter the direction of U.S. policy, according to documents made available through a KGB defector.

    Because of his fear of Ronald Reagan starting WW3, Kennedy met with KGB agents to subvert Reagan’s policies, and ultimately prove the traitor that he is.

    Good riddance. I feel sorry for the people in hell who have him as a roommate.